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2015-08-23, 04:33 AM
Fantasy Age seems like a the perfect game to run a Witcher campaign. The only thing (other than monsters) it is lacking is Witchers. What do you think of this?

Warrior Specialization

Witcher Talent
Class: Warrior
Requirement: You must have Intelligence and Willpower 2 or higher and the Intelligence (Arcane Lore) focus.

Novice: You gain 1d6 + Willpower MP. You also learn the spells Igni and Quen.
Journeyman: You gain 1d6 + Willpower MP. You also learn the spell Aard.
Master: You gain 1d6 + Willpower MP. You also learn the spell Axii.


(See the Air Arcana spell Wind Blast.)

Spell Type: Defense
MP Cost: 5
Casting Time: Minor Action
Target Number: 14
Test: Willpower (Self-Discipline)

You have to cast this spell in the same round as you're trying to convice another character to agree with your demands. If the target fails its Willpower (Self-Discipline) test against your Spellpower, it agrees to do whatever you asked of it. If the demand goes strictly against the believes of the target or will put it into danger, it gets a bonus to its Willpower (Self-Discipline) test equal to +1 to +3, as deemed appropriate by the GM.

(See the Fire Arcana spell spell Flame Blast.)

Spell Type: Defense
MP Cost: 3
Casting Time: Major Action
Target Number: 10
Test: None

For the duration of the encounter, your Armor Rating increases by a number equal to your Willpower ability.


Silver Sword
Against magical creatures this weapon deals penetrating damage. However, it's silver blade blunts easily and deals -2 damage compared to a regular steel weapons of the same type (regardless of whether the creature is magical or nonmagical).