View Full Version : Circlet of the d'Re'N [Cursed Item]

2007-05-11, 01:49 AM
The infamous Circlet of the d'Re'N is said to be forged by Vecna to root out traitors in his Magi followers. It exploits arrogance and leads its wearer to act against his own best interest.

Identification spells, unless used while under True Seeing, falsely identify this as a "Headband of Intellect +4." While the Circlet does cause the wearer to believe that his Intelligence is 4 higher, the circlet in fact only reduces his Charisma by 4.
Furthermore, whenever the wearer hears a story, plan, or idea of any sort (DM's Discretion) he must succeed on a Will Save (DC 20) or feel compelled to point out a usually inconsequential flaw in the reasoning, an act which reduces the attitude of an NPC by 1 step, or simply annoys the other PCs.
The wearer of the Circlet is under a constant Suggestion that the Headband is in fact a great boon, and that he should not remove it or let others remove it, and that anyone who would ask him to do so is just jealous and can't tolerate his great intelligence.
The only way to remove the Circlet is to either force it off its wearer, or for the wearer to admit that someone else is correct and that he is wrong about an issue, which suppresses the Suggestion effect and allows safe removal for 1 minute.

2007-05-11, 11:11 AM
Hah! Good stuff.