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2015-09-02, 05:37 PM
I feel like Barbarians need more choices. Since like, Berserker is awful, so in general I wanted this compared to Totem Barbarians. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this one, I feel like it's missing something but I'm not sure what.

Path of the Frost Rager
(fluff? Barbarians don't need fluff. Fluff is for wimpy classes)

Icy Rage: At level 3, a Frost Rager envelops themselves in an icy carapace while raging. While Raging, a frost Rager is Immune to Cold damage, and Vulnerable to fire. Additionally, a Frost Rager deals 1d8 extra cold damage per hit when making melee attacks while raging.

Frozen Blood: At level 6, A Frost Rager becomes immune to the effects of harsh weather, their body always preternaturally cold, yet comfortable. Additionally, a Frost Rager becomes resistant to Cold damage while not raging. Edit: Also a Frost Rager ignores the visual penalty for heavy snow.

Icier Rage: At level 6, a Frost Rager enjoys a +2 bonus to AC while raging, as their icy carapace thickens. While Raging, a Frost Rager may now also walk across water (or other liquid which freezes, so not lava) without submerging.

Ymir's Gift: At level 10, a Frost Rager emulates the Frost Giants, in both body and mind. They gain Advantage on all skill checks made against Giants, and while raging increase in size as if effected by Enlarge Person.

More Frozen Blood: At level 10, a Frost Rager cools down more when not raging, and can now walk across water at all times.

Iciest Rage: At level 14, a Frost Rager gains the ability to exhale a 20 ft cone of cold energy as a bonus action, once per turn while raging. Creatures in the cone take 2d10 cold damage (Con save DC: 8 + Proficiency Mod + Con Modifier for half). Additionally, the cold damage bonus from Icy Rage increases from 1d6 to 1d10.

2015-09-03, 01:21 AM
I'm not an expert in barbarians, but between the automatic 1d8 per hit at level 3 and automatic Enlarge later, this seems extremely powerful. Maybe the other primal paths are comparable, but that's my first impression.

Additional thought: one of the Frozen Blood abilities should negate the disadvantage to visual perception you get in 'heavy snow'. That would be cool.

2015-09-03, 02:05 AM
Snowvision idea accepted.

2015-09-03, 05:35 AM
I've had a think about it, and I guess it's not that much more powerful than the PHB paths.

I hadn't realised how awesome barbarians are until now...