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2015-08-15, 10:36 PM
With the election coming up here in the states, I figure we can all imagine what speeches we would be making. In this thread, we will make campaign speeches for a certain office. You can pick which one. The only rule is that you must quote the previous person's speech and use the quote to your own advantage.
Here, I'll start.

Greetings, my Drow brethren! I have come to you in a time of political turmoil. For too long the wealthy have taken more than their due from the backs of the poor! For too long, some have lived in luxury while the rest of us lived in squalor! I say "no more!" Under my leadership, every single one of you will live in squalor! Today is a day when the many cry out for change while they are exploited by the few! I say "no more!" Follow me and every single one of you will exploit your neighbor! Today, the downtrodden hate their lives while those downtrodding sip the blood and sweat of those underfoot! NO MORE! Under my leadership, every single one of you will hate your lives!

In the past, the government has benefited from the People's suffering! NO! MORE! Once I have taken office, NO ONE will benefit from the People's suffering! Accept me as your dictator... there will be no voting, just accept me... and I will remove the crushing weight of the economy to replace it with the more crushing (but fair) weight of totalitarianism in the hands of an idiotic megalomaniac! Under my leadership, I will make the Drow be again what they once were!

A crowd of morons blindly following the commands of a leader who HAS NEVER and WILL NEVER HAVE their best interests at heart!
Hey, it sure beats <name removed>'s speeches.
Thank you. *Meteor Swarm*