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2015-08-14, 10:43 PM
So, I recently watched RWBY. And hell yes those weapons are awesome. So I want to at least get the weapons for the core RWBY team members. I'm not looking to include specific enhancements. These are meant to be base weapons that you then upgrade. So far, I've figured out Myrtenaster, since it's mechanically the simplest. I've got some ideas for Ember Celica and Crescent Rose. Gambol Shroud is going to be messy, if only because of the Katana/Cleaver/Kama/Pistol/Kusari-Gama shifts.

Myrtenaster is a rapier which may hold up to 6 wands. You may activate Myrtenaster's abilities up to 4 times each round, with each activation being a free action.
Load: Load a new wand into Myrtenaster
Unload: Remove a wand from Myrtenaster
Select: Choose a wand to make active from those loaded into Myrtenaster
Activate: Activate the currently selected wand

2015-08-15, 05:41 PM
I think you may have overshoot Myrtelnaster's power a little bit, since Wiess seems to spend at least a standard action each time she activates one of it's dust chambers, with selecting a chamber being a free action. It's hard to tell though how much of what she does is from her Dust Manipulation via Myrtelnaster and how much is from her Aura Glyphs since they also seem to change effects based on Dust use.

2015-08-15, 05:49 PM
I'd actually disagree. She'll frequently activate, then attack in the same motion. Also, from what I've read, her aura effects are the glyphs, augmented by the dust.

I'm planning on all of them being based around a certain number of free activations each turn, with Myrtenaster being the lowest, since magic can quickly get out of hand. Gambol Shroud will probably be the highest, do to swapping between different forms.

2015-08-15, 08:02 PM
What about something like X/Charges per turn where the activation speed is based on the number of charges used? 1 Charge = Free Action, 2 Charges = Swift/Immediate Action, 3-4 charges = Standard Action 5+ Charges = Full-round action?

that way we can give away quick activation of things like her Skate effect and also include things like the Wall of Ice and Ice Slick/Grease effects she also uses with a more sane activation speed. I'm mostly just worried about the effect of being able to fire 2 different wands per turn or spam the same wand 4 times per turn with no downsides. There are a lot of save or die/suck spells that open up at 4th level like Enervation, Bestow Curse, or even just 4x Ice Storm for 20d6 damage within a 20ft cylinder with no saving throw allowed.

Heck, it may be best to just treat it as as Rapier-shaped staff with the ability to both cast as a staff and channel spells through your attacks as free/swift actions.