View Full Version : Trying to make Savage Worlds powers work for The Secret World

2015-09-02, 01:44 AM
So I was looking through the basic power list and it has some really clear things missing, such as super-strength. And while the Spell Smite could be flavored that way, it seems wrong for a 'melee caster' like a monk to have to spend like 3+ turns buffing before rushing in. I looked at the super hero companion, and while I found the power system much more flexable I don't see a way for these powers to 'run out' which also seems like a problem.

Basically: Lets say character A uses their magic to make themselves tougher and hit harder. 1) They shouldn't be able to make other people tougher if that's not how the game is flavored. 2) It should be incredibly costly time wise for them to start the fight. 3) They definitely shouldn't lose all the time they spent casting if they get hit. 4) Its not really an innate part of their physiology either, the magic should be able to run out. 5) it shouldn't interfere with their ability to learn other magic just beyond an opportunity cost (i.e. not having to buy the arcane background edge lots of times)

Edit: Sorry, this is probably the wrong place for this, although I am asking for help homebrewing stuff. Would "Older D&D and other systems" be a better place for this topic?