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2015-08-08, 01:53 AM
I've made four new elemental otherworldly patrons, based on the four varieties of genies. I tried to make them mostly unique, but not any more powerful than the existing otherworldly patrons. I'm super tired and didn't include much flavor text, but it would have mostly been repeating pages 141-142 of the Monster Manual anyway. Thoughts on the mechanics of it?

Warlock Genie Patrons.pdf (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-1EOLwk4v2WZ2JxQUYzamV6ajQ/view?usp=sharing)

Edit: Updated the link to the latest version.

2015-08-08, 01:59 PM
Just skimming over these, all of them have weak 1st level abilities. Warlock spell slots already recover on a short rest so the Dao one is useless, the Djinni and Marid ones are way more situational than any of the PHB examples, and the Efreeti one is only a little bit better than Eldritch blast at level 1, but worst than Agonizing Blast available at level 2. I'd consider replacing the Dao and Efreeti ones and adding something else on to those for Djinni and Marid.

Exception: In any aquatic campaign the Marid 1st level ability is awesome. But that's a very big "if" scenario.

2015-08-08, 03:49 PM
Since you mention Princes of the Apocalypse, you might want to minimize the overlap with genasi racial features. After all, a genasi could explore their elemental heritage by making a pact with a genie, perhaps their ancestor. The first Marid ability is a weaker version of a water genasi ability, and the first Efreet ability conflicts with (or replaces?) a fire genasi ability.

2015-08-08, 05:46 PM
I was really tired when I was making those, and I agree that the 1st level abilities needed something different. Link in the OP has been updated.

What changed:
Dao 1st level ability replaced (I didn't even realize warlocks recover their spell slots on a short rest).

Djinni 1st level ability updated (I hadn't even double checked what the genasi races get before making any of those).

Efreeti 1st level ability updated.
Efreeeti 10th level ability updated (it now makes you immune to fire if you have resistance from another source).

Marid 1st level ability updated.
Marid 10th level ability updated (no longer grants amphibious)