View Full Version : Afflicted [Template Change]

2007-05-08, 07:33 PM
So, Lycanthropy is cool and all, but it kind of messes up the game when someone catches the curse and suddenly has to rebuild his character and mess up the level balance of the game.

So, I'm offering some variant ways of handling it.
The basics are: When you fail your save and contract lycanthropy, you gain the "Werecursed" template, an LA 0 template. From that point on, you may continue advancing as normal in class levels, or you may choose to embrace your Lycanthropy.
If you do, you must first take all the Racial Hit Die associated with your type of Lycanthropy, at that point you must spend your next two levels to gain the Afflicted Lycanthrope template as presented in the MM, which replaces the "Werecursed" template.
Once you do, you can again, advance as normal in class levels, or spend your a third level to gain the Natural lycanthrope template as presented in the MM, however, to do so, your alignment must match that of your lycanthrope type.

Werecursed [Template]
-2 Cha, +2 Wis
-Low Light Vision
-Moon Addiction: Every Night you go without viewing the moon, you take a cumulative -1 penalty to Charisma.
-Bestial Empathy: Gain a +2 bonus on Wild Empathy checks when dealing with animals of your type.
-Lust of the Night: Whenever a full moon occurs, you must succeed on a Wisdom check (DC 15). If you fail, you lose control until the next dawn and act in accordance with your alignment. (DM's Discretion)