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2007-05-09, 02:49 AM
Hi all,

Just a couple of questions:

1. Are there rules for Throwing Daggers?
2. In the Racial Substitution levels for a Halfling Rogue (Races of the Wild) one of the special abilities gives the rogue sneak attack damage on thrown weapon attacks. My question is that, didn't rogues already get sneak attack damage on ranged attacks?
3. Can anyone suggest some feats for a throwing weapon based character?
4. Is this kind of character doable?

Any help at all is much appreciated.


2007-05-09, 02:53 AM
1. Daggers can be thrown. Darts would be a better fit for specialised throwing knives.
2. The Halfling Rogue sub levels give extra sneak attack damage at range, and none in melee.
3. Quick Draw, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Far Shot
4. Yes, especially if you have Complete Warrior for the Master Thrower.

2007-05-09, 02:55 AM
so the Halfling rogue Substitution levels kinda does nothing in a way?

Also thanks for the quick response :D

2007-05-09, 02:58 AM
so the Halfling rogue Substitution levels kinda does nothing in a way?

No, it specialises you. You get not sneak attack in melee, and 2d6 at range.

2007-05-09, 03:01 AM
Ahh I see. So i get +1d6 on sneak attacks with throwing weapons on top of the sneak attack damage, but -1d6 in melee?

Lord Lorac Silvanos
2007-05-09, 03:56 AM

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2007-05-09, 07:03 AM
In which sourcebook are substitution levels described?

Lord Lorac Silvanos
2007-05-09, 08:03 AM
You can find most in the "Races of..." series.

2007-05-09, 10:14 AM
Pity Races of Destiny has no human racial substitution levels, just some half elf ones that make no sense.

2007-05-10, 02:15 AM
Weapon Focus: Greatsword. Then get a greatsword with the Throwing and Returning enchants.


Ok, but seriously, any feat that works with ranged weapons works with thrown weapons. Once you have Quick Draw, you should be able to use Rapid Shot or Multi Shot to throw a bunch of knives at a time. If you weren't a halfling, I might suggest Power Throw and its prerequisite, but that's more half-orc axethrower style.

Get the Master Thrower from CWar and let loose.

2007-05-10, 02:20 AM
I dislike throwing weapons because you have to maintain several of them at a time. And you have to go pick them up again unless they have return.

2007-05-10, 02:31 AM
I find the way to go with thrown weapons is to use shuriken. The main reason for this is that they're treated as ammo, so you can enchant them cheaper and do all sorts of other fun stuff. This also deals with the issue of needing returning weapons...you just stop caring about individual ones.

Once you get palm throw and eventually the almighty weak spot as a master thrower you can do huge amounts of damage (even if they can see through your greater invisibility so you don't have sneak attack, if that's your character). Throwing 10 (not too hard to get 5 attacks if you don't care about attack bonus) +4 (greater magic weapon) appropriate bane (you can have many different bane types at high level) flaming (flame arrow) shuriken in a round is....worthwhile. (That was 70 + 30d6 assuming you're small, for those who don't feel like counting.)

2007-05-10, 02:51 AM
Just a question, but how would you get the 5 attacks?

2007-05-10, 09:47 AM
Here, you will find some ideas and builds: