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2015-08-19, 12:05 PM
I love the themes the warlock class bring to the table. Any character who wound up pledging himself to some sort of mysterious (Great old one), downright weird (Archfey), or devil (Fiend) will almost always have some sort of interesting backstory which is fun to explore in game.

However, the warlock subclasses in of themselves are pretty limited. Playing a warlock of Dagon, a demon lord of the abyss who resides in water, gives you the same classic "kill them all with fire" benefits as playing a warlock of Asmodeus. This is my attempt to change this.

Fraz-Urb値uu, Lord of Hollow's Heart

All I want is a hug you guys!

Expanded Spell list:

Spell Level

Find Familiar, Longstrider

Find Steed, Warding Bond

Conjure Animals, Spirit Guardians

Conjure Minor Elementals, Compulsion

Conjure Elemental, Planar Binding

Pact features:

Con Man:
You add twice your proficiency bonus to all deception checks you make.

Potent Conjuration:
The duration of all conjuration spells you cast are doubled.

Fiendish Conjuring:
Starting at level 10, you can concentrate on up to two conjuration spells at the same time. However, while you are concentrating on both of these spells, you may cast no additional spells, with the exception of cantrips. If you fail a concentration check, you loose both spells.

Demonic Deception:
Starting at level 14, you gain the ability to deceive powerful demons into serving you. Once per day, as an action, you can summon a Demon of a CR equal to or less than half your warlock class level (rounded up). This demon serves you for up to 1 minute or before being slain, upon which it returns to the abyss.
If you ever use this class in a game, please post a link to the game in this thread or send me a pm telling me how this class performed. Any tips you can offer are helpful!

2015-08-19, 12:06 PM
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