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Markoff Chainey
2015-08-29, 03:55 AM
Let me know what you think of this alternative... is it broken, boring or does it hit the nail?

Alternative Druid of the Lands

Druids are cool. Very cool. But Wildshape is an so OP ability that it overshadows everything else, turns the Moon Druid to the biggst tank in the game and, while crippled, is still such a powerful ability for even a Druid of the Lands, that she will not have much choice but to use it whenever she can.

Add to that the ultra-strong abilities at lvl 18 and 20 are made for the Moon Druid, that's just another slap in the face for the Druid of the Lands.

Solution 1: Wildshape change
In order to balance wildshape with the rest of the game it is necessary to bring it somewhat down, while still allow it to be awesomely useful and cool. - It is the main ability of a Moon Druid, after all. The problem with wildshape is that it basically is a hp buffer of up to 150 hp that can be replenished in the blink of an eye, twice, and afterwards continue with a semi-decent spellcaster. At level 20 a Moon Druid becomes the most abusive char build because he can take on a new form as a bonus action endlessly… meaning the only way to kill him is to take down his form and kill the druid in one turn before he can use his bonus action, otherwise he will regain ALL hp!!!

The most elegant solution IMO is to divide the Druids hp by 4 and his wildshape hp by 4. Whenever he crosses a 1/4th „border“, he himself loses 1/4th of his hp when he switches back and also a new form has 1/4th less hp.

Solution 2: Let the Land Druid have his own (cool) thing!
Seen the tiger as animal companion in the PC? Well, where is it? :smallannoyed: The Land Druid could be a cool and unique caster class, but due to wildshape, there is not much casting. He could easily even become a gish - without wildshape! So lets do away with wildshape! Instead, give him something different. - Here comes the animal companion back in. Let’s change the animal companion from the ranger somewhat, so that the Druids is less of utility and more of its own entity, but a strong one, nonetheless. (Because a druid's companion should be more independent than a "pet".)

DRUID'S COMPANION (taken from Ranger, but tweaked!)

At 2nd level, you gain a beast companion that accompanies you on your adventures and is trained to fight alongside you. At Druid Level 2, choose a beast that is no larger than Medium and that has a challenge rating of 1/4 or lower. Additionally, it must be a beast that can be found in your chosen territory.

At higher levels, you can turn a stronger creature into your companion when you give up the bond that you created with your old companion.

Druid Lvl Max

Companion CR
Special Restrictions

no mount, no flying speed, max size medium

only 2 of the above restrictions must apply; max size medium

only 1 of the above restrictions must apply; max size large

max size large

(This is basically taken from the wildshape list - it will allow a flying mount at lvl 14)

The beast obeys your commands as best as it can. It takes turns on its own initiative and will act as it sees fit (DMs discretion) if you do not tell it otherwise. On your turn, you can verbally command the beast what to do (no action required by you).
While traveling through your chosen terrain with only the beast, you can move stealthily at a normal pace.
If the beast dies, you can obtain another one by spending 8 hours magically bonding with another beast that isn't hostile to you, either the same type of beast as before or a different one.

Lvl 18 and Lvl 20 - Spell Mastery and Signature Spell like a Wizard
I would give them Spell Mastery and Signature Spell for druid spells because:
- it is undeniable a cool thing and a Druid of the Land is mainly a spell caster
- I am not keen on inventing abilities just for the reason to invent new ones and this way (by adding already existing ones) it is much higher likely not to break the game by overlooking a detail.