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2015-08-13, 05:03 PM
A friend of mine is brewing on a system that incorporates a few mechanics into its core system. I'd like to hear your opinions and get some advice on how to proceed from the basics. The end goal is to have a tactically interesting game system for personal use (we are just a group of friends that play once in awhile) that ressembles the D&D classic style.

So, the basic idea was:
- You've got stats like D&D, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma (- constitution) on a scale from 5-10 initially.
- You have skills that is added to the stat, but is more specific (you know, like climbing or jumping and such).
- To succeed at any task, roll under your stat + skill on 1d20.

All of this seems basic enough (and done to death elsewhere), but as an added feature, you may spend points from your stats to reroll a check with that stat. So:

- You may spend 2 points from a stat (and thus decrease it by 2 until you rest up) to reroll the check (now checked vs a lower threshold). When you reach 0 in a stat, you are naturally exhausted from doing activities pertaining to that stat. Unlike D&D though, you don't go unconscious or rigid for reaching 0 in a stat. You are just too darn exhausted to do much more than your training will allow.

This idea was inspiried by Numenera. It introduces stats as a ressource to be managed, and gives a tactical depth to the usage of said stats. It also creates natural fatigue. We liked the idea from Numenera, but it did feel a bit too risky to spend our HP (their stats are essentially also HP) to do tasks that you REALLY wanted to do.

Characters would still get feats and such later on. Classes would determine your base attack bonus, which would be a bonus added to the base stat (either strength or dexterity) for attacking another character. Armor would detract from an attackers threshold and lower their chance of success.

This is how far we've come on the core system idea. What do you guys think of the ressource spending of stats? Any good advice on how to proceed? If you feel inspired to brew with us on this, send me a PM, and lets get a conversation going =)

2015-08-14, 05:10 AM
I'm going to bump this post as we really need some advice on this.