View Full Version : 5e Homebrew Artifact: The Mustachio of Mustachios

2015-08-10, 11:03 PM
This rare and powerful artifact is usually found suspended within a magic sphere (it appears as though it is a fake plastic mustachio). If the magic sphere is broken, The Mustachio can be treated like any other object and pocketed. If The Mustachio is worn, it instantaneously bonds to the face; after several minutes of excruciating pain (when the wearer can feel The Mustachio's hairs growing into their upper lip and all other facial hair being pushed out by its roots). The wearer is now a mustachioed charisma machine.

Outside of Combat:
- +5CHA bonus when interacting with other beings. The wearer is compelled to allow their increased swagger to spill over into all non-combat actions.

While in Combat:
- The wearer must use, and has proficiency using the rapier/poniard combo--this combo uses whichever attribute the wearer chooses for dealing damage. The rapier has 10DAM, the poniard has 3DAM and 2AC; both are coated in silver.
- Prior to initiating any combat action involving their rapier/poniard combo, the wearer shall shout "En garde".

Regardless of setting (combat or not) the wearer, now and forever, must speak using a French accent.