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2015-08-11, 11:52 AM
I have a Dm that have been playing d&d for longer then I have been alive. As that goes he know a lot more about the game then me. He has every last book in D&D 3rd and 3.5 and I think Advanced as well.

He has just given my group a rare material that we can use to make one weapon for each player. The only things I know about this stuff is he said its what Thor's hammer is made, I can at the time of making the item give it something (as like spell slot, my hit point, ext.) and it will have some kind of power, and from the outer plain of Asgard, which is yagrad in d&d as far I know. He said it is some kind of black stone "not adamantine".

The issue I am haveing is I would like to know what this stone is and what can I get made out of it that would help me as a wizard.

This DM has been known to mix up ad&d and d&d 3rd/3.5 so it maybe from there. He is big on No Home-brew so like most of his stuff it must be it a book I don't know. He has used d20 modern, and older then 3.5 d&d booksthis he revise for use in 3.5.

Can anyone help me find this crazy thing my DM has gifted my group so I can plan out what to do it?

2015-08-11, 01:03 PM
There's a material called Obdurium, which is canonically stronger than Adamantine/Adamantium.
It's listed on the special materials table on p35 of the Stronghold Builders guide for 3e D&D, I don't think i've ever come across it anywhere else.

It's properties are: Treat as Adamantine but with hardness of 30, 60 Hp per inch and double the cost. It is described as the "Pinnacle of non magical wall strength."

So that could be it, but really you are best off asking your DM!

2015-08-11, 04:00 PM
This may or may not fly with your DM, but I knwo some DMs appreciate it when players come to them not with a mechanical design, but with a concept.

Thor's Hammer is more narrative artifact than mechanical item in most renditions, for example.

The properties of his hammer in myth are durability, strength, and destructive power associated with the mass of a hammer hitting things hard and loud.

If, after watching Thor or the Avengers, Odin offered to make you something out of the same material as Thor's hammer, as long as you name the object, what would you ask for?

If your DM is more mechanically inclined, I'd ask him for advice. Come right out and ask him what you've asked us here: you don't know the game that well yet and you don't know the mechanical implications of what he's offered, so what would he recommend?

2015-08-12, 03:51 PM
Riverine? (Stormwrack)

2015-08-12, 03:56 PM
Ignore the material. Focus on what you want from it.

Rod? Staff? Wand? Maybe a nice Ring, Amulet, or Circlet.

Go for something you like. I find utility or static bonuses to be the best options for wizards. If it grants utility it frees up spell slots. Where a static bonus can give you the oomph needed to land those important spells against a hard target.