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2007-05-07, 10:15 AM
My players have started breeding horses... and would like some rules on breeding them using Profession: Horse breeder. [Guess it could be Craft: Baby Horse :smallwink:]

Any chance someone's developed something like this already?

Zeta Kai
2007-05-07, 10:21 AM
After searching the forum, the closest thing that I found was the Expanded Mount Rules, by... you.

What kind of campaign are you running? From what I gather, I'd imagine it's rather horse-oriented.

2007-05-07, 11:35 AM
They are trying to breed some of those special horses in that other post of mine.

It's a low magic campaign with almost zero dungeons. Lots of raiding and political style adventures.

My players have set themselves up as religious raiders and are working on building a force of armed men.

Right now my players are all 5th level:
1 Fighter (Calvary style)
1 Fighter (Heavy Infantry)
1 Ranger (Archer)
1 Marshal - Just appointed Mir (basically a minor Lord) of a small town.

They have used their raiding spoils to fund NPC hirelings. Just last game they updated their Squad and now have:
4 4th level Light Cav Lancers (Spirited Charge x3 dmg on a charge)
4 4th level Heavy Infantry Phalanx Men (AC 28ish)
2 4th level Ranger Archers (Fav. Enemy Humans/Animals)
1 4th level Bard Buffer/Healer
3 4th level Experts (Sage, Horse breeder/Farmer, and Smith)
1 4th level Fighter Commander (He's the Marshals Father in Law)
2 Wagon Drivers
20ish Light/Heavy horses
12ish Mules/Oxen

With the Marshal becoming a Mir they also acquired a fair bit of farmland and now are looking at adding Farming & Horse breeding to the raiding they have been doing.

I belive next session they plan on doing some raids for slaves to farm the land they just got.

It's a fun game. They are having a blast and it certainly keeps me on my toes to write encounters and adventures that are interesting. It's going to be tough challenging their small army in a way that doesn't wind up with one side just wiping the other out.

2007-05-09, 06:05 AM

How bout.

Stud and Mare need to be together (Of course)

Each Month the mare is not pregnant they can roll. Gestation is apparently (:) ) 340 days. (First Roll)

DC15 Profession = offspring.
DC20+ = Genetic Improvement
DC15-16 = Genetic Throwback (-3 on all breeding rolls) Increased chance of sickness etc....

Birth is a DC12 for the mother DC15 for the child (2nd Roll.) Perhaps this is 'Handle animal' or at least receives a synergy bonus.

Offspring can be ridden at 9 months is mature at 1 year. (I don't know horses)

Rate of improvement is based on # above 20. This is a percentage gain toward their goal.

so 3 Rolls

Picking Parentage - 1 roll Profession Horse Breeder
Coupling - 2nd Roll Profession Horse Breeder
340 days gestation
Birth - 3rd roll - safety of offspring & mare.
Then Handle animal etc.....


2007-05-09, 07:45 AM
In reality, you can ride the horse after 2 years, and they're mature around 5.