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Hey all
(Background - Long Read):
Well 3.5 is passe, unless like myself you play pathfinder. However Tomb of Magicís Binder Class and Vestiges have always spoken to me, and still do. Iíve recently finished reading a lot of planescape material and when I read through the part on the Wells of Darkness in the Abyss, I was reminded of the layerís lord (Ahazu) and the Binder the class.
As the Vestiges Ansitif, Astaroth (Diabolis), Cabiri, Shami-Amourae and Lord Ahazu show you; the beings locked in the Wells of Darkness are trapped beyond the Shattered Night. Prisoners, but some have found a way to reach back to the real world as Vestiges. As such Iíve snagged every named figure I could find trapped in a Well (plus one or two others), read up on these beings, and now present to you my take on what Vestige Powers they may grant to Practitioners.
Basing their powers and abilities to reflect their already established Lore in existing D&D worlds. Feel free to post about any additional information I may have missed, or think is important.
(TLDR Ė Short Read)
I have create several Vestiges based on the in-lore creatures trapped within the Wells of Darkness. Please review and suggest any fixes, level adjustments, modifications, or even drastic changes if you feel the need. And feel free to add any lore I do not have.

Apep, Lord of Chaos, Apophis, Lord of Izth

Lore "Apep said to be the God of destruction and chaos hailing from the Egyptian Pantheon. The Pharaonic powers were said to have continuously battled this being since Ra first ignited the sun disc. After defeating and imprisoning Apep below the realm of Heliopolis, the Gods knew they needed a more permanent solution, Apep's body would rise again within twelve hours. Unwilling to risk Apep breaking free once more they created a rift underneath Heliopolis forming a deep Dark Well, and cast the great serpent into it. It is said that as the Lord of Izth fell- a Lord of the Night appeared and snatched this godling's spirit away from this world, and into his own.
Worshipers of Apep are still able to draw power from their master from somewhere unexplained, and seek nothing less than the freedom of their master, and to witness him Devour Ra and his Sun disc."
Manifest: The ground of the seal breaks and cracks revealing magma beneath the surface. The head and coils of Apep are those of a titanic Serpent which rises out of the earth. It's skin cracked like the earth it bores through, revealing magma and dripping ash and flame from between it's scales. Flames which touch the earth writhe into snakes made of fire, and slither off out of sight at the edges of the seal.
Pact Level: 3rd; DC: 21; Special Requirement: May only be summoned during what is referred to as the twelve hours of night, that is Dust, Night, and Dawn. Apep's circle must be drawn larger than other seals taking up a 10x10 ft surface.
Sign Your skin buckles and cracks with magma. Tiny fiery serpents fall from these crackles, which hiss and attempt slither off before being consumed by their own flames.
Influence Apepís wishes practitioners that bind him to tear down structure whenever possibly, be it a social, law, or physical structure.
Serpent Kinship: You can speak fluently to any Serpent related creature, gains +2 bonus on all relationship checks made with them. You can communicate with other reptilian creatures with a successful linguistics check.
Golden Flame Mantle: Gain a mantle of golden flame as your skin buckles with magma. Creatures striking you in melee take 1d6 fire / 3 EBL. You cannot use this ability if you suppress your sign.
Devour the Sun*: Gain a Destructive Smite attack (as per paladin smite) usable on all non-incorporeal targets. This deals negative energy and fire damage. After a successful strike the target is automatically affected by the Darkness spell until the end of your current turn. This attack automatically extinguishes all light sources and dispels all light effects within its area that are lower caster level than your effective binder level. You may only use this ability once every five rounds
Body of Destruction: Gain the [Fire] Subtype in addition, gain Fire Resist 5+EBL, at 13th level this turns into Immunity and you gain Cold vulnerability. You cannot use this ability if you suppress your sign.
Ignite: Your tiny serpents allow the practitioner to ignite flammable objects and start fires within 5ft, once a round at will. You cannot use this ability if you suppress your sign.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: The Serpent's Fang - Grants a bite attack equal to your size, you may cast poison 1/day
Design Notes

"Apep or Apophis is the God of destruction and Evil in the Eqyptian pantheon. Lots of lore exists on this being in every Deties & Demigods printed for D&D, and in the real world Egyptian history. The serpent of Chaos holds (Depending on edition) a realm called the 12-hours of night, and is commonly hinted that it is a layer of the abyss, but never explicitly said so.
I generally like to include abilities that can be used out of combat. Apep is sadly very combat focused."

Areex, The Forgotten Prince

Lore The Forgotten Prince is said to have been an Obyrith Lord of great power, but that no known creature can seem to recall much about this being. Any records of itís history are all but nonexistence until several Gibberlings across the planes all began to chant all at once, claiming this forgotten lord ventured beyond the stars to pay the price of a bargain. Travelling to 'another place' to enter a pact with a being named Bolothmogg. The Gibberlings have begun to recite this more fervently in recent years.
Manifest: Upon manifestation the practitioner will find an open tome in the center of the seal, with a writing quill. Its left page covered in Obyrithian script that is slightly painful to look at. The quill's exact description seems to change with every practitioner, it has been noted as a withered stick, an elegant stylus, and a hollow point which requires the writerís blood. Whatever it's form it seems to reflect something about the practitioner themselves. The script conveys Areex's greetings and demands, and a practitioner unable to read the ancient script is still able make a rudimentary sense of it. One may 'answer' the Forgotten Prince by writing on the opposite page. Once finished the page turns with its reply on the left page once again. Scholars are uncertain whether Areex has ever appeared personally or whether the book is somehow a manifestation of itself.
Pact Level: 5th; DC: 25; Special Requirement: None
Sign Though your appearance does not change, others perceive your features as overly bland.
Influence Areex encourages that you never break a promise or dealings you make with another creature.
Psionic Boon: You gain 19 power points when you bind to Areex. These are added to your pool of power points if you already possess psionic powers, or they create a pool and you become a psionic creature for the duration of this binding.
Unknowable Power: You gain access to the psionic powers Astral Caravan, False Future, Linked Fate, Mindfog, Mindwipe, and Modify Memory for the duration of the binding. You may manifest each power as a psion would and as if it is a power known by you. You may augment each as a Psion normally could, substituting your effective binder level in place of manifester level.
Astral Caravan: When you manifest Astral Caravan you may augment it in the follow unique way: By spending 1 additional power point per creature, you may have additional creatures that you have joined hands with join your Astral Caravan without them having to manifest Astral Travel as normal.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: Tooth of Areex: This tooth appear almost human except it has a semi-transparent quality to it. Become a psionic creature and add 1 power points to your reserve. Add Astral Travel to your list of known powers.
Design Notes

What details there are on Areex are in the Wells of Darkness Descriptions and Dungeon 148, and in the Monstrous Manual II (1983) off-handily mentioned how he was a greater Demon Prince. 3.5 says Obyrith, both can still be true. Psionic often deal with the Outer-Realm fluff and there needs to be more love for the Psionic Vestiges anyway.
Also, what is a Gibberling? I've read/researched a lot of D&D 2e,3X,4e,5e, and Planescape and don't know of such a creature. Possibly a new homwbrew Vestige-Monster to add to it's small collection?

Arlgolcheir, the Trice Slain

Lore A Vestige that has recently appeared, supposedly only within the last 1,000 years. Lore speaks of a slain demon lord that had it's precious amulet stolen. However once slain Arlgolcheir did not pass on, legend speaks that this crafty Demon Lord long ago broke a deal with the Lord of Shattered Night to spirit it away into his realm upon it's death so that he may heal and restore itself. However the Lord of Shattered Night is said to be a greedy creature, and has yet to release Arlgolcheir even thou the appropriate time has long past.
Manifest: Several small rocks and gems thrust themselves from the earth and hover in mid-air shaping the resemblance of a Golem like creature. Arlgolcheirís voice sounds like the reverberation of stone and crystal. Practitioners find speaking with this being aggravating as this vestige will "die" periodically during the pact making. His component parts falling to the ground and shattering only to reform soon after, but often forgets what they were previously speaking of.
Pact Level: 3th; DC: 25; Special Requirement: That you smash an amulet or necklace in the center of the seal as a sacrifice to Arlgolcheir. Smashing a magical Amulet automatically succeeds the Binding check.
Sign You grow several boney ridges vertically on your nose, and gain several patches of scales over your body. Secondly Arlgolcheir's Pact Seal Circle burns itself into the surface in which it was drawn, and cannot be removed by any means until you unbind Arlgolcheir.
Influence You feel the urge to examine any gem stones you find, this manifests as a pure hatred for the precious rocks, wishing to know if they will cause you harm. The Practitioner feels no more obligation to keep or throw away gems than one normally does, merely to examine them.
Lost Amulet: Arlgolcheir's thirst to reclaim his stolen amulet allows you to wear an additional neck slot.
RogueSign: You may invoke this ability as a full round action that does not provoke AoOs. You teleport yourself and one willing creature per EBL, within 10 ft of you, to the location of the Pact Seal you used to summon Arlgolcheir. Upon using this ability the pact seal (see Sign) crumbles into ash and you unbind Arlgolcheir. You may bind him again on the same day but take a -4 on the check.
Stone Knowing: Gain stone cunning as the Dwarf racial trait, and +4 on appraisal checks. You may automagically detect magic on any form of gem stone within 10ft, and my use your appraise check to identify it's properties.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: This Roguestone appears to be in the shape of a tooth: Dimension Door 1/day
Design Notes

A demon lord that was slain by Khelben Blackstaff Arunsun of the Forgotten Realms fame, along with Laeral, and Alduth. His brief paragraph description said his amulet was "Taken" and being mentioned in the article that first introduced rogue stones into Toril's lore, it hints that the rocks in some way contributed to his death. How? I have no idea as roguestones are generally spell components and nothing more. Currently he is regeneration "out" of his well of darkness. If not for the scavenger demons feasting on him remains he might be free by now. Ahazu may also be keeping Arlgolcheir longer than originally agreed upon, but thatís up for a DM to decide.
I wonder if someone more versed in Forgotten Realm lore could tell me if the Blackstaff still uses this amulet in any capacity?

Dahak, Tyrant of 10,000 horses

Lore An exiled godling from ages past, binder scholars place his in either Anurian, Babylonian or Vedic Pantheons. Stories speak of a three Headed Dragon that ruled tyrannically in the mortal world and delighted in devouring any beings that had lawful and true claims to his throne. Eventually rebellion struck and he was beaten but not killed, for it is said that the blood of Dahak's wounds would devour the world. Instead his body was imprisoned beneath Anu's Way, and his spirit thrown out into the great beyond, never to return to the mortal realm.
Manifest: When viewing the cave mouth through the seal, Dahak's bulk appears has if having just dragged itself from around the lip of the cavern. Appearing as a beaten, bloody, and starving three headed Dragon. His central face conveys more humanoid feature while it's two flanking heads have a serpentine quality to them. The Serpent heads continuously attack the central head, attempting to devour it's brain. Leaving the practitioner with little time to plead before the creature slays itself, and the binding ends. It's beaten and cracked body bleeds vermin and snakes, instead of blood from visibly open wounds.
Pact Level: 4th; DC: 22; Special Requirement: His sign must be drawn in a cave mouth of a mountain and the Practitioner must kneel on the side facing into the mountain. The blood of Lawful being must be spilt.
Sign Two large black serpents emerge from your shoulders. They act and think on their own and generally consider themselves "part of you." However they whisper tyrannical or oppressive advice into your ears whenever possible. You can understand the serpents perfectly even if others only hear hissing. Even if suppressing this sign the serpents speak directly into the practitioner mind.
Influence Whenever the opportunity presents itself, you try to assert that it is your divine right to rule or sit in any position of power. In addition you develop a taste for sentient brains.
Bite: You may make two additional bite attacks (1d8 + Str 1.5) when attacking with other natural weapons. This ability functions so long you display Dahak' sign.
Multi-headed: Your serpents act as your eyes and ears granting you twice the bonus from the Alertness feat. This ability functions so long you display Dahak' sign.
Vermin Blood: When struck by a melee weapon, vermin and small vipers pour from your wounds. After which an area of vermin stretches out from your square to 5ft. The vermin last for your Cha Mod / Rounds, and are able to deal 1d6 swarm damage to all creature except the practitioner. Every additional time you are stuck and damaged the swarm increases in density and deals an additional +1d6 damage for each successful hit. Maximum damage allowed is 1d6 per 2 effective binder levels. This ability functions so long you display Dahak' sign.
Harbinger of Winds: Constantly surrounded by an effect similar to that of Wind wall. 1/day you may permanently dispel Dahak's windwall effect until he is rebound, and cast Call Lightning, or Control Weather.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: Dahak's Dragon Fang: CL 10; This tooth allows one to devour the wisdom of other creatures. Upon devouring the brains of another creature or drinking the blood of a Lawful creature; you gain +4 wisdom as you absorb the slain's wisdom, but this does not grant the slain creatures memories or any other benefit. The remains need not be fresh, they can cooked or prepared the remains as you choose. The users retain the wisdom bonus for a number of days equal to his HD.
Design Notes

Title needs work, trying to incorporate too many things I read. Tons of lore, and conflicting lore on this real world religious/fictional/historical figure Dahak, who also goes by SEVERAL different names depending on region. In D&D's Wells of Darkness it notes that he prefers to devour Lawful Creatures which is why he was imprisoned in the first place. This sort of matches with how the folkloric figure ate any comers that had a legitimate claim to the throne he sat upon.

Ebulon, General of Severed Fingers

Lore It is said a being known as the Dark Prince had a great and powerful General leading his armies. This General attempted to defeat his Prince's greatest enemy, the Lord and Ruler of all Demon Kind. The General met with failure and was defeated by the Lord of Demons, and promptly dropped, buried alive, and forgotten in a grave not meant for him. To this day it is said that his former prince, who normally is uncaring about his own subjects, is said to have stirrings of what would quantify as loyalty toward his fallen General. Hatred stirs in the Ebulonís heart however, and it is whispered that if he were freed from his earthly prison he would spit out the Dark Prince's deepest secrets out of spitefulness once he learns of his former lords inaction since his defeat.
Manifest: The silhouette of a humanoid figure appears, sitting on a rock, his head cupped in his hands as he waits. His demeanor conveys bored agitation. The practitioner is unable to pick out any features of the figure as he appears cloaked in darkness, regardless of actual light sources. Seeing only vague hints of features such as sunken eye holes, tiny horns, or hands that have too many fingers.
Pact Level: 1st; DC: 19; Special Requirement: Must be alone and secluded when summoned.
Sign Your tongue changes into that of a snake, your skin darkens and you grow to tiny horns from your forehead.
Influence Ebulon urges that acts of betrayal Must be punished, regardless of circumstance.
No hesitation: Gain +2 initive for every five effective binder level.
Abyssal Remorse: Abyssal creatures inexplicable feel a pang of remorse towards you. Unable to understand this feeling you gain +2 relationship against all Abyssal creatures, Half-Fiends, and Demonblooded creatures. In addition they prefer attacking other targets over you when able to do so.
Trusted Ally*: You are able to create an effect similar to Charm person, once every 5 rounds. Creatures that succeed may not be affected again until your rebind Ebulon. At 5th effective binder level, this changes to Charm Monster.
Know Thy Friend: Ebulon allows you to cast an effect similar to Detect Thoughts on any creature you have charmed by any means once a round as a free action. The victim is allowed a save as normal but is unable to detect this effect through any means. Instead of finding surface thoughts Ebulon roots out thoughts that the charmed creature has that would prove harmful to itself, such as it's deepest fear, or knowledge about any particular weaknesses.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: What looks like a filed human tooth; Grants the ability to use the spell Command 3/day When the command is spoken the users voice sounds exactly like the creature's superior, if any.
What looks like a filed human tooth; Grants the ability to use the Martial Maneuver White Raven Tactics 4/day; 5th Martial Level, Price: GP
Design Notes

Former general of Demon Lord Graz'zt (Prior to Graz'zt owning any layers). He was defeated, dropped, and forgotten by Demogorgan into a well of darkness apparently not meant for him. It specifically mentions his former lord Graz'zt is said to have stirrings of what mortals would quantify as loyalty toward his forgotten general. It also said if Ebulon were to be freed he would likely spit out the Dark Prince's deepest secrets out of spite for his former lords inaction after seeing how much power Graz'zt has obtained since Ebulon's Defeat.
His tooth needs to do something different as it is too similar to Dantalion's tooth. Took a suggest from something out of the Tome of Battle to spice things up. White Raven Tactics is very fitting for a general.

Echidna, Mother of the Monstrous

Lore The Titan Typhon use to have a wife, which he bemoans the loss of every night. Echidna is said and even revered by some creatures as the mother and original progenitor of many monstrous races, including Harpies, Nymph, Manticores, Naga, and Hydras. Echidna is even mother to several childern fathered by great heroes through time, including three of Hercules's children. The history of the mother of monsters is convoluted and many are unsure if she was truly a terror, or a loving motherly figure. What is known is that she was cut down near to death, but instead of passing on she was placed in the Wells of Darkness for one reason or another. Her screams can still be hear echoing in the Abyss as she continues to give birth. Her offspring sometimes escaping, being release somewhere in the greater world.
Manifest: Echidna manifests as a large stone of Marble which grows out of the seal and quickly crumbles revealing a White Marble Statue of a nymph with the lower half ending in a serpentís tail.
Pact Level: 2nd; DC: 15; Special Requirement: Must venerate your own mother out loud while binding Echidna.
Sign From the waist down you gain Serpent scales (Or See below).
Influence You become overly protective and motherly to those you call allies, considering them your 'Children'. When you encounter a creature of the opposite sex that you do not considered one of your 'children' you must attempt to seduce them, when possible.
Timely Body: While bound to Echidna you no longer age, and take no negative effects from aging, or age related effects. Dedicated practitioners have been known to extend their lifespan with Echidna.
Wild Empathy: Gain Wild Empathy as a Ranger, this Only effects creatures with the Magical Beast type instead of Animals.
Glancing Look*: As a standard action, Echidna's glance can stun a creature within 30 feet as a gaze attack. The target must succeed on a Fortitude save or be stunned for 1d4 rounds, and 2d4 round at 7th effective binder level. This ability may only be used once every five rounds. You are treated as having +4 charisma against any creature that failed this save at least once during that day while you are still bound to Echidna. This is a charm effect, and functions against any creature with a gender even if they are normally immune.
Half Monster: You gain a monstrous trait, which manifestationís mirrors that of your Sign. Once per day, you may activate this ability as a free action, which lasts 3+Con rounds.
- Serpent's Clutch: Gain +2 Strength. You are able to automatically deal 1d8 + 1.5 Str damage, at the start of your turn whenever you are grappled or grappling, and are not pinned. All of your skin below your waist gains the scaled skin of a snake.
Other: - If you have access to the Eberron campaign setting this functions the same of the Shifter's innate shifting ability. With your DMís permission you may replace Serpent's Clutch with any Shifting Trait available to the Shifter race. The choice must be made each time you bid Echidna and it may not be changed until you rebind Echidna. The physical Sign changes depending on trait selected. This ability stacks and counts as the Shifting trait for any other abilities you possess.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: A tooth that appears mostly humanoid and slowly grows and shifts traits of several other animal teeth. Grants Speak with Magical Beast (as Speak with Animal) 3/day
Design Notes

Another real world creature of legend. In most accounts possessing body of a nymph and naga, but this changes depending on period and writer. The (possible) mother to many, many of Greekís monsters and heroes. Possibly villain, or possible tragic figure, depending on writing. Captivating men with a "glancing look", including the hero Hercules.
I really like the idea of Echidna granting her ďChildĒ (Binder) different monster traits with each bind, and referring Eberronís shifterís was MUCH easier than writing up several different animal traits.

Kizarvidexus, The Horned Duke

Lore Kizarvidexus is said to have been an Obyrith Lord that was slain at the hands of the Wind Duke General Icosiol. Fearing that the Obyrith's unnatural existence may rise it from the dead again Icosiol placed his foes corpse in a Dark Well beyond mortal and immortal sight. Unbeknown to Icosiol it was this very act of passing beyond the mortal and immortal realms which allowed the dead to live again.
Manifest: Kizarvidexus appears as a cloaked Figure with two long curved horns tipped in darkest red
Pact Level: 1st; DC: 15; Special Requirement: None
Sign Grow two long curved horns tipped in darkest red.
Influence Kizarvidexus implores that the practitioner to never aid any Creatures of Law or Air
Horns: You may use Kizarvidexus's horns to make a gore attack, Dealing 1d8 + 1.5 Str. This weapon has the Chaos subtype
Ooze Through: You may squeeze into any space down to diminutive size. For each space sized smaller than you could normally squeeze into, it takes 1 additional minute to do so.
Smite Law & Air: You may Smite creatures of Law or Air subtypes the same way a Paladin of equal level to your EBL Smites evil.
Remote Item: You can cause an unattended magical item to function, without touching it. Targeting any item within 5ft x Effective Binder Level (EBL). You must make a EBL check (d20 + EBL + Charisma Modifier) against the item's Caster Level, if you succeed then one of the item's abilities of your choice triggers. Details such as direction and targeting are left up to your DM, unless the device possess some form of aiming.
At 17th level, this ability automatically success on any EBL check, and may even be used on Artifacts.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: this demonic tooth allows it's user to cast Detect Law at will (As detect evil). This detection allows the user to also detect the presences of Spheres of Annihilation, Talismans of the Sphere, and magic with the Air descriptor.
Design Notes

A vaguely mentioned Demon Lord who fought for the Queen of Chaos killing several Wind Dukes, and being slain by the wind duke Icosiol (Age of Worms AP). Images depict him controlling a Sphere of Annihilation with it's talisman. His Well of Darkness entry indicates that he is oozing out of his well, but a permanent tornado (Presumable placed by the Wind Dukes) flings his gooey remains spreading them across the realm so he cannot regrow. Does not indicate what would happen if he oozing out in peace, or why he is oozing out.

Lazbral'Thull, The Butcher

Lore It is said that of all the creatures in the deepest pits, one was known for throughout as the most horrible and cruel. Torturing just as many of itís companions as well as enemies, within his hall of screams. This creature became known as Lazbral'Thull, the Prince of Torture and Bloodletting. After perfecting the art of physical torture, the Butcher moved on to torments of the mind and soul, mastering the talent of imprisonment. Stories claim that several creatures of immense power have be captured, ruined, and imprisoned within tiny tree seeds that were then scattered across the world by this twisted monster. Scholars are uncertain how, but Lazbral'Thull suddenly became a Vestige one day, trapped beyond the veil forever enduring the torments he visited upon so many others.
Manifest: Lazbral'Thull manifests as a man strapped to a demonic rack, his skin appears to be made of overgrown vines and wood. Blood pours from every orifice and wound. The wheels and gears of the rack move on their own accord causing pain to the creature.
Pact Level: 3rd; DC: 21; Special Requirement: Wound yourself, spilling your own blood on the Seal.
Sign Your self-inflicted wound from caused from the Special requirement does not heal until you unbind Lazbral'thull. If you bind the butcher consecutive times the previous wounds do not visibly heal so long as you bind him. Your HP is unaffected and you do not suffer blood loss from these wounds, as it is merely a visual mark proclaiming your pact to the Lord of Torture.
Influence When given the opportunity to inflict pain is given, LazbralíThull insists you take and reveal in others suffering.
Sadist Glee: Your precious damage (Sneak Attack, Sudden strike, etc), deal x1.5 damage on critical hits. Regardless of the weapons actual critical multiplier. This is a [Pain] effect.
Torture: Gain +4 on Intimidate and Profession (torture), these are treated as class skills for as long as you bind Lazbral'thull. The Lord of Torture allows you revel in his craft. Any time you take at least 5 minutes to torture a creature you regain HP equal to the amount of damage you inflict upon your victims.
At 7th level, any time you torture an incapacitated victim for 8 hours or more you may subject them to effects similar to modify memory. You may modify twice the time limit normally allowed. Your caster level is equal to the number of ranks in Profession (torture), minimum 1. This is a [Pain] effect.
Isolation: You can imprison another creatures life force into a soul gem. When using any of the below abilities the creature's physical body is also absorbed into a small gem.
At 5th EBL, Once per bind, you may produce the effect of 'Create Soulgem'. Which syphons the lifeforce of a slain creature into a gem. (Pathfinder spell)
At 10th EBL, Once per bind: You may use an effect similar to Magic Jar, except you do not possess a creature, and you retain control of your own body. The victimís soul and body become trapped within the ĎJarí, for the duration of the spell.
At 15th EBL, Once per bind: You may use Trap the Soul, you create a suitable (but worthless) gem upon using this ability.
Creatures imprisoned this way experience tremendous amounts of pains. All Souls & Physical bodies may be released by destroying the Gems used to imprison them.
Painful Cries: Your blows can deliver a tremendous amount of pain causing the creature to let out a blood curtailing howl. Any time you roll maximum damage on your weapon's natural damage dice. All foes (including the victim) which witness your strike and are within 30ft of the victim take -2 on will saves for 1 round, no save. This is a [Pain] effect which stacks with itself, and consecutive strikes increase the duration by 1.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: At first glance this tooth appears to be the irony blade of a small knife. This tooth grants the user the constant effects of Profane Weapon (Bless Weapon) on all wielded light weapons
At first glance this tooth appears to be the irony blade of a small knife; This tooth grants the ability to use the Martial Maneuver Hand of Death 3/day; 7th Martial Level, Price: GP
Design Notes

Lazbral'thull has little known about him other than he was the Demon Lord of Torture and Bloodletting, and has the power to slay or even imprison several other demon lords within a soul gems (or Soul Seeds in the case of the Demon Tree). Little more is said on the lord of bloodletting since he was merely background info, no mention of how it came to be locked in the Well's of Darkness.
Liked the idea of using ToB for Ebulon, and gave Lazbral the Shadow Hand, Hand of Death maneuver- which is misleading because the ability doesn't actually kill, it paralyzes.
I dislike what I have for trapping souls, but canít think of anything better for the time being.

Ma Yuan, Slayer of Gods

Lore The killer of Gods a colossal, yellow scaled four armed reptile crawled from the chaotic soup of limbo. Ma Yuan's mere presence is said to induce fear in all living creatures, and this creature has slain several gods during its reign of terror. An unholy alliance of abyssal powers defeated the God Slayer and imprisoned it within the Wells of Darkness. Stealing its fearsome weapon for their own proposes. Planar Lore states that Ma Yuan was born as a universal constant, existing to prevent complacency amongst the Gods and greater powers. The universe may be unbalanced so long as Ma Yuan it trapped in the Void, but a being of such power is still able to reach out and convince others to do itís bidding.
Manifest: Ma Yuan manifestation is a curiosity. It appears exactly as it did in life but man sized, and unlike other vestiges it is exceptionally lucid, capable of answers any question it cares to respond to. Scholars that study Vestige manifestations find this most disconcerting as it may hint at Ma Yuan's true origins. The Slayer of Gods still manages to be difficult to communicate with however, as upon manifesting it is not in the least bit interested in the practitioner. All of its sense are honed in on its surroundings. Carefully studying each rock, tree, wall, or feature it can see from its confinement. Ma Yuan becomes particularly interested in Triangle shapes, and features of divine status. Treating the practitioner little more than an insect, unnoticed and unimportant until a binder can entice the being with an offer it cares to entertain.
Pact Level: 4th; DC: 20; Special Requirement: To summon, you must place several broken holy symbol upon the seal when summoning.
Sign Your skin yellows, and hair turns blonde. If you in fact possess scales you simply gain a yellow colouring. When you move your arms are followed by ghosting translucent yellow versions of reptilian claws.
Influence You feel an overwhelming urge to slay divine creatures or followers of divinity. The influence penalty only occurs once per creature met, that you actively resist attacking, and is instantly removed upon the creature's death.
Hatred: Gain Favoured enemy +2 against any creature with a Divine, Infernal, or Abyssal nature.
Aid Alone: Your second pair of arms that are always treated as if another creature is using the Aid action to benefit you. Ma Yuan has no concept of friends thus any use of this ability must directly benefit the practitioner. Roll separately for the Aid action, but use the practitioner's statistics.
In addition you have no limit to the number of Attack of Opportunities you may make in one rounds, as Ma Yuan's arms allow you to strike out at all that show weakness.
Slay: Ma Yuan allows the binder to slay a creature it can see and is within 30ft. This functions as the Slay Living spell except only effects creatures that are below a threshold of HP equal to the binder's effective binder level x 5. This ability it usable a number of times equal to the binder's Wisdom modifier per day, minimum once.
Fearful Presence*: Once every five rounds; All creatures in 30 ft or a single target within 60ft must Save vs Will or are frightened for 1d4+Cha rounds.
Creatures that save vs your fear effect cannot be affected by Ma Yuan's Fear again until your rebind him. However you may use this ability again on any creature to cause the shaken status.
Divine creatures (Including Godly Aspects), are not immune to this fear effect.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: Triangle of Ma Yuan [Artifact]: While no tooth exists for Ma Yuan, Binder Theology seems to indicate his remaining Triangle Artifact fills the same role that the other teeth of Dalhvar-nar fill for vestiges. Without Ma Yuan to fuel it's power, the Triangle must draw it's energy from nearby objects. As such the Triangle can take on the form, properties, and substance of another object in the users possession, or any allies within 5ft. Copying the object prefect but only one object as a time. Shifting the object from one form to another is a free action, and may be used between attacks. The triangle is under the constant effect of Greater Magic Weapon with a Caster Level equal to the wielder's HD or Character level, and is unbreakable.
Unlike the other teeth which upon destruction simply reappear elsewhere. The Triangle is treated as a Major Artifact and cannot be destroyed without DM discretion (usually involving a lengthy quest).
Design Notes

Killer of Gods be they good, neutral, or evil. Having already claimed several nameless deities, Ma Yuan descended into the Abyss to find Godlings to slay. Several Abyssal Powers teamed up to attempt to slay it, but being unable to kill the God Slayer, ended up dumped the defeated hulk into a Well of Darkness. His triangle, which is said to be able to shape shift into any weapon and take on any property, including Artifact or even greater things, is currently in the hands of Kanchelsis, Ruler of Abyssal layer known as 'Lair of the Beast and Mansion of the Rake', and God of Vampires.
Generally I like to include abilities that are non-combat focused, but for the "Slayer of Gods" I think this one can be the exception.

Rr'ikin'ak, Pauper of Biting Poison

Lore The foolish Tanar'ri Lord Rr'ikin'ak challenged Therzaxx, lord of poisonous vermin and Obox-ob lord of all vermin, former prince of demons for total control of overall scorpions. He failed. As such the two Demon Princes tosses his beaten body into the Wells of Darkness, and buried him and the well beneath thousands of husks of his slain subjects.
Manifest: The Pauper lord manifests as a pile of corpses that falls from above. Each corpse possessing the face of the Practitioner, loved ones, or whatever unsettles the binder most. The bodies speak in unison with several voices at once.
Pact Level: 2nd; DC: 17; Special Requirement: You must devour a living or dead scorpion before Rr'ikin'ak's seal. A living scorpion grants a +4 to your Pact check.
Sign You occasionally cough up a live scorpions, often occurring whenever the DM deems most inappropriate. This creature is not under your control, and disappears in two rounds. It's stings might be painful but never lethal or damaging.
Influence You cannot abide others doubting you. You must assert that you are capable of completing any challenge.
Slain Brethren: The face of any living creature you slay morphs into your face, or the closest it can match if different species. At least some feature of the binder is recognizable regardless of species. This never copies vestige signs.
Speak with Dead: A number of times per day equal to you Cha Mod, you create an effect similar to Speak with dead. As a full round action you may place a scorpion into the mouth of any creature bearing your face (as the Slain Brethren effect). The slain creature retains its alignment, goals, and outlook in life but speaks in the same mannerisms and voice as the Practitioner. This otherwise function the same as speak with dead.
Poison Touch*: You may deliver a poisonous touch as a touch attack or as part of a natural attack. This acts as the Druid's Cause Poison Spell. You may only use this once every five rounds.
Traits: Gain a +4 on climb checks. Gain +5 ft on borrow speeds if you possess a borrow speed, otherwise any normal skill that allows you to dig into or through the earth you are capable of doing so x1.5 faster than normal.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: This tooth looks similar to an enlarged scorpion stinger. Your animal companion, Familiar or Similar, metamorphs into a Fiendish Scropion of the same size over the 24 hour period the tooth attunes to you. Shedding the husk of its old skin in the final hour of atonement. Once attuned this change is permanent. Treat your companion level as +2 higher for as long as you possess the tooth.
Design Notes

Rr'ikin'ala, claimed himself the Scorpion king and Challenged Therzaxx (Lord of Poisonous Vermin) and Obox-ob (Former Prince of Demons and Lord of Insects) over control of all Scorpion kind. The two powerful demon lords easily swatted this upstart down and tossed his body into the wells. Piling on heaps of his dead followers (Dead scorpion husks) on top of the well. This tooth might break the formula for how Teeth traditionally function.

Ungulex, the Darkest Well

Lore Little is known of Ungulex, he is a Demon lord that is said to have been The Lord of Shattered Nightís first victim, captured against his will and pulled beyond the Veil of reality. Some scholars believe that the Ungulexís abductor may have "over done it" and not only captured Ungulex but seized all knowledge of him from mortal minds, and all writing of his from ancient tomes, others claim that he simply was a being ever older than the Obyriths which why not even some immortals today know much about this fiend. To the Lord of Shattered Nightís frustration a prize that no one recalls you own is hardly a prize at all. Instead of freedom however Ungulex has been merely forgotten, forever trapped beyond the veil of our realm.
Manifest: Ungulex's manifests as a deep hole which opens in the center of his seal. It stretches down into a dark infinity but his mournful voice can be heard echoing up from its depths.
Pact Level: 4th; DC: 23; Special Requirement: Must be summoned with the open sky visible to the Circle. Promises of freedom are the only way to make a sucesseful pact negotiation.
Sign Lose your voice
Influence You cannot stand to lose sight of the open sky.
Mournful Speech: You gain the ability to throw your voice as the Ventriloquism spell as a free action. While using this ability you are able to convey normal speech, as often as you could speak normally. Your voice however is alter to sound more sorrowful, and constantly sighs despondently. To use this ability you must attempt to "throw" your voice at least 10ft away, whenever possible.
Horrid Wailing*: Cause Horrid Wailing, as the spell, usable a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier. You may not use this effect more than once every five rounds.
Escape: If a magical effect is hindering, trapping, or otherwise imprisoning you (Such as Force Cage, Magic Jar, Maze, Entangle, Web, etc) you may produce an effect similar to Greater Dispel Magic as a move action. Using your ranks in Escape Artist as your Caster level. A successful check allows you to bypass or escape the effect even if it would not normally allow you to do so. This effect only works for the Binder.
Meditated Escape: You gain the equivalent Dodge AC bonus that a monk gains. Your effective monk level equals the number of ranks you possess in Escape Artist. These do not stack with the same AC bonuses gained from actual monk levels. Character with existing levels in Monk gain +1 dodge AC instead.
Forgotten Knowledge: Ungulex allows a binder to know the forgotten, and may make trained knowledge checks on relics, runes, artifacts, writing or similar that are from perished civilizations.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: A humanoid tooth with a gaping cavaity in it. Locate Item 1/day. Also gain +2 to Escape Artist, Disable devise (when opening locks)
Design Notes

First Imprisoned creature in the Wells of Darkness, presumably pulled from his realm by Ahazu. His wailing moans can occasionally be heard issuing from his well of darkness.

2015-08-30, 12:14 PM
Three more. One Vestige who canonically is freed, but never listed what powers she had. And two other weird ones I found while researching the others.

Shami-Amourae, Goddess of Debased Eros
-Old Campaign Spoilers.-

Lore It is said Shami-Amourae was one of the first of the succubi birthed from the raw matter of the Abyss. She vied for control of all Succubi within the abyssal realms against her rivals. Growing tired of expending her own resources she seduced the Prince of Demons and edged him to attack her rivals. When the Prince found out he was being used he turned on Shami-Amourae, and imprisoned her beyond the Shattered Night, where he thought none could reach her.
Manifest: Shami-Amourae manifests as twisted and tangled black wood tree, which bear bright red fruits and colourful flowers. An intoxicating sent of exotic perfume wafts in the air, but an underlying smell of animal droppings and rotted flesh can be detected. The lady of delights speaks through a biting wind which rustles the branches of the tree. The faint sound of howling, shrieks of anger and moans of hunger can just be detected on the edge of hearing.
Pact Level: 5th; DC: 25; Special Requirement: Must be summoned in the companionship of an ally.
Sign Your skin becomes pale, almost white, and your hair takes on a lustrous golden hue.
Influence An all-consuming desire for attention and companionship consumes you. It also makes you vain and somewhat haughty. When you have no allies within 30 feet of you, you suffer a -1 penalty on Will saves. Whenever another person compliments you on your beauty, they gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Bluff checks made against you. This effect replaces the normal penalties for ignoring a vestiges influence for Shami-Amourae only.
Telepathic Touch: You may communicate telepathically with any creature you touch.
Draining Passion*: Shami-Amourae's power allows to you briefly embrace a creature sapping itís will. Make a grapple check against an opponent, you may ignore any bonus they gain for being larger than you. If you succeed you do not grapple the creature, but may briefly embrace them. The creature makes a Fort save DC: 10+(Full) Effective Binder Level+Cha Mod or suffers one temporary negative level, even on a successful save the Negative level persists for 1 round. You may also use this ability any time you make a successful grapple check as a free action.
You may only use this ability once every five rounds.
Ego Parasite: You may make melee touch attack to curse another creature. Gain an Ego score equal to your Cha + Wis + Int modifiers + half your effective binder level at the time of infection. You may dismiss your curse as a free action, and may only have one creature cursed in such a way at a time.
Impose Will: As a standard action you may impose your will upon an creature cursed with Ego Parasite if it is within 30ft, just as an Ego Item does. While successfully imposing your will any damage you suffer damages the victim an equal amount, but not vise-versa. Any save you failed against a mind affecting spell or one that requires a fortitude save you may have affect the victim as well.
These wounds and effects manifest on the victim as needed. Dominance last for 1 hour per two binder levels and the creature gains a new save when a critical situation occurs (except the current combat). Any creature that you have successfully imposed your will upon can not to affect again until you rebind, Shami-Amourae.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: You may use Suggestion three times per day.
Also when ever there are no allies in 30ft of you, you take -1 penalty on Wills saves. Whenever another person compliments you on your beauty they gain a +4 circumstance on bluff checks against you.
Moderate enchantment (Compulsion) [Mind-affecting]; CL 14th
Price 18,000 gp.
Design Notes

While Shami-Amourae's reintroduction definitely indicated that she was indeed a Vestige, with an Influence, Sign, and even her own tooth. Nothing was ever written up about this Succubi former vestige powers. If your group is following any sort of continuity, Ms Amourae is free of the Wells of Darkness and no longer grants her Vestigial powers, but that's not what we are here for. Another note what isn't really mentioned at all, is how she was detained along with a second parasitic creature called a Choke Snake. Choke Snakes grow out from their victims, have the stats of snake, share damage, and can impose their will like an Ego Item.
The tooth is a real magical item printed in Dragon magazine, cut and pasted with her influence from it.
If you are allowing this Vestige just keep in mind not to have them run across the freed version of herself. Then again Orcus can bind Tenebrous so maybe itís not so weird.

Bastion, Confined by Lightning.

Lore Confusing may Binder Scholars as the creature appears to be a universal joke. The creature known as Bastion seems to have one goal in mind, to exist as an ordinary fish, and is thrusts this belief onto any that wish to bind it. Its true name lost to time, it is simply referred to as Bastion in reference to the calming state of mind it can induce on its users. This vestige is bound more times than one might expect, as it is frequently used as recreational tool to relax.
Manifest: Bastion manifests a strange but tiny fish swimming above his seal. Bumping into the boarders of the circle as if trapped behind glass. What many unobservant practitioners do not even notice is that the surface of the of the circle becomes slightly translucent and simmers like the surface of a pond. Those able to peer into the murky depths might be able to see the strange spiked frog like goblin creature gesturing its limbs in rhythm with the fish's movements above. Bastion does not speak, and it is not entirely certain it listens to the caller either.
Pact Level: 1st; DC: 8; Special Requirement: The holy symbol of the Arch-Paladin, with a holy punched through the center.
Sign Your features gain a fish like appearance.
Influence You suffer the overwhelming urge to submerge yourself in water. You suffer the negative impact of this Vestige for every hour you do not douse yourself in water. If possible Bastion prefers it's caller to use it's Fish form when in water.
Aqua Traits: The Binder grows grills, fish like features, and webbed digits. Granting a swim speed of 30, and constantly under the effect of water breathing. You cannot use this ability if you do not display Bastion's sign.
Fish Friend: You are constantly under the effects of Speak with Animals, but may only communicate with Fish.
Fish form: As a full-round action; You may polymorph yourself into a simply tiny fish, if you are near a body of liquid the fish you become is one appropriate to the environment and capable of surviving in that fluid, so long as such a natural creature exists (DM's choice). You retain your sense of self thus keeping your natural formís Charisma score. Allowing you to differentiate yourself, friends, foes, and known danger. Your Wisdom and Intelligence still drop however reducing your mental capacities. You may maintain your Fish form for a number of non-consecutive hours equal to your Charisma Score.
Curse of the Gill*: As a Standard action, Bastion allows you to curse a creature within 30ft. If the target fails a will save, they become cursed. Once cursed the creature is considered holding their breath as if submerged under water (Refer to drowning rules). An affected creature may douse themselves in water to delay the effects of this curse for 1 round.
The ability lasts 10 rounds, and the practitioner may automatically spend a use to renew the effect on an affected creature. You may only use this ability once every five rounds.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: A tooth plucked from a large fish; Grants you the ability to walk on water or other liquid surfaces. Once an hour whenever the wears touches water, the wearer must make a Fort save, DC 10 (+1 for every successful previous check that day) or feel the compulsion to turn into a fish through any means available. If this is not immediately possible the wearer loses 1 point of wisdom. When the wearer reaches 1 wisdom, he permanently polymorphs into an Ordinary Fish of the DMs choice. This is a curse effect, but may be removed through normal means.
Design Notes

A non-Well Vestige.
This is a weird one. There is a tooth of Dahlver-Nar in 2nd Ed, but it was not described along with the other teeth in the Book of Artifacts. Instead: "One unnamed Tooth of Dahlver-Nar is found in a sealed chamber in the temple of Heironeous described in Bastion of Faith [page 73]. It grants the ability to walk on water, but slowly transforms the user into an ordinary fish." as I've been unable to locate the Bastion of Faith book, I haven't been able to read much more on it, but worked with what I have. Naming him Bastion based on the source material, and "Confined by Lightning" is referring to the Holy symbol of Heironeous.

Incendax, The Toothless Maw

Lore Texts hold that Incendax was an ancient red dragon that sought to increase his territory, he chanced upon a large group of young mages and their teacher, and he murdered them all for encroaching on his land. What he did not know was that the mages belonged to a sect of Practitioners, and the sect's Archmages were so outraged that 13 of their greatest members banded together to kill the dragon. Binding several Vestiges to themselves, they tracked Incendax to his lair and collectively attacked him. What transpired remains a mystery but it is said his lair was reduced to a blasted ruin of burnt obsidian and glass. Some scholars insist that the Dragon's teeth were so saturated with Pact Magic that they became inexplicitly linked to the Vestiges used to slay him, and later found by a young Dalhvar-nar. Several other lesser known stories hold contradicting accounts of Incendaxís origins and not all weave his beginning with Dalhvar-nar. What is known, is that when Incendax's spirit passed on it did not pass into the afterlife as most creatures do, and he exists now in torment as a vestige.
Manifest: Incendax manifests as a heap of ash, which slowly rises and falls forming the skull of a red dragon as it speaks. The vestige is unable to keep itís form cohesive for long and crumbles to ash as quickly as it forms.
Pact Level: 6th; DC: 27; Special Requirement: None
Sign Your teeth fall out over the course of a few hours, and dragon's teeth grow into replace them. The Dragon teeth in return fall out after some time to be replaced by your orginal teeth, and this cycle repeats itself. This effect affects any magical teeth, but the binder retains any of the item's previous power, you are simply unable to remove them while Incendax is bound.
Your teeth return to normal after Incendax is unbound.
Influence You become increasingly miserly, and paranoid. You feel the urge to attack those that come into your presence that were not previous considered friends prior to binding Incendax. You horde as many items as possible.
Ash Flame: Whenever you take fire damage your flesh and gear incinerate, crumbling to ash. After which the flesh instantly regrows and gear repairs. Extremely disorienting but effectively granting immunity to fire.
Sow: You may pull a tooth from your mouth and plant it in the ground as a move action, or as part of a movement action. You may have any number of teeth planted in the earth, but may only invoke Incendax's power upon a tooth one at a time. An average Human Practitioner may only pull a maximum of 32 teeth per hour from his head, this may vary with race. The teeth last as long as Incendax is bound. Incendaxís power may only be invoked upon teeth that are planted in the ground and within 60ft to cause the following effects:
-- Grow *: By invoking Incendax's powr; You cause a creature made of Ash, Obsidian, and itís maw is full of Dragon Teeth, to spring from a planted tooth. This creature may be the equivalent of any Summon Monster spell that a wizards of equal level to your effective binding level may cast. You may only summon creatures with bite attacks, or elementals. You may direction the creature to move, charge or attack. The creature does it's best to deliver it's bite attack a target, and may include any additional effects as normal if it can. After the creature makes a bite attack, success or miss, it crumbles to ash at the beginning of itís next turn. The creature crumbles after 5 rounds regardless. You may only invoke this ability once every five rounds, and only a maximum of 16 times per day.
-- Wall of Teeth: By invoking Incendax's power; Four times per day you may cast Wall of fire, using your EBL as your caster level. The line must share at least one square where you planted a tooth. The wall takes the form of hundreds of Dragon teeth sized Bicuspids, mimicking biting motions, swathed in a blazing of flames.
-- Fury of Archmages: As a standard action, Eight times per day, you invoke a planted tooth to puff into a cloud of smoke affecting the 5ft square it was planted in: One creature in the cloud is subject to the effects to Wild magic, Rod of Wonder, or any other random magical effects. Effects that cause bodily harm, and affect the binder may be rerolled.
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: True Tooth of Incendax: You are able to detect the location of any Gems within 60ft, and speak and understand Draconic. All Red Dragon's will innately understand you in any language you wish to communicate, and you can understand Red Dragons regardless of language barriers.
Design Notes

A non-Well Vestige.
Based off the 2ed Book of Artifacts, original Teeth of Dalhvar-nar, using the aforementioned Dragon in the Lore as a new Vestige. His powers and accompanying tooth are very close to what the original teeth did. Hoping to indicate that it wasn't the 2ed teeth that had power, but Dalhvar-nar as a binder, prior to his Vestige form. The first power set of the teeth allowed it's users to summon several different creatures. I avoided that as it would be too similar to Zceryll, "The Star Spawn"'s main stay power. The weird limitations are based on the original teeth and are supposed to match the number of teeth in a human skull, 16, 4, 8 plus 4, because reference.

Also if 5eís ĎOut of the Abyssí coming in September adds anything more to the 73rd Layer, you can bet Iím going to update this.

2015-08-30, 08:13 PM
Tooth of Dalhvar-nar: A tooth plucked from a large fish; Grants you the ability to walk on water or other liquid surfaces. Once an hour whenever the wears touches water, the wearer must make a Fort save, DC 10 (+1 for every successful previous check that day) or feel the compulsion to turn into a fish through any means available. If this is not immediately possible the wearer loses 1 point of wisdom. When the wearer reaches 1 wisdom, he permanently polymorphs into an Ordinary Fish of the DMs choice. This is a curse effect, but may be removed through normal means.
I was able to locate Bastion of Faith, and the artifact there is very different.

The AD&D version can be used once per day and lasts (1d4+4)x10 minutes (AD&D rounds last 1 minute, and AD&D "turns" last 10 rounds). Each use gives a "subtle fishlike attribute", and the wearer becomes a fish after 1d6+4 uses (basically equivalent to a Baleful Polymorph with no save). There is no compulsion to use the artifact if you don't want to.

Feel free to have the artifact work however you want it to, of course.