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2007-05-06, 06:43 AM
I just seen the thread about analyzing Lord of the Rings to make it fit a D&D rule set, but I'd say Lord of the Ring fits a lot mot Warhammer Fantasy Role Play rule set than D&D.

I'd put Gandalf's power to be a level 5 wizard, with at least a career of Captain (and maybe other careers.. He has the age for it). He had absolute mastery of the Lore of Shadow (Gandalf the Grey, duh), with some control over the other Lores (after all, Gandalf did managed to put up a Brown spell when he spoke to animals, and the "Weather-battle" against Saruman was a duel over the Lore of Heavens)

Off course, when Gandalf became the White, I think he made it level 6, and absolute mastery over the Lore of Light.

And about the One Ring's power, most of the thing that has been said about it are true (a simple phylactery-like item for Sauron, that grants invisibility to the wearer, that seduce people's mind, etc...)

However, I am sure it is very valuable to casters (as Gandalf put it: "Trough me, it would gain even more power"). So I'd make the ring give a permanent +2 dices to the casting pool to any caster, +3 if he uses Dark Magic.

Any other way to analyze Lord of the Ring trough Warhammer eyes?

2007-05-06, 08:01 AM
One Ring: *doubles* the character's normal casting dice pool, but bends their alignment inexorably towards Evil. Hence the greater peril of the ring falling into the hands of the Wise, or of Sauron himself, rather than being left with some yokel hobbit.

2007-05-06, 08:04 AM
Let's not forget that Hobbits have natural resistance against corruption (in Warhammer case, Chaos's corruption), which is familiar with the Ogre's

I would say that the One Ring force people near it (the closer the worst) to roll to avoid insanity points, to finally give insanities to people about the Ring..

2007-05-06, 08:58 AM
Legolas is one of them Kithband fellows. :D

Honestly, once you get Gandalf and the Ring out of the way, it's pretty straightforward. The Ringwraiths are Wights with the Ethereal and Terrifying talents and some peripheral buffs (perhaps their rings make them permanently Ethereal?) I'd assume they're Knights or perhaps Veterans/Champions, though their rings would probably give them some Petty Magic.

2007-05-06, 10:06 AM
Just to clarify: are we talking about 1st or 2nd edition of WFRPG?

2007-05-06, 10:58 AM
Since 2nd edition is more readily available, we'll take that one.

Just as most people usualy speak 3.5rd edition when about D&D

2007-05-06, 11:21 AM
Since Gandalf and Saruman performed magical deeds that would fall under different Lores, I'd say they're practitioners of Qhaysh(which is described as harmony of all winds of magic), but unfortunaetly there aren't stats for it.

2007-05-06, 05:34 PM
I would be more inclined to say that the Wizards in Lord of the Realm each has a Lore associated to his name. Gandalf the Grey, Saruman the White, Radagast the Brown.

This "preference" Lore, I'd say the wizard either has usual mastery of it, but they still can cast spells from other lores, up to a caster number of 15.

If you prefer to see Tolkien's wizards as real powerhouses, I'd give them absolute mastery over their respective lore (no roll needed, automatic successes), and regular mastery of all the other lores.

2007-05-25, 03:19 PM
Oh man... I don't know anythng about War Hammer Fantasy Roleplay Second Edition... What the hell is a Dice Pool? Oh well, I guess I am out of the loop...

Anyway, I agree that War Hammer is generally a grittier system that may lend itself better to running a The Lord of the Rings style game...

However, at least in First Edition, with enough experience points it was possible to build some pretty hideously powerful Characters. As we have seen before, it all comes down to calibration of expecations.

2007-05-25, 03:38 PM
My friend and I have debated it for a while, and we've both decided that Gandalf is an epic good outsider. He doesn't seem to be proficient with armor, he IS proficient with a martial weapon, he uses what appear to be divine and arcane spells(as far as I can tell), which just leads me to believe he just uses spell-like abilities.

Another theory we've had is that he's a Risen Martyr.