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Tibbits (also known as catweres) are small, humanoid creatures that have the ability to turn into a common house cat. They arose from felines kept as familiars in ages past. The powerful magic that allows a familiar to gain intelligence and magic abilities slowly filtered from one generation of cats to the next. Whether tibbits evolved from a natural process, divine intervention, or a sudden surge in the magic running through their ancestry, none can say. Tibbits have never existed in large numbers, and their tendency to spread across the world leaves them with a fractured, incomplete racial history.

Independent Felines
Much like their feline ancestors tibbits exhibit independence, curiosity, and quickness of mind and body. They rarely form communities larger than two or three families, and even these small colonies rarely hold together for more than a few years. Shortly after reaching adulthood, a tibbit develops an intense desire to wander the world and satisfy her racial curiosity. Tibbits can be found wherever humans and other civilized humanoid races have established cities, towns, and colonies.
Among humans and other humanoids tibbits usually remain in their cat form. The stray cat that prowls a neighbourhood, the mangy cat adopted as a temple's unofficial pet, and the lazy feline always close at hand at the local tavern might be tibbits. Driven by curiosity, tibbits love to remain in their animal form while observing humans.

Cat Demeanours
Tibbits are above all, still cats.When dealing with others, tibbits show a similar capability to change their attitudes and posture depending on their moods. A tibbit might act relaxed and languid one moment, alert and inquisitive the next. They tend to have a slightly distant, arrogant attitude toward others, as if as a race they share a colossal, secret joke over other intelligent creatures. Still, once a tibbit marks someone as a friend few other creatures match their devotion. A tibbit might complain about a friend's needs or tend toward laziness, but when trouble arises she is a dauntless ally.

Tibbits have no lands of their own. Instead, they dwell within civilized territories established by other folk. Any civilization that keeps domesticated cats likely houses colonies of tibbits within its cities.
Few tibbits make their identity openly known once they settle in an area. A tibbit is much more likely to remain in cat form as she travels through a city, although she usually keeps a well-hidden, luxurious apartment hidden in an out-of-the-way corner of town. Many tibbits become petty thieves, raiding pantries for fine foods, liquor, and other creature comforts.
Tibbits who travel the land might keep their humanoid guise to make dealings with other creatures easier. Even these tibbits prefer to pass themselves off as travellers from other planes, and they rarely publicize their ability to change shape

Tibbit Traits
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and your Charisma increases by 1.
Age. Tibbits will usually live 50 years, and are considered mature at 9 years old
Alignment. Tibbits have a strong tendency toward chaos and an equally strong lethargy toward moral issues, making the majority of them chaotic neutral.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Size. Tibbits are small creatures, usually around 3 ft in height.
Darkvision. Tibbits have superior vision in dim light and darkness. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it was bright light, and darkness as if it was dim light. You can't discern colour in darkness, only shades of grey.
Feline Transformation. As an action, you can transform into a cat. You transform into the same cat every time you transform. While in cat form, you follow the same rules as a druid using the wild shape class feature with the following changes.
You may keep any special senses you had beforehand (e.g. blindsight, darkvision, truesight.)
You may cast spells with the Verbal or Somatic components while in your cat form.
You keep all your class features, and may use your rogue sneak attack damage with your claws.
You may add your Strength modifier to your Strength in cat form. Your cat form Strength may not be higher than your normal Strength
You may add your Constitution modifier to your Constitution in cat form. Your cat form Constitution may not be higher than your normal Constitution.
You may use your normal Dexterity instead of your cat form Dexterity.
Your hit points are the same in cat and normal form. When you change from one form to another, your hit points do not change.
The damage for your claws is the higher 1+your Strength or Dexterity modifier at 1st level. 1d4 +your Strength or Dexterity modifier at 5th level, 1d6 +your Strength or Dexterity modifier at 10th level, 1d8 +your Strength or Dexterity modifier at 15th level, and 1d10 +your Strength or Dexterity modifier at 20th level, or your unarmed damage (whichever is higher).
While in cat form your base land speed is the higher of 40 ft or your regular base land speed
If you are reduced to 0 hit points in your cat form, you may revert to your normal form immediately with your hit points at 0. Either way, you must start making death saving throws as normal

Languages. You can read speak and write common and Feline. Feline lets you speak to cats.

Tibbit god: The cat lord
Tibbits pay homage to the Cat Lord, a powerful creature who watches over all felines. They generally lack an organized religion, instead preferring to view the Cat Lord as a big brother figure and protector. Some clerics believe that tibbits are simply too arrogant and independent to shackle themselves to a deity, and few tibbits argue against this assessment.
The cat lords domains are Trickery and Nature.

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Strongly suggest NOT changing hit points when the character changes forms. The Polymorph mechanics -- on which Wildshape is based -- work well for a limited-use combat-form. They don't work as well for this catperson.

Suggest calling the shape-changing ability "Shapechanger", like the monsters in the MM do.

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I'm changing the Hp to: Your hit points are the same in cat and normal form. When you change from one form to another, your hit points do not change.
This makes it so that if your at 13 hp, change to cat form, your cat form will have 13 hp as well.

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Oops double post

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I'm changing the Hp to: Your hit points are the same in cat and normal form. When you change from one form to another, your hit points do not change.
This makes it so that if your at 13 hp, change to cat form, your cat form will have 13 hp as well.


As an unlimited ability which allows spellcasting, it shouldn't offer the same safety-net that Wild Shape (etc.) offer.