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2007-05-10, 03:58 PM
I had an idea while surfing the forums of GitP, and one thing led to another, a little too complex to explain here, but I ended up coming up with this guy, Kevin the Karsite.

Kevin was always a little different from the other children, they would laugh at him because of the shock of white hair that he had, and giggle about his "weird" eyes. As he grew older, and more apart, he realized why even adults feared him, he was a Karsite, known for their hatred and evil tendencies. When he finally struck out on his own, Kevin was readily persecuted, and often had to be hid by the few friends he had lest he be found out and killed by the zealous religious groups that persecuted him, and others with Karsite heritage.
However, another group was also being persecuted, the men and women known only as binders. Hiding beneath a bar one night, Kevin spoke to one of the binders hiding with him. The binder told him that Kevin was a direct dependent of Karsus, a mighty being now called a "vestige". From that moment on, Kevin was a binder. He loved the opportunity to be one with the vestiges. He even freely shared his mind and body with the vestiges, always allowing their sign and influence to flow through him, becoming one with the being he shared his soul with. Kevin became friends with the vestiges, almost becoming friends with all he could meet and bind. Training with the binders, Kevin soon ascended the ranks of the binders, until one day he was taught the sign and name of the vestige from that point on he called his "father", Karsus. Having risen through the ranks, Kevin soon became feared in the non-binding world, and the zealots of Pelor and Wee-Jas alike followed him, hoping one day to catch up.
Kevin knew he had to strike back, after all, it was the beings that these men worship that imprisoned his father and friends in the first place. Traveling in the night, hiding from the zealots, Kevin overheard the familiar voice of a preacher, but this time the preacher was not encouraging the killing of binders, or promoting the beings that had imprisoned his friends, this preacher was speaking out against those beings known as Pelor and Wee-Jas, as well as the rest of them.
Easily denouncing the beings that his persecutors followed, Kevin became a member of the Ather, and swore to strike out against the users of the tainted divine magic. He especially hate Anima Mages, for their abuse of vestiges, and their usage of the magic that his bloodline gives him resistance to.

I think he's Chaotic Neutral, since he does what he wants, but has almost no knowledge of good/evil, and only kills those that persecute him, and protects those of his kind.

I'm thinking probably 6th level Binder (Tome of Magic) , 6-7 levels of Defiant (Planar Handbook) . Karsite is a +2 Level adjustment.
Mostly fluff, but with his natural spell resistance, 10+class level, plus the divine resistance he get as a Defiant could be useful. Probably more Npc/BBEG material than character, I think he is interesting.

Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to how I could improve him/how to make the crunch fit the fluff. Was this a waste of time, or could this be a fairly decent BBEG?

2007-05-27, 12:51 PM
Any progress on this? It sounds like an interesting enough concept, but I am not particularly familiar with the mechanics behind the Classes you mention.