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2007-05-10, 08:01 PM
Azier Crystal is a deep blue, slightly see through crystal. That grows inside of a bamboo-like stalk. It was first mined, and refined by kobolds, who revered the crystal's intelligence and strength.
It is very rarely found outside of kobold society.

Life Cycles:
Azier Crystals start off as small pellets about the size of a finger. These pellets will sometimes glow with a bluish aura.

After being planted in almost any surface short of molten rock, the pellet will grow at the rate of about 1 inch per week. The pellet will continue to grow until it is about 10-16 feet tall, at which point it will begin to droop slightly and stop growing.

The Azier Crystals, in spite of their quick growth rate, will live for almost 5000 years before they begin to wilt. The oldest Azier Crystal ever found was about 10000 years old.

When an Azier Crystal dies, it leaves in much the same way it entered, very quickly. It crumbles to hundreds of Azier seeds.

Life in the stalk:
While in the stalk Azier Crystals are very talkative among them selves. They communicate telepathically with each other and will hold debates that last centuries.

After being shaped:
After being shaped, an Azier Crystal will speak only to its owner, and other people only when it is forced. It communicates by sending telepathic messages.

The Azier Crystal has all-around vision, hearing, and feeling.

Very few Crystal Shapers exist anymore, and as a result, there are very few blades made from Azier Crystal left.

Azier Crystal has a mind of its own, and will not allow any one with a personality not compatible with the crystal to shape, or use it. If some one the crystal doesn't like tries to shape it, the crystal crack and becomes useless. If some one who the crystal doesn't like, or doesn't belong to tries to use it, they will try there best to miss what ever target the user is trying to hit. Imposing a -4 to hit with the blade.

Azier Crystal, when it is being formed into a weapon it wants to be gives a +5 to craft checks, as it breaks the exact way that is needed.

Azier Crystal forms an extremely sharp blade, it gain damage as if it was a weapon of one size category larger than it is. Blunt weapons, such ass a Quarterstaff, dont gain any benifits from this.

Only weapons up to the size of a medium longsword can be made from a single stalk of Azier. The only way to great weapons of a larger size is to combine multiple crystals. The crystals wont allow them selves to be made into a single weapon, without getting along. Which rarely happens.
It requires a DC (20 +5 per extra stalk of Azier needed in the making) Diplomacy check. If some one tries to force the crystals to work together, they shatter and become useless.

Each Azier crystal has its own personality, motives, and independent thoughts. They have an INT, WIS, and CHA of 10.

Should the Azier lade ever enter an anti-psionic zone, it must make a will save. If it fails, it has its personality suppressed.

Azier Crystals lean towards the neutral part of the spectrum. But, among them can be found shining beacons of good, and seekers of destruction.

Innis Cabal
2007-05-10, 08:24 PM
so you have an intellegent item material? Is it mundane? Does it glow with magic when seen with "Dectect Magic" or similar spells? Does it function in an Antimagic space? Or does it break apart making the weapon useless? How do you combine the crystals? Is this a mgic process that makes them merge? Or do you need to strap em togather? And if so could a character attack those straps?

2007-05-10, 08:29 PM
No, it's not mundane, its psionic. You combine them by carving notches and sliding them together, they then merge into a single blade. The blade would need to make a will save in an anti-psionic zone. DC 20. If it failed, it would have its personality suppressed until it was outside of the area.

Innis Cabal
2007-05-10, 08:31 PM
alright, well as written above i didnt know that, perhaps you would like to add that and make it cohesive? Not trying to sound mean but as written i have no idea what it is really, that it is psionic (and if its psionic why kobolds use it being draconic). More information and clearer wording would be nice is all

2007-05-11, 11:14 AM
Need to specify:
-how quick they grow (bamboo grows fast, mineral crystals generally grow slow )
- specifics of how they communicate
-if they can communicate from inside their plants
- what senses they have both in the plant and out
- what sorts of personalities are most likely... at least give a standard entry for alignment.

Personally I would consider personality matching both between people and 2 crystals to be often a matter of finding the right match IN ADDITION TO any diplomacy checks involved... if you have a stand of 1,000 stalks to work with that is going to be better than a stand of 10... think dating.