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Paizo is not a fan of prestige classes. They've consistently shown this and with good reason. Wizards released over two dozen source books, each one filled with stupid prestige class after stupid prestige class. However, that doesn't mean the system itself is broken, just that it needs a little help. Which is the whole reason I made this homebrew. I intended to make prestige classes viable options in comparison to higher level base classes. Using archetypes to do this just seemed like the way to go. After all, there are specialist even in specific fields. So tell me what you think. Oh, and before anyone has a chance to say it, I know these options are generally more powerful than the standard. That was my intent, to make them appealing even compared to a level 20 base class.

Dragon Disciple Archetypes

Linnorm Disciple
According to Linnorm lore, they are the true dragons, with everything that came after them merely pale shadows of the original. So why should anyone bother learning the ways of these lesser lizards while true power can be had by exalting these ancient beasts.

Primordial Blood- Your Draconic bloodline is treated as having the Wildblooded Linnorm archetype for the purposes of determining which powers you receive.
This changes Blood of Dragons.

Powerful Blast- At 2nd level when you use the Elemental Spit arcane power, that ray attack deals 1d10+2 damage for every two levels of sorcerer rather than 1d6+1.
This replaces Bite.

Freedom of Movement- At 9th level you can move as a Linnorm can. Gain a constant Freedom of Movement effect.
This replaces Wings.

Sanguine Disciple
Dragons are some the most cunning and magically powerful creatures in the world. They're also some of the most vicious and savage. Which of these aspects a Disciple chooses to exemplify are up to them.

Draconic Bloodrager- At 1st level your Draconic bloodline is treated as the Bloodrager's Draconic bloodline, not the Sorcerer's. You may enter a Blood Rage as a Bloodrager of equal level. This stacks with any levels of Bloodrager your have to determine how often you may enter Blood Rage. Otherwise, this does not alter the class feature.
This changes Blood of Dragons.

Powerful Blood- At 2nd level your blood becomes even stronger, turning you into something even greater the scion of a dragon. Choose either the Arcane or Destined Bloodrager Bloodlines. You gain the Bloodline powers of those Bloodlines as a Bloodrager of equal level. Levels of Bloodrager stack with your levels of Draconic Disciple to determine which Bloodline powers you receive.
This replaces Dragon Bite, Breath Weapon, Dragon Form, and Wings.

Crossblooded Feats- At 2nd, 5th, and 8th level whenever you would gain a Bloodline feat you may select it from either the Draconic or Arcane/Destined Bloodline, depending on which option you chose from Powerful Blood.
This changes Bloodline Feats.

Assassin Archetypes

Ninja Assassin
While most ninja clans are proficient in all manner of professions, such as spying, disguise, sabotage, and scouting. A few break from this tradition, following a darker path.

Ki Pool- At 1st level your levels in Assassin stack with your levels in Ninja to determine the size of your Ki Pool. If you do not have levels in Ninja, gain a Ki Pool as per the Ninja class feature. For the purposes of this Ki Pool your levels in Assassin count as levels in Ninja +1.
This replaces Poison Use.

Shadow Death- At 1st level you may spend a point from your ki pool to change the DC of your Death Attack to 12+ Assassin's Class Level+ Assassin's Charisma modifier.
This changes Death Attack.

Ninja Trick- At 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th levels you may select a Ninja Trick as per the Ninja class feature. If your combined Ninja and Assassin class levels equal 10 or more, you may select a Master Trick instead.
This replaces Save Bonus Against Poison.

Arcane Avenger
Whether by transformed by horrible experiments or manipulated by inhuman fore bearers, these magically charged killers are powerful, but the process of gaining that power has left them unstable. They often work for or against those responsible for their abilities, sometimes changing sides at a whim.

Requirements- Any Chaotic
This replaces the Evil Alignment requirement.

Arcane Mutation- At 1st level choose either the Shadow or Fey Sorcerer bloodline. You gain a single bonus feat from that Bloodline. At 2nd level gain an additional bonus feat. At 4th level gain the first Bloodline power from that Bloodline. At 6th level the gain the second Bloodline power from that Bloodline. At 8th level gain the third Bloodline power from that Bloodline. At 10th level you may cast the 3rd, 5th, or 7th level bonus spell from that Bloodline as a spell-like ability once per day.
This replaces Poison Use and Save Bonus Against Poison.

Monstrous Assassin- At 4th level you become proficient in killing creatures normally immune to such things. Your Death Attack effects Undead as if they were living.
At 6th level your Death Attack can effect Constructs.
This replaces Hidden Weapons and Quiet Death.

Arcane Archer Archetypes

Perfect Archer
Some who join that rare group of elite archers see magic as a convenient boost and instead of melding it with their traditional skills, instead focus on perfecting those skills.

Powerful Arrow- At 2nd level you can kill with shots most people couldn't even make. Increase the range increment of all bows by 10 ft and all bows you wield are considered to have the Adaptive magic enhancement, though it is considered to be non-magical.
This replaces Imbue Arrow.

Bowfighter- At 4th level you can fight as well up close as you can with range. You treat shortbows as clubs, longbows as quarterstaffs, and arrows as daggers. When attacking with them they gain the same bonuses as Enhance Arrows. They also gain the bonuses from feats that apply to those bows, such as Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization. You may treat your Arcane Archer level as an equivalent level of Fighter, but only for qualifying for feats that apply to the above weapons.
This replaces Seeker Arrow.

Trick Shot- At 6th level you can place shots to take down enemies without harming them. You may perform the Sunder, Disarm, and Dirty Trick Maneuvers with ranged attacks.
This replaces Phase Arrow.

Killing Shot- At 8th level you gain the Improved Critical feat, but it applies to all bows. If you already have the Improved Critical feat with a single type of bow, it applies to all bows and you may select a single bonus combat feat as well.
This replaces Hail of Arrows

Rapid Shot- At 10th level you may move, make a full attack action using your bow, and then move again.
This replaces Arrow of Death.

Alchemic Archer
Archery is a science. That is the mantra of Alchemic Archers. They see arrows as the perfect delivery system for their mind boggling creations, perfecting the bow as simply with the same intelligent focus they bring to creating new potions or explosives.

Requirements- Able to create 1st level Extracts
This replaces the Arcane Spell requirement.

Alchemy- At the indicated levels you gain new Extracts per day as if you had gained a level in the alchemic casting class that you belong to before taking a level in this class. If you belong to more than one, than you must choose which class to draw Extracts from when you gain the indicated level. This does not increase the number of Formulae known.
This replaces Spells Per Day.

Enhance Arrows- At 1st level you infuse every arrow you shoot with an alchemical reagent, similar to an Alchemist's Bomb. Every arrow you fire deals bomb damage equal to the bombs of an Alchemist equal to your class level.
This replaces changes Enhance Arrows.

Specialty Arrows- At 3rd level your arrows can be loaded with additional alchemical mixtures. You can create a number of specialty arrows per day equal to your class level+ Intelligence modifier. Apply one of the following to a non-magical arrow when you prepare your Extracts per day. Certain arrow require a saving throw, which is always equal to 10+your class level+your intelligence modifier. Gain a single Creature, Elemental, and Trick arrow at 3rd level. Gain an additional known arrow at 5th, 7th, and 9th levels.

Creature Arrows
Ectoplasmic Arrow- This arrow can harm incorporeal creatures as normal and negates any magical invisibility for 1d4 rounds.
Neutralization Arrow- Any target struck by this arrow must make a fortitude save or be reverted to their original form if under a polymorph spell or similar effect, (such as Enlarge Person or Beast Shape) and is no longer affected by potions, alchemist extractions, or mutagens. When making the save they use their original forms fortitude bonus, not the changed ones. This lasts for 1d4+2 rounds, though any non-permanent effects do not resume after that time is up.
Dispelling Arrow- Any target struck by this arrow acts as if Dispel was cast on them, using your character level as the caster level.
Penetrating Arrow- This arrow counts as adamantine and silver, also gaining a +1 bonus on the attack and damage rolls.
Anchoring Arrow- Any target struck by this arrow is under the effect of Dimensional Anchor for one hour.

Elemental Arrows
Concussive Arrow- Change the bonus fire damage granted by Enhance Arrows to sonic damage. Unattended objects take double bonus damage from this arrow.
Freezing Arrow- Change the bonus fire damage granted by Enhance Arrows to cold damage. Target must make a fortitude save or be stunned for 1 round.
Corrosive Arrow- Change the bonus fire damage granted by Enhance Arrows to acid damage. This arrow negates up to 10 points of fast healing for 1d6+2 rounds.
Lightning Arrow- Change the bonus fire damage granted by Enhance Arrows to shock damage. Deal double that shock damage to targets wearing metal armor or made of metal, such as certain golems.
Blasting Arrow- Change the bonus fire damage granted by Enhance Arrows to bludgeoning damage. Any target brought to 0 hitpoints are less by this arrow is knocked unconscious.

Trick Arrows
Smoke Arrow- Any character or object struck by this arrow has smoke, as per the Fog spell, surround them in a radius of 10 ft.
Tanglefoot Arrow- Any character struck by this arrow must make Reflex save or be entangled for 1d4 rounds.
Daylight/Darkness Arrow- Medium targets struck by this arrow are enveloped in a binding light/darkness that covers the 5 ft area they're in. They must make a fortitude save or be blinded for 1d4+1 rounds. If a Darkness arrow is fired into the area of a Daylight spell, than that spell is dispelled. Vice versa for Daylight arrows and Darkness spells. You must choose which version you're creating when enhancing this arrow.
Explosive Arrow- This arrow explodes as a splash weapon contact, dealing the bonus Enhance Arrows damage to all characters adjacent to the target. They may make a reflex save for half damage.
Lancing Arrow- When you fire this arrow, it acts as a ranged Cleave attempt, though it can only target characters in a straight line from the direction it was fired.

This replaces Enhance Arrow Elemental, Distance, Elemental Burst, and Aligned.

Crimson Assassin Archetypes

Sawtooth Duelist
For some of the infamous red mantled killers magic does not come naturally. They seek to overcome this crutch by perfecting the unique sawtooth style, dropping foes even as their allies waste time muttering incantations.

Mantis Style- At 1st level you uncover the secret techniques of wielding two sawtooth sabres. You may enter the Red Mantis Style as a swift action. This functions like a standard style feat. While this style is active you may make a full attack at the end of a charge while wielding a sawtooth sabre.

At 4th level this style improves. While it's active you may use the Monkey Lunge feat with sawtooth sabres only.

At 7th level this style improves again. While it's active all Dodge bonuses you have in AC are changed to Deflection bonuses and your Deflection bonus increases by +2.

At 10th level this style improves a final time. While it's active you may use the Two-Weapon Rend feat, even if you don't qualify. You may substitute the bonus strength damage for dexterity.

This replaces Spells.

Mantis Lord
Rare in the extreme, Mantis Lords are said to be the chosen weapons of Achaekek himself. Even other crimson assassins avoid them, seeing no emotion in their insectile eyes and unnerved by their alien movements.

Red Mantis Transformation- At 2nd level you begin your transformation into the avatar of Achaekek. You gain a permanent +2 natural armor bonus. In addition, you may cast Speak With Animals at will and Control Vermin once per day. Both are limited to mantises. As you progress in this class your body changes in minor ways. Your features become sharper, your eyes larger, and you grow small red burs along your forearm.

At 3rd level you gain a permanent +2 bonus to Dexterity.

At 4th level you can grow large red burs out of your forearms at will. They count as Sawtooth Sabres and natural weapons at the same time, but cannot be enchanted. They also count as +2 Vicious weapons.

At 6th level gain fast healing 3.

At 8th level increase the Dexterity bonus to +4.

At 9th level your natural sawtooth sabres gains the Axiomatic weapon enhancement.

At 10th level increase the Dexterity bonus to +6 and the natural armor bonus to +4. You stop aging and become an Outsider.

This replaces Prayer Attack, Red Shroud, Summon Mantis, Mantis Form, Blood Mantis Form, Mantis Doom, and Death Mantis Form.

Hellknight Archetypes

Diabolic Disciple
Hellknight orders are based around the hierarchy of hell, much like nation they call home. A few Hellknights have started to take this a step further, learning from specific devils and emulating them.

Profane Example- At 2nd level choose a single type of Devil to imitate, both in lifestyle and on the battlefield.
Barbed Devil, Natural Impalement- If you are wearing Spiked Armor, Spike Gauntlets, wielding a Spiked Shield, or any similar equipment, any creature that attempts a natural attack against you takes 1d6 damage from those spikes.
Bearded Devil, Wicked Edge- Whenever you deal bleed damage it lasts for one more round.
Erinyes Devil, Clutching Whip- After making a successful Disarm attempt with a Flail, Whip, or similar weapon deal that weapon's standard damage to the target. Does not include bonus damage from feats or magical enhancements.
Ice Devil, Numbing Strike- When you score a critical hit with a piercing weapon that target must make fortitude save equal to 10+your class level+your charisma modifier or be paralyzed for 1 round.
This replaces Discern Lies.

Infernal Exemplar- At 3rd level your natural Hellknight abilities began to take shape after your chosen devil.
Barbed Devil- You can cause your Hellknight Plate to grow armor spikes as a standard action. They last until you dismiss them as a free action or remove the armor. These spikes are considered to be +1 weapons that deal damage as if they were 1 size larger.
At 6th level those spikes are +2, rather than +1.
At 9th level you gain the Awesome Blow feat, but only when attacking with the armor spikes granted by this ability.

Bearded Devil- Blood whirls along any weapon you wield, giving it a serrated edge. This grants it Vicious weapon quality, except the damage it inflicts to your opponent is bleed damage that lasts for 1d4 rounds. It does not stack.
At 6th level that Vicious ability no longer harms you.
At 9th level you may fling that blood as a dagger. This functions as a ranged touch attack, with a range of 30 ft and it deals your melee damage. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your charisma modifier.

Erinyes Devil- You grow two blackened wings, granting a fly speed of 30 ft with perfect maneuverability.
At 6th level you may cast Animate Rope as a spell like ability at will, using your class level as the caster level.
At 9th level you gain spell resistance equal to 11+your class level.

Ice Devil- When wearing your Hellknight Plate gain resistance 20 to cold damage.
At 6th level increase the AC bonus of your Hellknight Plate by +2.
At 9th level gain immunity to cold damage.

This replaces Discipline I, II, and III.

Marked For Evil- At 9th level you gain the services of an Imp Consular. This acts as the Wizard familiar class feature with the Improved Familiar feat. You cannot have more than one familiar and if you do, you must choose which one to have active.
This replaces Infernal Armor.

Hell's Hound
The exact nature of a Hellknight's responsibilities are ambiguous and often change between orders. A few of the most elite work towards insuring balance in a chaotic universe, sending rebellious outsiders back where they belong. Some even work entirely for pit fiends, seeking out escaped souls or those already damned.

Track Planar Traveler- At 1st level you gain a constant Detect Magic spell-like ability, except it only detects teleportation and planar travel magic. By focusing on a specific person or spot, you can tell whether or not they've traveled across the planes in the last two weeks.
This replaces Detect Chaos.

Chosen Avenger- At 1st level you become an instrument of fate, insuring all things are in their proper place. Choose either the Apocalypse, Battle, or Flame Oracle Mystery, gaining a single Revelation from that Mystery. For the purposes of selecting and using Revelations, your Oracle level is equal to your class level +5. Gain an additional Revelation at 4th, 7th, and 10th level.
This replaces Smite Chaos.

To the Letter- At 3rd level you gain the Legalistic Curse as per the Oracle class feature. For the purposes of this Curse your Oracle level is equal to your class level +5.
This replaces Force of Will I, II, and III.

Demon Hunter- At 7th level your abilities grow to match the enemy you've been facing. You may cast Crusader's Edge as a spell like ability once per day. In addition to the usual effects, if you perform a Coup De Grace on an Evil Outsider while Crusader's Edge is active, they are instead banished to their home plane and die simultaneously.
This replaces Lawbringer.

Swordlord Archetypes

Mercenary Duelist
A mercenary duelist's code of ethics is a little different than most Swordlords, who generally spout nonsense about honor or some other drivel. Instead, theirs is "kill, get paid." Yes, these ignoble blackguards are hired by cowards to duel in their place, often earning a dark fame by doing so.

Requirements- Must have the Piranha Strike feat.
This replaces the Dazzling Display requirement.

Savage Counter- At 2nd level you can kill opponents with ease when they present an opening. Once per round, when an opponent fails a melee attack roll against you, you may make an attack of opportunity against them using the Piranha Strike feat.

At 5th level when you use Piranha Strike in this way it does not reduce your attack roll.

At 10th level double the damage bonus of Piranha Strike.

This replaces Display Weapon Prowess, Shatter Confidence, and Confounding Duelist.

Deadly Sword- At 4th level increase the critical range of your Dueling Sword by 1. This stacks with all other sources of improved critical range.

At 8th level you may choose to take a -4 penalty on a critical confirmation roll with your dueling sword to instead apply a single critical feat that you qualify for.

This replaces Adaptive Tactics I and II.

Reckless Blade
While Baron Aldori's style is still the gold standard in Rostland, a few of the younger braves feel they've last his soul, that of a man who'd bet his entire fortune on the outcome of single match and would challenge anyone to a fight at the drop of a coin. They've even begun substituting the more accepted forms with techniques of their own, seeking to follow his example rather than blindly trudging along.

Windmill Swing- At 1st level you ignore defense in favor of faster attacks. When you use Deft Strike to deal damage based on your dexterity rather than strength, you may now wield the Dueling Sword in both hands to deal x1.5 your dexterity modifier in damage. If you do so, you take a -2 penalty to your AC until the start of your next turn.
This augments Deft Strike.

All or Nothing- At 3rd level you can quickly take down enemies, but at the cost of leaving yourself wide open. You can make an additional attack at your highest base attack bonus as part of a full attack action, but if you do so you are considered flat-footed until the start of your next turn.
This replaces Defensive Parry.

Waterfall Charge- At 6th level you can make precision attacks even while moving at high speed. You may use cast Bladed Dash as a supernatural ability. This functions as the spell, except you gain no circumstance bonus on your attack roll.

At 9th level when you use this ability you can either make an attack against every enemy you are adjacent to during that 30 ft of movement, as per Greater Bladed Dash, or you can make two attacks against a single enemy at your highest base attack bonus.

This replaces Saving Slash and Greater Saving Slash.

2015-08-21, 08:57 AM
I haven't had time to look at this in detail yet, so I just want to note that the idea of archetypes for PrCs is a really neat one, and I think this is a good idea.

2015-08-21, 09:04 AM
Really good idea and great work on the Prestige Achetype you've made, some seem really nice to play.

Ilorin Lorati
2015-08-21, 12:58 PM
For "Perfect Archer": Does Powerful Arrow increase the distance of the range increment or does it just apply 20' extra range outside the normal 10 range increments?

In "Alchemic Archer": There is literally no way a character can have 1st level extracts without Craft (Alchemy) as a class skill. I'd recommend just removing this swap and letting them keep Survival.

Otherwise, I don't see any real issues.

2015-08-21, 06:48 PM
For "Perfect Archer": Does Powerful Arrow increase the distance of the range increment or does it just apply 20' extra range outside the normal 10 range increments?

In "Alchemic Archer": There is literally no way a character can have 1st level extracts without Craft (Alchemy) as a class skill. I'd recommend just removing this swap and letting them keep Survival.

Otherwise, I don't see any real issues.

Fixed the archer archetypes, specifying and adapting the Powerful Arrow ability.