View Full Version : What are some ways a character might trade in levels of an npc class for pc?

2015-08-29, 09:38 PM
I've got two characters with NPC class levels. One is a child, one is an adult. When the child reaches adulthood, his npc class levels might be traded for pc class levels, but what about the adult character?

Mechanically, how might this be done?

I've homebrewed a couple npc classes: Magician and Prodigy are analogous to Wizard and Sorcerer respectively.

2015-08-30, 01:12 AM
Knowing what system you are using might help.

But in general I don't like NPC classes, NPC's are not PC's and shouldn't follow the same creation rules. If you want an NPC to have an ability, give it to them.

2015-08-31, 03:13 AM
Try the retraining rules in DMG II if you can track down a copy (3.5e).

Of course, you can always just fiat declare the character has bumped up in importance and as a result will have their stats raised from Normal to Elite Array, and their levels swapped out for a PC. It's metagamey but it's basically the only way to counteract NPC Class "dead levels." If you think about it, with the way they rapidly gain XP, PCs are basically those touched by destiny for a special fate, it would make sense for NPCs who closely associate with them to suddenly find themselves raised beyond the ordinary ken...

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2015-08-31, 09:04 AM
If you don't want to straight up trade them you could let them lose an NPC class level when they gain a new PC class level. They gain abilities roughly equal to gaining a level in their NPC class, but their effective character level stays the same, so they're going to have an easier time getting to the next level up. This probably works best for relatively low leveled characters who are a bit ahead of the rest of the group. (Which rarely happens with NPC's, but anyways...)