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2007-05-12, 02:11 AM
Ball of Wonders.

This small glass ball is painted completely black, except for the white dots that cover its surface. When a creature, person or any thing sentient, touches it, it has 70% chance that a random effect will occur. Roll percentile dice for the chart below to determine what happens.

1 The ball lodges its self into the hand of the user. It randomly activates once every week. Only a wish or miracle can remove it
2 Every one within 30ft loses all they're items . They appear 2D20 ft away from him
3 A long table with food fit for royals appears. Who ever eats this food is treated as having rested for 8 hours and heals fully
4 The user is turned into a sheep. He reverts after 2D4 days
5 A donkey appears in back of the user and kicks him with its back legs. The user then flies 2D20 ft and takes 1D6 damage for every 5 ft he flies.
6 200lb. of pasta drops over a 10ft area
7 The user grows a third eye on his forehead. This provides a +4 to spot checks. But since this eye can never close the user cannot close his eyes to avert gaze attacks
8 User gains +4 str for 2 days
9 The user grows an extra arm out of his back. This arm works in all ways like a normal one but cannot attack enemy's in front of the user
10 User gains +4 dex for 2 days
11 200 lb. of mud drops on all within 50ft
12 User gains +4 con for 2 days
13 A dog flies out from the ball, lands on the ground and barks at the user. Then a giant hand reaches out of the ball and pulls the dog back in. All within 20ft then hear "Bad dog!" Come from the ball
14 User gains +4 wis for 2 days
15 User gains the ability to use presto at will
16 User gains +4 int for 2 days
17 A staff with a skull on top of it appears in the hands of the user. The skull can record any words it hears up to 25 minutes long and replay it perfectly at any time.
18 User gains +4 cha for 2 days
19 User gains -1 strength permanently
20 User gains +4 to all stats for 1 week
21 User gains +1 strength permanently
22 User gains -4 str for 2 days
23 User gains -1 dex permanently
24 User gains -4 dex for 2 days
25 User gains +1 dex permanently
26 User gains -4 con for 2 days
27 The user feels a smack on the back of the head. But turns around and sees nothing
28 User gains -4 wis for 2 days
29 2000 copper pieces drop all around the user
30 User gains -4 int for 2 days
31 A small gray creature with a large head, large eyes, small mouth, and no nose appears in front of the character. This creature then jabs the user and vanishes in a beam of white light
32 User gains -4 cha for 2 days
33 The hand holding the orb explodes, then regrows 2D6 minutes later
34 User gains -4 to all stats for 1 week
35 A masterwork longbow appears on the ground
36 The ball vanishes and appears in the hands of the nearest ally
37 Hundreds of pagers from a book fly at the user dealing 3D6 damage from paper cuts
38 The ball shouts random insults for 4D6 minutes
39 200 fish fall on top of the character. Then flop around on the ground for 2D4 seconds, then vanish.
40 The ball shouts random compliments for 4D6 minutes
41 A pixie begins to fly around the users head singing horribly. Then vanishes in a puff of horrible smelling smoke
42 All the users gold vanishes
43 The jaws theme begins to play in the background
44 All the users weapons vanish
45 Smoke fills up the entire room. All people inside are treated as blinded for 4D4 rounds.
46 2D6 spider swarms appear on the user
47 A 10ft, by 10ft, by 5ft, block of ice appears in the nearest area that will fit it. This ice is completely normal and will melt after a few days
48 5x5x10ft block of cheese appears. 2D4 minutes after this, 3D4 rats appear and eat the cheese. They vanish as soon as the last bite has been taken
49 A loyal leopard appears at the users side. Treat this animal as the druids animal companion, with the users druid level as 1/2 his normal level.
50 It literally rains cats and dogs for 2D6 rounds in a 20ft area, centered on the user.
51 The users arm vanishes. He then loses 2D4 dex
52 User is turned invisible for 2 hours (as the spell)
53 The user loses any magic items on him
54 User is pelted with snow balls from all directions, he takes 2D4 sub duel damage per round for 3D4 rounds
55 A random +1 weapon appears in the users hand
56 20 orcs appear on a stage appear and begin to do the Russian dance. They vanish after 2D10 rounds
57 The ball grows spikes and deals 1D6 damage to the person holding it
58 A female elf appears in front of the user, slaps him, then vanishes
59 A 1st level kobold barbarian appears and pledges servitude to the user
60 User loses all memory of the last 4 days
61 12 random weapons appear around the user. (use the magic item creation tables for which items appear)
62 4D20 books appear in piles all around the user
63 200 cats spill out of the orb and run across the ground attempting to get away from the user no matter what.
64 Anyone within 30ft that is hostile to the user must make a fortitude save (DC 20) or be turned to stone
65 A meteor falls from the sky 5 ft from the user and deals 2D6 damage from the resulting explosion
66 A random person within 30ft must make a fortitude save (DC 20) or be turned to stone
67 An earth quake spreads out in a 500ft radius from the user causing 5D6 damage to buildings. This damage ignores hardness.
68 200 gold pieces shoot out from the ball
69 The user receives the "Hole" Magical item
70 An elephant wearing a monocle appears and says. "How rude." Then vanishes
71 200 wooden D20's appear around the user.
72 10000 flies burst forth from the ball, fly around for 2D4 rounds, then vanish
73 A naked gnome falls from the sky and claims to be the son of Moradin and you have to help him find his father's hammer so he can fight evil. Said hammer is in the nearest cave and when the gnome touches it he vanishes in a puff of foul smelling smoke
74 A top hat pops out of the ball and lands on the ground. A man wearing a suit crawls out of the hat, gives a bow, then reachs down and pulls a rabbit from the hat and does an assortment of other magical tricks. After he has done this, he jumps back in.
75 1 goblin appears in every adjacent square of the user. They procede to attack. When killed 20 rats explode from the body dealing 1D4 bludgeoning damage to all within 20ft
76 The user dies.
77 A balor appears in a ball of flame, swears vengeance on the user, then vanishes
78 A large, naked, hairy, thing, runs past the party and behind the nearest cover. Where he vanishes.
79 A giant hand appears in front of the character and tries to smack him (+20 to hit) for 2D4 sub duel damage. After he smacks the character a booming voice says "BAD!"
80 User is granted one use of the spell wish. This can only be used one time per person
81 A man in wizards robes and a hat saying "Wizzard" runs past, who is being chased by a large man with a knife, who is in turn being chased by a treasure chest with hundreds of tiny human legs. The user is paralyzed as this happens. The ground runs around the nearest cover and vanishes.
82 User is granted one use of the spell miracle. This can only be used one time per person
83 The user is warped into an underground cavern, on a ledge over looking a bridge. On the bridge is a 40ft tall flaming demon, a human wearing robes and wielding a staff, four halfling's, one dwarf, one elf, and two other humans. As the person watched the wizard shouts "You shall not pass!" and slams his staff on the ground causing an explosion of light. The user is blinded for 2D4 rounds. When he regains sight he is back were he started with not apearent effects.
84 600 gems, each worth 10 GP, land all around the user
85 1000 gold pieces appear around the user
86 A green parakeet lands on the users shoulder. If shooed away the parakeet begins to fly around the users head squawking loudly. This makes sneaking impossible. The parakeet has AC 20 and 5 HP. If killed the parakeet explodes in a green gas that launches razor-like feathers at all within 20ft dealing 3D6 damage
87 User gains one level. This can only effect any single person once.
88 The users armor now has a bulls eye on it. This bulls eye has no game effects but wont go away unless a limited wish, wish, or miracle spell is used.
89 User loses one level. This can only effect any single person once.
90 The user dies and is then reincarnated (as the spell).
91 A zeppelin with a full crew loyal to the user appears in the nearest open area
92 The user is turned into an ogre for 2D4 weeks
93 Any mode of transport, other then walking, the user has dies, breaks down, or crashes.
94 User transforms into a were rat (hybrid form) for 2D4 weeks. He may not make a change shape check to revert. Only a wish or miracle spell can revert him before the time is up.
95 The user gains the ability to use Light (as the spell) at will
96 User gains 5 uses of "Summon mouse" per day. The user summons a mouse that has 1HP, has an attack bonus of +0 and deals 1D3-4 damage. The user can only have one mouse at a time.
97 The ball appears in the hands of an enemy within 40ft. If no enemy is present, nothing happens
98 User gains one major wondrous item
99 User is warped to a random plane of existence
100 User is warped to nearest body of water

What do you guys think?

2007-05-12, 04:09 AM

When place on any surface this item forms a hole to the other side. This hole can go through 20ft of earth, 10ft of stone, 2ft of iron, and 1 foot of mithril or adamantine. Even if this item forms a hole through a surface 20ft long, when the user steps through the hole he steps through it like it was merely an inch or two long.
This hole can be picked up and moved, even by people on the other end of the hole. The people on the other end can pule the hole through thus closing it.

This is the item from number 69.

2007-05-12, 08:32 AM
How are you supposed to carry it around if every time you touch it it activates? keep it in a sack?
The Wish and Miracle entries seem a bit redundant with eachother.
Reasonably good source of randomness.

2007-05-12, 08:49 AM
Hah! It seems good.

But the fact that every time you touch it, it activates. Remove that, and have a 75% Chance that every time it comes in contact with the users hand, It activates.

2007-05-12, 09:22 AM
sounds like surges in 2nd edition (ToM) but way more random and has way more plot hooks, uber stuff, and random things. the last one, the best surge was "you fall in love with the nearest thing" but they had falling anvils and such.
Also, I would have it so after the balor swares vengance on you it comes back when your like 20th lvl.
but what would be realy funny would be after you see gandalf, you refer to all humans as boromere or arogon, halflings as frodo, sam, mary, or pippin, all dwarfes as gimly, and so forth.

2007-05-12, 02:31 PM
I. need. this. item.

I love all the magic item d% charts in the DMG, and sometimes just play around with them to see what item I can get. This is like a treasure chest for me, really.

gonna check it out with the DM sometime.

How much would this run for gp-wise? Is it medium or major wondrous item? It's not minor, though. Right?

2007-05-12, 03:59 PM
I would list it as a major wounderous item, maybe even a minor artifact. I guess it is a bit much to activate every time he touches it. I just found it a great amusement that every time they touched it, something insane would happen :P

2007-05-12, 04:10 PM
Yea, it is a lot of fun, we don't care if we activate it accidentally or anything, the first time we got it we spent nearly three hours just playing with it. I call it "The Orb of Non-Elemental Awesomeness". The OP is my DM, he makes cool stuff like this all the time, well.. cool items, I don't like much else he makes, such as his pantheon of like ten gods that forbids the use of any of the million other gods ever published.

2007-05-13, 04:23 PM
HAHAHA criticalstriker my friend you are one CRAZY monkey.

2007-05-14, 03:47 PM
Kudos! This is AWESOME!

2007-05-14, 04:05 PM
Thank you :smallbiggrin: