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2007-05-05, 01:18 PM
I have been working on a new world with my friends and so far this is where we are at. Well this is what I can recall form memory because I have misplaced the book we were recording this stuff in, and I have to work soon.

The year is not known in this universe because so many ages have passed by that it is impossible to tell. There are two sides one is a race of sages, these people are the only true humans left in the universe. They have worshiped the old gods since the middle ages. They, in there cults have been practicing the Art known in the ages passed as Magic.

The other side of this conflict is a race that used to be human but has since lost its humanity. They are the men and women of science and they have advanced past anything that could have been predicted. They have developed biomechanics so far that they can fuse flesh and machine together. Years ago they finally reached there maximum size. Their population could no longer expand for they had colonized every rock in space. They use up so much matter that they literally have none left to feed people. They can transform any matter into food but they need all they have to sustain their life force. The past few years they have been developing a way to traverse from one universe to another. This wasn't researched before because it wasn't viewed as very important to their advancement.

Meanwhile the Mages have been fleeing to these other universes for an age trying to escape the men of science. But they face fighting the largest war that they've ever seen. A war that is to be fought across the plane of reality!

There is more but I have to find the book.

2007-05-06, 02:42 PM
I like it, definitely. and what you have here is a good backstory and history of the place. You have some good potential here. I would say that you should spend more time working on the actual geography before you go into the struggles of the world's population.

Unless you have all that geography jazz in the book you can't find, and just couldn't include it.

In which case, you don't need that bit of advice. :smallredface:

Still, good job. Keep working at it.

2007-05-06, 03:26 PM
We where originally going to make this a video game but our artist is a lazy ass bastard. He can draw better then the rest of us but I only see him about an hour a day so I can't really pester him too much about it. I think we might just end up making it an rpg world based of the D&D system, but with our own classes and races and ect. Currently we are going through a group reform since our NPC maker ditched us. We can't figure out here he went so we just gave up on him. As for geography we're still in the proses of trying to make The first world to be Invaded by the science people (too whom I forget the name). If I had the book I could go into more detail about this. I will be able to look for it tonight after work so till then let me know if any of you have Ideas about things we could add. Like a map... maybe...