View Full Version : What have been some of your favorite refluffs?

2015-08-10, 10:18 PM
You know what I mean. When a system has something that fits a concept mechanically but not fluff wise and you just refluff it into something else. Like makeing a barbarian a samurai, a cleric as a flavored soul, a wizard as a naruto style ninja, ancient g black dragons as the spawn of dagon, that kind of stuff. What have been your favorite refluffs? What cool ones that work well can you think of? what is the best you or one of your players have done?

2015-08-10, 10:27 PM
I played a 4e game set in world war 1 setting where all classes are refluffed to fit the more modern setting. I played a bard refluffed as combat reporter who inspire people with heroic speech and use gadgets as spells (eg: camera flash as spell that blind enemy).

2015-08-10, 10:43 PM
a cleric as a flavored soul,

It'd have to be this. Mm-flavored soul. Comes in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry! :P

2015-08-11, 01:43 AM
3.5 bard/ ranger gesault refluffed as a cleric of Eilistraee.

it works perfectly if you read up on Eilistraee.

Milo v3
2015-08-11, 04:54 AM
Dwarves as centaur-style ant people is still one of my favourites, another was reflavouring soulmelds as tapping into legend and stories.

2015-08-11, 07:26 AM
I witnessed a D&D game where the warlock was flavored to be more like a DBZ ki fighter. They had a joke about Pelor being King Kai.

2015-08-14, 11:29 AM
I personally prefer refluffing D&D-style Monks as Shadowrun-style Adepts, i.e. simply running off of inward-focused magic instead of randomly being handed Wuxia martial arts prowess by their gods or whatever.

That is, of course, when I even use them. Not a big fan, personally.

2015-08-14, 01:31 PM
I like to refluff PF witches into either 'Arabian Nights' sorcerers or spirit talkers. It works very well for me!:smallsmile:

2015-08-14, 02:50 PM
Refluffing an unarmed Swordsage as a monk. 'Monks' became competent again.

I also refluffed the Jade Phoenix Mage as a Borderlands siren. It just made too much sense. They even get a phoenix aura as a class ability.

2015-08-14, 03:15 PM
I played in a fun little 4e game where everyone refluffed their character as a giant mecha.

Aran nu tasar
2015-08-17, 10:01 PM
I recently played a Warlock as a superhero who could control and focus light. Given the amount of darkness/blinding/illusion shenanigans that Warlocks have access to, it worked surprisingly well.

Oberon Kenobi
2015-08-18, 12:24 AM
I played in a fun little 4e game where everyone refluffed their character as a giant mecha.I keep reading comments around here lately saying that 4e works best when you treat it like Gurren Lagann. I should really give the system another look...

OT, my favorite has been reskinning the Pathfinder Rogue as a sewer worker. Skillful, because civil engineer, well-acquainted with underground hazards, sneak attack because alligators. It works on a lot of levels. Sadly, that game didn't pan out. :\

Gideon Falcon
2015-08-18, 11:57 PM
I haven't had the opportunity to play it, but in a more silly campaign, a Cha-substituted Factotum could be played as a Mary Sue. She's so special the Gods give her favors, she pulls spells out of nowhere, she has every skill ever, etc.

2015-08-19, 07:27 PM
On more then one occasion I've used the Psychic Warrior to represent an entirely 'mundane' (if extraordinary competent) warrior by only choosing powers w/o flashy displays (precognition, Lion's Charge) or that can be refluffed as the result of his extraordinary physique (Stomp, Animal Affinity).

2015-08-21, 01:31 PM
In a post-apocalyptic 5th Edition D&D game, I refluffed a Great Old One Warlock as a technology-worshipping cultist, whose "Great Old One" was a pre-apocalypse A.I.

All of his Warlock abilities were caused by progressively more invasive cyborgization of himself (Devil's Sight was grafting night-vision and heat-vision lenses to his eyes, Eldritch Blast was a implanted neural stunner weapon in his left hand, etc.), so that he could become more like his machine god.

2015-08-21, 02:01 PM
3.5. Take the Warlock class, cross out "Warlock," and write down "Arcane Archer." Refluff the Eldritch Blasts as magical arrows.

Oberon Kenobi
2015-08-21, 02:51 PM
3.5. Take the Warlock class, cross out "Warlock," and write down "Arcane Archer." Refluff the Eldritch Blasts as magical arrows.Hadn't thought of doing that with the Warlock, but I like to do the same thing with the Sorcerer in 13th Age. Best 'archer' option in that system by far, somewhat sadly.

Warlock would be even better for a Green Arrow type, though; all the invocations can be reskinned as trick arrows and other gadgets.