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2015-08-18, 11:07 AM
Hello All, I am starting a new Pathfinder Camp with a few friends and was wondering if you great people can give me some advice on my build. Goal is to build a main front line DPS, since my group really is in need.

My DM has approved minor change to Titan Mauler, to make it actually good, as followed:

"Massive Weapon: At 3rd level, a Titan Mauler becomes skilled in the use of the massive weapons looted from him titanic foes. This allows him to use weapons designed for creatures larger than his size, always treating them as two handed weapons, and applying a cumlative -2 on attack rolls per size category difference. The Total attack roll penalty is reduced by 1, and this reduction is increased by 1 every 3rd level (to a minimum of 0.) This ability replaces trap sense. "

He also goes with a 18, 16, 14, 12, 11, 10, start stat system, instead of rolls or buy point system.

This is a complete build I am aiming for. We are starting level one so I will be getting the feats and all as we go, but this is my general plan as of now.

Lawrence O'Connor
Male Tiefling (Oni-Spawn)
Titan Mauler 6 / Two handed Fighter 14
CG Medium


STR: 24 (18+2) (+1 per level 4, 8, 16, 20)
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 12
Wis: 14 (11+2) (+1 Level 12)
Cha: 8 (10-2)

HP: 15 Start - (+5d12 for Barb levels, and +14d10 for fighter)
AC: 21 (10 + 2 Dex + 7 Armor + 2 Armor of Pit)
Init: 8 (2 Dex + Initi Trait + 4 Improve Init)
Speed: 20ft (30 Base - 10 Armor)
50ft Burst of Speed (Once Per Day - Tiefling Ability)
Fort: 15 Reflex: 8 Will: 9 (Iron Will +2)


Start: Large Greatsword - 3d6
Goal: Huge Greatsword - 4d6 (Unknown on mods or buffs yet)
Long Composite Bow - 1d8
Long Composite Bow + 5 - 1d8 + 5
Long Composite Bow + 7 - 1d8 + 7
Natural Weapons (Rage + Abyssal Blood, Lesser) - 1d6 x 2
Natural Weapons (Rage + Abyssal Blood, Lesser + Greater) - 1d8 x 2
Bite - 1d4


Mithral Field Plate (Goal) - +7 AC, Max Dex: 3, Armor Check: -2, Move: 20Ft
(Unkown on rest)

Rage Powers:

Abyssal Blood Lesser - Adds Claw Damage While Raging - 1d6
Roused Anger - Enter Rage while Fatigued
Abyssal Blood - 1/Day May grow one size catagory larger


Alter Self - Can Assume form of any small or med creature -

Small - +2 Dex
Med - +2 Str


Burst of Speed - 1/day Move 50Ft
Large Limbs - You have over-sized limbs, allowing you to use Large weapons without penalty.
Enjoy Being Cut - +1 to ATT/DMG 1/day after being cut.
Bite - 1d4 Bite attack


Giant Blooded - When you wield a weapon that is larger than your size, the penalty on attack rolls for using inappropriately sized weapons is reduced by half. In addition, you gain a +2 trait bonus to your CMD against awesome blow combat maneuvers.
Reactionary - +2 Init


*Level 1, Level 1 TM: Power Attack
*Level 3, Level 3 TM: Armor of the Pit
*Level 5, Level 5 TM: Cleave
*Level 6, Level 1 THF: Vital Strike
*Level 7, Level 6 TM: Greater Cleave
*Level 8, Level 2 THF: Weapon Focus - Greatsword
*Level 9, Level 3 THF: Greater Weapon Focus - Greatsword
*Level 10, Level 4 THF: Weapon Spec - Greatsword
*Level 11, Level 5 THF: Improved Vital Strike
*Level 12, Level 6 THF: Iron Will
*Level 13, Level 7 THF: Improved Iron Will
*Level 14, Level 8 THF: Improved Crit - Greatsword
*Level 15, Level 9 THF: Lunge
*Level 16, Level 10 THF: Greater Vital Strike
*Level 17, Level 11 THF: Improved Init
*Level 18, Level 12 THF: Greater Weapon Spec - Greatsword
*Level 19, Level 13 THF: Need help
*Level 20, Level 14 THF: Help Still

Titan Mauler Feats:

Big Game Hunter
Massive Weapon
Evade Reach

Two Handed Fighter Feats:

Shattering Strike
Overhand Chop
Weapon Training
Back Swing

As I said before I am looking for advice for stuff to drop, change when obtained, or things I missed all together.

Look Forward to the Advice!!!

2015-08-20, 06:57 AM
Well do you want the higest dps or do you want to have high dps and be a mundane?
For higest dps one trick was to find an item allowing you to cast mind seed then to use it on your familiar(while being a level 20 wizard you also cast PAO to turn it into an humanoid for making it a valid tarfet) and so now your familiar is a level 12 wizard that can cast the spell duplicate familiar and who can be duplicated so duplicate him and ask its duplicate to duplicate the original one and restart with the new duplicates producing new familiar duplicate at an exponential rate now those duplicates can cast many offensive spells in one round and teleport and cast all the spells you are ever going to need and with this you have a dps superior to everything in the universe since it is >2^(the number of rounds - 6)
and then the GM hits you with 10000000 books and rage at you and say you should not build exponential armies of familiars.

2015-08-20, 08:41 AM
Can I suggest you re-post this in the 3.5 sub-forum, or have the mods move it. You might get more responses.

2015-08-20, 12:13 PM
Thanks I will move it!