View Full Version : 5e Homebrew Artifact: Tooth of the Evening Star

2015-08-10, 11:00 PM
Tooth of the Evening Star

This is a gift bestowed by the avatar of the evening star. It is usually given to orphans whom are all alone and in dire need of help. The tooth usually becomes a knife to the wielder. It's ability to cut through anything in short time make it a rogue's dream knife. However it's other properties have given rise to some of the most influential persons in history. Any wound inflicted by the tooth does not bleed; the tooth cauterizes as it cuts flesh--many medical professionals have sought them out for this specific property. If all is dark and the tooth was bestowed upon you, a single tear is all it takes for the tooth to glow with the light of the Evening Star.
The wielder of the tooth will never let it out of their sight much less allow another to wield it. The bond is often strongest with those the tooth was bestowed upon.
If used as a weapon, it is not throwable (this would mean parting with it). It has 10Dam +2d6 and cauterizes any wounds it makes. It's damage is similar to holy or angelic and deals 2x to undead and demonic creatures.