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2015-08-13, 05:24 PM
Special: You can only choose this domain if your Wisdom and Intelligence stats are both 10 or lower.

Bonus Proficiency-When you choose this domain at first level, gain proficiency in all armors and weapons.

Fighting Magic-You no longer use Wisdom for your spellcasting modifier. Instead, you now use Strength. In addition, you gain Expertise in Athletics.

Channel Divinity: Punch!-Starting at second level, you can use your channel divinity to deliver devastating blows (not necessarily via fist). As a bonus action, you can use your channel divinity to do +10 damage with all attacks made that round.

Extra Attack-At sixth level, you gain Extra Attack.

Divine Strike-As War Domain's Divine Strike.

Iophood-As War Domain's Avatar of Battle.

2015-08-13, 05:42 PM
The great imbalance is that it is way easier to get tons of strength than getting wisdom.
This make for example consumptive field able to boost your spell-casting stat to the heavens or make gaining size categories very powerful(and polymorph + alter self can have ridiculous effects like gaining 40 str then stacking your boosts on top of it)

2015-08-13, 05:42 PM
This is 5E.

2015-08-13, 05:49 PM
This seems overall fairly balanced. The only potentially broken thing I can see is when Belt of Giant Strength comes into being in the higher levels of gameplay.

2015-08-13, 05:51 PM
By which point you should already have a nice high strength stat.

That can break this pretty hard, but I'd hope anyone including this in their campaign would be smart enough to not toss the Iop one of those Belts.

2015-08-13, 06:43 PM
This blows smite punching out of water.

2015-08-13, 07:29 PM
Added a bit to Fighting Magic. (Expertise in Athletics, for all the crazy jumps you should be doing to get around.)