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2007-05-12, 03:00 PM
Mods: Yes, I know. This should go in the Structured games. However, It's not letting me post a thread in that section. I take it this is the fact of the Server load capacity problemb, and I thank you for your patience with this.


There are 10 Rules:
1. All Players assume the roll of one of the many characters from the Soul Caliber series. You must be one of the ones offered.

2. All Players have the Following Attributes that are inherent with the character:
B. Initiative
C. Alignment
D. Soul Charge
E. Favored Opponent

3.All Characters not Chosen will NOT be NPC'd.

4.The Game Consists of a number of rounds. Each round has X Numbers of initiative, wheras X is the highest Initiative. I will Roll 1d20+Int Modifier for you, and give you the initiative of your character. I will then post the Initiative list for all to see.
A. After the moderator has announced the round, each player has 24 hours to select one of their character’s abilities and its target and send it to me.
B. Future Round's Actions may be sent (Or Templates there of.) if you will not be present.

5. Characters are dealt damage during the game. All damage is subtracted from their HP immediately, Damage Reduction being the only exception.
A. If a character has 0 or less HP, they die. No Exceptions.

6. If not stated otherwise, abilities need an action to be used.
A. Passive abilities are in effect continuously or are triggered upon certain events. They don’t take an action and you can’t prevent them from occurring.
B. Attacks are defined as actions that deal damage to a specific target.
C. Generating abilities are defined as actions that create one or more NPC’s
D. Some abilities have a lasting effect. If this is the case, the end of the effect is stated in the ability.
E. Abilities with lasting effects can’t be stacked or applied to a target more than once at a time. This rule prevents complete lockdowns.
F.Some abilities may cause players to hand control of their actions to another player. In that case, the respective player is notified by message that they have to choose their action, too. However, you can’t order someone to attack themselves.
F1. If an effect calls for the next action to be controlled, it is only applied to the very next action. If two characters try to control the next action of the same player, the later effect overrides the previous one.
F2. If two players with the same initiative try to control a character's action, their effects neutralize each other.
G.Attacks can be “enhanced”, “doubled” or “decreased”. This refers always to the damage dealt.

7.All players, their characters and their abilities are known to each other. The main thread may be used for negotiations, support arrangements or other diplomatic issues.
A. A player may change his actions before the deadline. The Final Actions sent will be the ones used.
B. If a player does not act, 1 HP is sucked from their character.
C. Characters that Stop playing will be "Ringed Out", unless the player states that a replacement player will take his place.

8.The game is over once there is only one character left or an alternative win condition is met.

9. Before each game, characters are distributed among interested players.
A. Until a given deadline, players may choose the characters; they would most like to play. I recommend sending a list to me (via message) with the order of characters, they would most like to use. (For example: 1. Yunsung, 2. Kilik, 3. Talim.) I’ll try to give you a character in this order. If that is not possible, one is determined for you randomly. It is recommended to include at least 5-6 characters in the list.
B. If multiple players have the same preference for a character, I determine the player, with regard whether they could get the next choice form their list, whether they had received a high priority character in the previous round and as last means, randomly.
C. If a player can’t be assigned a character from their wish list, they are assigned one randomly.
D. If more players than characters apply, I will spontaneously create additional characters.

10. After the characters have become distributed, each player chooses four of the six abilities of his character, then discards the rest.
A. Discarded abilities can not be used or re-gained for the remainder of the game.
B. At the point of ability selection, the distribution of players and characters is common knowledge.

2007-05-12, 04:35 PM
Korias, you know that quote in your sig? It's the truth.

When are you going to have all the characters up? I can't wait to play.

I hope I can play Yoshimitsu!

2007-05-12, 04:45 PM
I'm definately in!

does this include all Soul Caliburs? i've only played the third....

2007-05-12, 04:47 PM
I can tell you that its going to have all the characters I have access to: Mainly, the ones on Wikipedia.

Im on Li-long right now. Please be patient until I have finished with the characters.

2007-05-12, 05:08 PM
IN! Top 5

1. Link
2. Raphael
3. Kilik
4. Yunsung
5. Siegfried

2007-05-12, 05:26 PM
Och... PM Me your selection! And you havent seen the lists yet!

2007-05-12, 05:33 PM
Hmm, I'm interested. I'll PM you a list.

Edit: You mispelled Soul Calibur in the thread name. You can still correct it (edit the title in the first post).

2007-05-12, 05:33 PM
...So? I assume those 5 will be on the list correct?

2007-05-12, 05:56 PM
Amiria, thanks! My mind is dead today.

Rastilin, Yes... Unless I can find a wiki page for Link, SC edition.

2007-05-12, 06:00 PM

2007-05-12, 07:10 PM
These are the characters you may choose from.
All Characters have Soul Charge Points (SCP). They may be added to your Attack's Damage, at the rate of 1:1. Only 1 May be spent a round.

Abelia Shillfelt
Neutral Good Female, 20 HP. Initiative: +2
SCP: 10 Points.
Short Sword Strike (Attack): Deals 2 Damage to an opponent.
Eternal Rest: Target Character Looses action, but gains 1 HP.
Weak Sheild (Active): Abelia gains another action, but looses 3 HP.
Mercenary Blade Style (Passive): Abelia doubles her damage against all Good Opponents
Sheild Bash (Attack): Deals 1 Damage Regardless of DR.
Militant (Passive): Every Other Round, Abelia gains +1 Initiative.
Favored Enemy:Aurelia. Aurelia cannot control Abelia's Actions

Abyss (AKA: Zasalamel)
Neutral Evil Male, 25 HP, Initiative +0
SCP: 20 Points
Kafzeil, the Death Scythe (Attack): Deals 3 Damage to an opponent, 1 damage back to Abyss.
Re-incarnate: Abyss may choose an ability from another character and replace this with that ability.
Cursed Exsistence: DR 2.
Suicide: Abyss will kill himself, And deal 3 points of damage to all other characters still alive.
Mutation (Active): Abyss may loose 5 HP and increase his SCP By 10 Points.
Evil Energies (Passive) All Good Characters that attack Abyss are at -1 normal initiative next turn.
Favored Enemy: Maxi. He is immune to his Bind Attack.

Amy Sorel
True Neutral Female, 15 HP, Initiative +3.
SCP: 15 Points.
La Rapičre des Sorel (Passive) (Translated, it means Sorel's Rapier): If Raphael is still alive, then Amy gains +2 to all damage.
Albion (Attack): Deals 1 Damage, regardless of DR.
Friend of Kilik: If Kilik is still alive, then Amy gains +1 to Initiative.
Team of Allies: If either Hwang or Li Long are alive, Amy gains +1 Init and +1 Damage.
The Young's beauty (Active): Amy may choose the actions of another character if her HP is above 10. (Trade off: -5 SCP)
Prepare to Defend yourself!: Amy may sacrifice 1 HP to give Kilik, Raphael, Hwang, or Li Long DR 3.
Favored Enemy: Nightmare. Nightmare's Soul Drain doesnot work on Amy.

Chaotic Evil Male, 25 HP, Initiatve -1.
SCP: 5 Points

It will rain blood today! (Passive): Any enemy who attacks Astaroth is at -1 Initiatve next round.
Golemic Construction (Passive): DR 1.
Kulutues (Attack): Deals 4 Damage
Gyulkus (Active): DR 2 (Trade off: 1 SCP.) May only be used once every 2 rounds.
Execution! (Active): Target character looses 10 HP. (Trade off: 5 HP, 5 SCP)
Divine Control (Passive): Astaorth is immune to all atempts to control his actions.
Favored Enemy: Ivy. Ashtaroth is Immune to Ivy's Arm Snap attack.

Aurelia Dichalla Dolce Dalkia
Lawful Evil Female, 20 HP, INitiave -2
Black Widow (Attack): Deals 2 Damage
Political Espionage (Active): Aerelia may Choose the actions of a target. useable once every other round. (Trade off: -5 SCP)
Summon Soldier: Creates a Soldier with 2 HP, and deals one damage. One Soldier may be in effect at any given time. It will always take damage first, then Aurelia will take the damage.
Poison (Active): Aurelia may drain 10 SCP From a character (Trade Off: 5 HP, 5 SCP).
Royal Lineage (Passive): Aurelia takes -1 damage from all Lawful Characters Attacks.
Royal Love: Target regains 2 HP.
Favored Foe: Ivy (Passive): Against Ivy, Aurelia may double her damage.

Lawful Good Female, 20 HP, Initiatve +1
SCP 15
Sister! (Passive): If Sophitia is Alive, Cassandra gains +1 Initiative.
Short Sword Slash (Attack): Deals 2 Damage
Digamma Blade: Drains 1 SCP From an opponent.
Friend of Taki's (Passive): If Taki is still alive, Cassandra gains +1 Damage to attacks.
Red Crystal Rod: Target gains 2 HP. If Sophitia or Taki, they gain 4 HP.
Female Distraction: Male Characters are at -1 Initiave if they attack Cassandra
Favored Foe:Abyss. Cassandra is Immune to his Evil Energies ability.

Chaotic Evil Undead, 20 HP, Intiative +1
SCP 10
Soul Edge (Attack) Deals 3 Damage
Long Sword (Attack) Deals 2 Damage, one of which Bypasses DR.
Pirates: May summon a Pirate, who has 2 HP and deals 1 Damage. One may be in exsistence. Must select wether to attack Pirate or Cervantes when choosing Target of damage.
Induced Memories: Cervantes may choose an ability of any character and replace this ability with the chosen ability.
Undead (Passive): There is a 1% Chance that Cervantes will ignore his final death, instead gaining 1 HP.
You Owe Me your Soul... (Active): Cervantes may deal SCP Damage as well as Normal Damage (Trade Off: -2 HP)
Favored Enemy: Ivy. Cervantes is Immune to Ivy's Soul Edge Blood ability.

Neutral Evil Outsider 15 HP, Initiatve +2
SCP 10
Charade may pick his abilites from any other character.

Edge Master
Neutral Good Male, 25 HP, Intiative +1
SCP: 30
Kilik's Teacher: If Kilik is Alive, Edge Master gains +2 Initiative
Martial Arts (Attack): deals 2 Damage
Seong Mina's Rival: If Seong Mina is alive, Edge master deals +1 Damage
Hermit's Solitude (Passive): All enemies who attack Edge Master gain -1 Initiative untill they attack another character.
Prove Yourself! (Active): Target loses the ability to use an ability next turn. (Trade Off:-10 SCP)
Soul Edge's Gift: Target gains 2 HP.
Favored Enemy: Raphael. He is immune to his Sabreur Stance.

Neutral Good Male, 20 HP, Intiative +1
SCP 20
Blue Storm (Attack): Deals 3 Damage
Seong Mina's Ally: If Seong Mina is alive, then they both get +1 Intitiative
Sword of Salvation (Passive): Hwang gains an amount of initiative bonus equal to the amount of damage taken.
Burning Patriot (Active): Next round, Hwang gains +5 to his Attack and Initiative. (Trade Off- -10 HP, -10 SCP)
Blue Thunder (Attack): Hwang may deal 4 damage, but one point of damage is reflected back onto Hwang.
Assasin's Disguise: Any Lawful character attacking Hwang loses 1 initiative.
Favored Enemy: Edge Master. Hwang is Immune to Edge Master's Hermit's Solitude Ability.

Lawful Neutral Female, 20 HP, Intiative +3
SCP 10
Snake Sword (Attack): Deals 1 damage to 2 targets, or 2 damage to 1 target.
Alchemist: Ivy May choose to increase her HP by 5 or SCP by 5, but this ability may only be used once.
Anger: Ivy deals +1 damage to the following: Cervantes, Taki, Nightmare, Astaroth, and Abyss.
Female Distraction (Active): Ivy may choose the actions of any male character next turn. (Trade Off: -5 SCP)
Arm Snap (Active): Ivy may snap the arm of an opponent, making them unable to make an attack action next turn (Trade off: -5 SCP)
Soul Edge's Blood (passive): Ivy may drain HP from an opponent, at a 2 Damage : 1 HP ratio.
Favored Enemy: Cervantes. Ivy is immune to the "You Owe me your Soul..."

Neutral Good Male, 20 HP, Initiatve +2
SCP 20
Kali-Yuga (Attack): Deals 2 Damage
Secret arts of the Ling Sheng Su: Seong Mina, Li Long, Yun Sung, and Hwang all gain +1 HP every other round if Kilik is alive.
Dvapara-Yuga (Active): Kilik may deplete all SCP from the target (Trade Off: -5 HP, -10 SCP)
Destiny: If Amy Sorel is Alive, Kilik gains +2 Initiative
Raging Phoenix (Attack): Deals 1 damage regardless of DR.
Channel Energy (Passive): Kilik may automatical deal 1 damage to an attacker if they used SCP to boost their attack.
Favored Enemy: Nightmare. Kilik is Immune to his Implant Seed ability.

Li Long
True Neutral Male, 15 HP, Initiatve +3
SCP 10
Falcon Strike (Attack) Deals 2 Damage
Vengance : All attacks made against Mitsurugi and Cervantes double in damage
I Fight For Something... (Passive): Li Long may deal +1 damage to a target if the target attacked a female character last turn.
Ninja Style Weaponry (Passive): If Li Long did Not attack last turn, he gains +1 Initiatve this turn.
Over Confident (Active): On His Next turn, Li long may deal +1 damage (Trade Off -1 HP)
Wanderer: Li Long is Immune to having his actions controlled by another player.
Favored Enemy: Taki. Li Long is immune to her Fu-Ma Ninja ability.

Chaotic Good Male, 25 HP, Initiatve 0
SCP: 5
Soryuju (Attack): Deals 2 Damage
Oath to Kilik: If Kilik and Maxi are the last two alive, then Kilik automaticaly wins. If Kilik is still alive, Maxi gains +2 Initiative
Sailor (Passive): Cervantes deals -1 damage to Maxi
Nunchaku Brother (Passive): if Li Long is alive, Maxi gains +3 damage to attacks.
Avenging his Crew (Active): Maxi may strike at First Initiative regardless of what he actualy has. (Trade Off- 5 SCP)
Bind: Maxi may prevent another character from using an attack action on him next turn.
favored Enemy: Ashtaroth. Maxi is immune to his "It Will Rain Blood today!" Ability.

Lawful Good Male, 30 HP, Initiative +1
SCP 15
Shishi-Oh (Attack): Deals 2 Damage, one of whichb bypasses DR.
Calm but Deadly Man Weilding a Divine Sword (passive): Mitsurugi deals +1 damage to all evil characters.
Demon (Active): The target is at -2 Initiative for the next turn. (Trade off: 5 SCP)
Bushido (Passive): Mitsurugi may not deal more than 1 damage to characters that have not gone before him.
Iajtsu (Active): Mitsurugi may deal double damage if the attack would kill the target with the extra damage. (Trade off: -5 SCP)
Ronin (active): Mitsurugi may choose the Target's next action. (Trade Off: -5SCP)
Favored Enemy: Taki

Chaotic Evil Male Half Demon.
25 HP. Initiatve -2
SCP 10

Soul Edge (Attack): Deals 3 Damage
Growth (Active): Adds 1 to the damage of Soul Edge. (trade Off: 2HP) This ability is permanent and may stack. (IE: Nightmare uses it first turn, Damage increases to 4. Second Turn, he uses it, damage increases to 5.)
Azure Armor (Passive): DR 2
The Group (Passive): Nightmare gains +1 Initiative if Ashtaroth and Ivy are alive.
Demolish Will (Active): Nightmare may chose the next action of the Target (Trade Off: 5 SCP)
Implant with Seed (Passive): If a target takes more than 2 hits from the Soul Edge, his alignment changes to evil
Favored enemy: Raphael. He is immune to his Sabreur Stance.

Raphael Sorel
Lawful Neutral Male, 25 HP, Init +1
SCP 15
La Rapičre des Sorel (Passive): If Amy is still alive, then Raphael gains +2 to all damage.
Flambert (Attack): Deals 1 Damage, Bypasses DR.
Hatred of Nobels (Passive): Against Lawful characters, Raphael deals +2 damage.
Im not right handed! (Active): Raphael may make his opponent lose their action next turn.
Sabreur Stance (Passive): All Attacks made against him are at -1 Init.
Amy! (Active): Raphael may heal Amy for 4 damage (Trade off: -2 HP, -5 SCP)
Favored Enemy: Nightmare. He is immune to his demolish will ability.

Seong Mina
Neutral Good Female, HP 20 Init 0
SCP 15

Scarlet Thunder (Attack): Deals 3 damage
Seong Style: May select an ability of hwangs or Yunsung's and replace it with this ability.
Ling Sheng Su Style: May select an ability of Kiliks and replace it with this ability.
Pack Mule Yun Seong (passive): If Yunsung is still alive, Seong Mina gains +1 Init.
Edge Master's Teachings (Passive): If Edge master is still alive, then Seong Mina gains +1 to damage.
Feminine Distractions (Active): Seong mina may choose a target male characters actions. (Trade Off -5 SCP)
Favored Enemy: Yun Seong. Seong Mina is immune to His "Dance of the Fight"

Chaotic Good Female, 15 HP, +3 Init
20 SCP.

Ugetsu Kageuchi (Attack): Deals 2 damage.
Feminine Distractions (Active) Setsuka may choose target male's next action. (Trade off: -5 SCP)
I'm searching for a man...: If Mitsurugi is Alive, Setsuka gains +3 and doubles her damage.
Commorant Moon: Setsuka may heal herself or any other target female character of 2 HP.
Snow Flower (Passive): If an attack deals more than 3 damage, it only deals 3 damage total.
What is this feeling?... (Passive) If Setsuka is target of healing, then the healer is also healed by the same amount.
Favored Enemy: Mitsurugi. Setsuka is immune to his Demon ability.

True Neutral Male, 25 HP, Init -1
SCP 10
Requiem (Attack): deals 3 Damage
Co-exsist: If Nightmare is alive, Seigfried gains +1 init.
The Help of his Allies: If Ivy, Kilik, and Xianghua are alive, then Seigfried gains +1 to Damage.
I Will atone! (Active): Target looses 5 HP and are given to Seigfried. (Trade Off: -5 SCP)
Loyalty (Passive): If target of healing, then the healer is healed in an amount equal to the amount of HP healed.
I must prevail! (Active): Target's next actions are chosen by Seigfried (Trade off: -10 SCP)
Favored Enemy: Nightmare. seigfried is immune to the Demolish Will ability.

Neutral Good Female, 20 HP, 0 Int
20 SCP

Omega Sword (Attack): Deals 3 Damage
Divine Quest (Passive): If Cassandra or Taki is alive, Sophitia gains +1 Init.
Blue Crystal Rod: Sophitia may heal 2 HP to a target.
Valkyrie Stance (Passive): Sophitia's Attacks against evil opponents are doubled in strength.
Holy Strike (Active): Target's HP is reduced by 1/3. (Trade Off: 10 SCP)
Divine Retribution (Active): Targets HP Is reduced by 3/4 (trade Off: 20 SCP, -5 HP, -1 Init for remainder of game.)
Favored Enemy: Tira

Neutral Female, 15 HP, +5 Init
15 SCP

Mekki-Maru (Attack):Deals 3 Damage
Feminine Distractions Plus (Active): Taki has twice as much distracting power. She can control the actions of 2 male characters. (Trade Off: -5 SCP)
Fu-Ma Ninja (Passive): All attacks against her cause the attacker to be at -1 Init next turn.
Hired Assasin (Passive): DR 1
Nukenin (Passive): All Lawful Characters are at -1 damage when they attack Taki.
Soul Edge Hunter (Active): All Evil Characters are at -1 Init if Taki attacks them. (Trade Off: -5 SCP)
Favored Enemy: Mitsurugi. Taki is immune to the Demon ability.

Neutral Good Female, HP 15, Init +2
SCP 25
Syi Salika & Loka Luha (Attack): Deals 2 damage
Read the Winds (Passive): If Talim, Sophitia, or Cassandra are alive, Talim gains +1 damage
Boundaries of the Heart (Passive): If Hwang or Yunsung are alive, Talim gains +1 HP every 3 turns.
The Young's beauty (Active): Talim may choose the actions of another character if her HP is above 10. (Trade off: -5 SCP)
Wind Thrust (Active): Target loses 10 SCP (Trade Off: 5 SCP)
Healing Winds (Active): Target heals 5 HP (Trade Off: 5 SCP)
Favored Enemy: Raphael. Talim is immune to the Sabreur Stance.

Chaotic Evil Female, HP 15, Init +2
20 SCP)
Eiserne Drossel (Attack): Deals 2 Damage
Massacre (Active): Damage is tripled next turn. (Trade Off: 5 SCP)
Feminine Distraction (Active): Tira can choose the actions of a target male next turn (Trade Off: -5 SCP)
The Young's Beauty (Active): Tira can choose the actions of a target male next turn if her HP is above 10. (Trade Off: -1 SCP)
Gain the Soul Edge (Passive): If Nightmare Dies, Tira gains the Soul Edge Attack, and replaces the Eiserne Drossel Attack.
Favored Enemy: Sophitia: Tira is immune to the Valkyrie Stance.

Lawful Neutral Female, HP 20, Init +1
15 SCP

Kali Yuga (Attack): deals 2 damage
With the help of the others... (Passive): If Maxi and Kilik are alive, the Xianghua gains +2 to damage.
Feminine Distraction (Active): Xianghua may take control of a target Male's actions next turn. (Trade Off: 5 SCP)
It is my duty! (Passive): If Nightmare is Alive, Xianghua gains +1 Init.
The Soul Calibur...: Against Evil Characters, Xianghua attacks at double normal damage.
Edge master's Training (Passive): If Edge Master is alive, then Xianghua gains +1 to Init.
Favored Enemy: Seigfried. She is immune to his "I must Prevail!" Ability.
Alternate Victory Condition: If Seigfried and Nightmare are alive at the end, Seigfried automaticaly wins.

Chaotic Neutral Male, 20 HP, +1 Init
10 SCP

Yoshimitsu (Attack): Deals 2 damage
Theivery: Yoshimitsu may choose the ability of another character and replace this ability with the chosen one.
Soul Edge Quest (Passive): If an evil character attacks Yoshimitsu, then the attacker is at -1 Init next turn.
Band of Theives (Active): Yoshimitsu may summon a theif, who has 2 HP and deals 1 damage. Attackers must decide to attack the theif or Yoshimitsu. If Yoshimitsu dies, then the theif becomes Yoshimitsu, but may not summon another theif. (Trade Off: 5 SCP)
Mask (Passive): DR 1
Retribution (Active): IF a target has 4 HP left, Yoshimitsu may kill them with a single action. (Trade off -5 SCP)
Favored Enemy: Cassandra. Yoshimitsu is immune to her female distraction ability.

Yun Seong (Also Yun Sung. My game is screwy like that.)
Chaotic Good Male, 25 HP, +2 Init
SCP 20

White Storm (Attack): Deals 2 Damage
Kick Strike (Attack): Deals 1 damage that bypasses DR.
Dance of The Fight (Passive): All attacks suffer a -1 Init.
I will defend my country! (Active): Damage is Doubled (Trade Off: -5 SCP)
Siopao (Active): Yun Seong regains 2 HP (trade Off: -5 SCP)
Over Confident (Passive): Against lawful foes, Yun Seong gains +1 Damage.
Favored Enemy: Seong Mina. Yun Seong Is Immune to her distractions.

Neutral Good Male, 25 HP, +1 Init
15 SCP
Master Sword (attack): Deals 3 Damage
Mirror Sheild (Passive): DR 1
Triforce of Courage (Passive): If An evil charcter attacks, the attack is further reduced by 1 point of damage
Arrow Shot (Attack): 1 point of damage to two foes.
Spin Attack (Active): Deals 4 damage to 2 foes (Trade Off: 5 SCP)
Vertical Strike (Active): Doubles Normal Damage (Trade Off: 5 SCP)
Favored Enemy: Ivy. Her Feminine Distraction doesnt work.

Neutral Evil Male, 15 HP, +0 Int
15 SCP

Gate Keepers (Attack): 2 Damage Dealt
Works under Abyss (passive): If Abyss is alive, Damage is Doubled.
Poison (Passive): If attacked, HP damage is dealt back to attacker.
Speed Strike (Active): Revenant may go first in the INIT Que, no matter what. (Trade Off; -5 SCP)
Wave Sword (Active): Damage is halved for good Opponents.
Wavering Stance (Passive): Damage is reduced by 1.
Favored Enemy: None

True Neutral Male, 15 HP, Init +1
10 SCP
Kunai (Attack): Deals 2 Damage
Greedy Strike (Active): Damage may be tripled (Trade off: -2 HP, -5 SCP)
Double Strike (Active): Gree may take 2 Actions (Trade Off: -5 SCP)
The True Colors (Passive): If a Male character attacks him, he takes Double damage.
Greed (Passive): For every point of damage greed inflicts, he regains it as SCP.
Vanish (Passive): He may reduce his Init by 2 and gain DR 2.
Favored Enemy: Cervantes. Greed is immune to his "You Owe me your Soul..." Ability.

2007-05-12, 07:15 PM
2 things.
1) No Siegfried? What the heck?
2) Raphael's not LE. LN or TN, but I wouldn't consider him LE. He risked everything to help out a little orphan who saved his life.

edit: Whoops. Missed Siegfried. My bad

2007-05-12, 07:15 PM
True Neutral Male, 25 HP, Init -1
SCP 10
Requiem (Attack): deals 3 Damage
Co-exsist: If Nightmare is alive, Seigfried gains +1 init.
The Help of his Allies: If Ivy, Kilik, and Xianghua are alive, then Seigfried gains +1 to Damage.
I Will atone! (Active): Target looses 5 HP and are given to Seigfried. (Trade Off: -5 SCP)
Loyalty (Passive): If target of healing, then the healer is healed in an amount equal to the amount of HP healed.
I must prevail! (Active): Target's next actions are chosen by Seigfried (Trade off: -10 SCP)
Favored Enemy: Nightmare. seigfried is immune to the Demolish Will ability.

I might have mispelt his name, but its up there.

As noted... Rapehael alwasy seemed to be the cocky type. Cocky people are evil.

But, your right. Changed. As said, my brain is dead.

2007-05-12, 07:22 PM
So I see. Anyway, I stand by my list posted here.

2007-05-12, 07:25 PM
Could you still PM it to me atleast?

2007-05-13, 09:28 AM
I made some changes to the character list, mainly filling in some blanks I left open.

2007-05-13, 10:33 AM
I don't see any changes.

2007-05-13, 01:18 PM
No Spawn or Tekken guy....? :smallconfused:

2007-05-13, 01:38 PM
They are subtle, but there.

As for Heihachi, or Spawn... Thats an Iffy. I dont have enough abilities for either of them to balance it out.

2007-05-13, 01:50 PM
Ah well. I'm in.

2007-05-13, 03:21 PM
I have a deadline for all players intrested.

May 20th, 3:20 PM EST.

Thats when the game starts.

2007-05-14, 08:11 PM
Reschedueling the deadline: It starts wednesday. May 16th.

2007-05-14, 08:19 PM
How many submissions have you got so far?

2007-05-14, 08:44 PM
About 6.

Tell your friends!

2007-05-15, 02:58 PM
The Following people are on my list as active players.

Malmagor Andrigal






2007-05-15, 04:31 PM
I've just sent a PM with my list in

2007-05-15, 05:33 PM
2 More people have joined the list of Players: GnollLord, and evnafets.

2007-05-15, 05:34 PM
And I'm in as Cervantes right?

2007-05-15, 05:35 PM
Yes. Just saw your PM.

2007-05-15, 11:02 PM
Sure, I'll give this a whirl.

2007-05-16, 12:44 AM
If it's still offered, I'll give it a try...


2007-05-16, 05:51 AM
Yes, tis still open. The first round starts at 3:20 PM Today. EST.

Lord Magtok
2007-05-16, 08:19 AM
If it's still offered, I'll give it a try...


:smalleek: Umm...it was Raistlin! *Runs away*

2007-05-16, 08:30 AM
Hmm. well I sent a Pm and got a return PM, but I don't see my name on any lists soooo, can I get a quick confirmation? :smallsmile:

2007-05-16, 08:50 AM
Wasn't me Maggot. Siegfried>Nightmare.

2007-05-16, 09:27 AM
Wasn't me Maggot. Siegfried>Nightmare.

Which explains why I had no problems killing Siegried....AS Nightmare.

2007-05-16, 02:15 PM
Shouledent this have started now:smallconfused: . it's 3:23

Hivemind Ghost
2007-05-16, 02:44 PM
Ahh! Can I still get in? I'll be PMing my list any second now, but I thought I should post so you'll (hopefully) wait for me.

2007-05-16, 02:45 PM
Hmm, playing SC3 a bit to get in mood. The AI cheats but it also has some blind spots ... I just found a move of my character that Abyss didn't block three times in a row ... and so he succumbed narrowly.

"I'm not going to lose to the likes of you." :smallcool:

2007-05-16, 02:49 PM
I should play some SC2 again some time. I miss necrid, and Hihachi.

2007-05-16, 02:50 PM

Due to unforseeable events, (AKA: My bus home was late... Again...), I was unable to meet my 3:20 Deadline.

Anyway, the game is starting now.

The Characters (So you may all see them.)

Amiria: Seong Mina

Helgraf: Li Long

Evanfets: Kilik

GnollLord: Taki

zeratul: Cervantes De Leon

Malmagor Andrigal: Mitsurugi

Lord Magtok: Nightmare

Rastilin: Link

Inky: Talim

Darkblade: Amy Sorel

HivemindGhost: Yoshimitsu

Choose your abilities. Your Initiatives are...
Li Long
Seong Mina

Ok. Dice are not working. Odd. If you know how to fix, Tell me. Otherwise, Ill just grab something else.

2007-05-16, 02:56 PM
Kyrian, Hivemind, you should have PMed me about joining. I check my PMs often. You cant just come and say "I'm nightmare." What if somebody was already assigned nightmare, as Magtok is?
If you guys PM me selections, I'll let you in.

2007-05-16, 03:26 PM
It goes like this (replace () with []) => (rollv=Cervantes)1d20+1(rollv)

You can check if someone cheated on his rolls with the Quote button.

2007-05-16, 03:31 PM
Shouldn't we let him do the rolling? His game after all.

2007-05-16, 03:33 PM
Shouldn't we let him do the rolling? His game after all.

Sure, I don't mind. I just wanted to give an effective example. :smallamused: I'll just delete my rolls above then.

2007-05-16, 03:37 PM
Hmmm... Still not working. Let me try something Different.

Ok. Alright. So For a generic d20 roll, it becomes...

I'm doing something wrong. This might take a while. PM Me your choice of moves.
Amiria, Thanks, but I really dont know whats going on here.

2007-05-16, 03:44 PM
Cervantes [roll0]

Written like this
Cervantes {roll}1d20+1{/roll}

Only with [] instead of {}. K?

2007-05-16, 03:45 PM
Cervantes 1d20+1

Ok. Obviously not working. And really annoynig me.

2007-05-16, 03:46 PM
No spaces.

2007-05-16, 03:50 PM
Cervantes [roll]1d20+1]

Li Long
Seong Mina

Hivemind Ghost
2007-05-16, 03:53 PM
You missed out Yoshimitsu...

2007-05-16, 03:53 PM
Edit on Cervantes:

2007-05-16, 03:55 PM
You missed out Yoshimitsu...


2007-05-16, 04:10 PM
Choice of abilities might affect the initiative order. Maybe we should hold off rolling initiative until we know what the bonuses are?

2007-05-16, 04:23 PM
Bonuses will be factored in after I get the choice of moves. Thus, this isnt the "True" init list, but the stand by. IE: IF Amy sorel takes "Friend of Kilik", then her Initiative is at +1.

2007-05-16, 04:36 PM
Hey, Kilik / evnavets ! I get little regeneration as long as you are alive. Wanna make an alliance with me ? Team Ling Sheng Su ?

2007-05-16, 07:33 PM
Hmm, you forgot to mention that I'm Seigfried.

Actually, I think I'm going to bow out from this game. I really don't have time for more than 1 game at the moment.

2007-05-16, 07:48 PM
Kyrian, Hivemind, you should have PMed me about joining. I check my PMs often. You cant just come and say "I'm nightmare." What if somebody was already assigned nightmare, as Magtok is?
If you guys PM me selections, I'll let you in.

Maybe you could have explained things better. Hint: stuff in bold gets my ADHD's attention.

2007-05-16, 09:23 PM
It goes like this (replace () with []) => (rollv=Cervantes)1d20+1(rollv)

You can check if someone cheated on his rolls with the Quote button.

Actually, it goes like this {rollv=Text here}<die roll here>{/rollv} - replacing {}s with []s

So, {rollv=Helgraf the Speedster}1d20+20{/rollv}

2007-05-17, 08:14 AM
Dont forget to PM me your actions!

2007-05-23, 06:20 PM
Awroight then.

2007-05-30, 04:18 PM
Bumping for poor Korias.

2007-05-30, 04:21 PM

Sorry bout the delay. Massive amout of stuff going on.

.... Crap...
Something is screwed up with the rollings.
On my comp, they show as "[roll0]" and other such things.

So, instead of having to relive through the Dice thing again, You can re-roll your Initiative. In the mean time, I will post actions that fall outside of the Initiative order.

Pre-Init Actions:

Cervantes uses Induced Memories! He Copies Iajtsu from Mitsurugi!

2007-05-30, 04:25 PM
They don't work here anymore. Only in dice rolling and and games. Just roll them manually.

2007-05-30, 05:03 PM
Hm. Thanks for the tip.

The New Initiative Order is...

Seong Mi-Na
Li Long/Amy Sorel (15)

Initiative 20
Mitsurugi sweeps at Amy with his Shishi-Oh. She takes 2 Damage.

Initiative 17
Taki Stumbles! She does not act (Gnoll lord, I dont have a PM from you!)
Talim Calls upon the healing winds, granting her +5 HP.

Initiative 16
Kilik invokes the Dvapara-Yuga on Nightmare. Nightmare looses his SCP

Initiative 15
Seong Mina sweeps her Scarlet thunder, striking Deep into Link's stomach. he takes 3 Damage

Initiative 14
Link, Ignoring the Wound, Stabs his Mastersword into Nightmare's Chest. Nightmare takes 3 Damage, but the it bounces off his Armour. Nightmare only takes 1 damage.

Initiative 12
Nightmare sweeps back and Slashes at Link, but He defends with his Mirror Shield, but the strenght of his heart behind it. Nightmare's attack only deals 1 damage to link.

Initiative 7
Yoshimitsu Stumbles! He doesnt take an action this turn. (Hivemind, no PM.)
Cervantes Summons a Pirate!

Initiative 6
Li Long makes a deep wound in Cervantes. Cervantes takes 6 damage.

Amy Sorel Stabs Link, Giving him a new scar on his arm. He takes 1 point of damage.

HPs After Round 1:

Mitsurugi (30 HP)
Taki (15 HP)
Talim (20 HP)
Kilik (20 HP)
Seong Mi-Na (20 HP)
Link (20 HP)
Nightmare (24 HP),
Yoshimitsu (20 HP)
Cervantes (14 HP)
Li Long (15 HP)
Amy Sorel (12 HP)

2007-05-30, 07:39 PM
Can we get a list of the characters and what their chosen actions are?
Is that meant to be made public?

2007-05-30, 07:56 PM
I did post a character list a last page.

As for moves, those are private.

2007-05-31, 01:09 AM
Well, I think I took the (dubious) honor of doing the most damage in round 1 with a 6 point hit...

2007-05-31, 04:43 PM
I believe we had to choose 4 out of the possible 6 abilities for our characters. Are they public or private?
Also, can we also keep a soul point track as well as hitpoints?

Also, how did Cervantes take 6 damage from Li long?
Li Longs ability is to do double damage to Cervantes, but the standard damage is 2. What increased it to 3 (and then doubled to 6)

The question is also if bonuses should be added before or after doubling.
ie (2 + 1) x 2 = 6 damage
or (2 x 2) + 1 = 5 damage

2007-05-31, 09:27 PM
Everybody has SCP: You can increase your damage on a 1:1 basis, but only 1 point a turn.

SCP Is factored in before any other bonus.

So he deals 2 damage, +1 from the SCP, x2 from the Ability.

6 Damage.

So its the (2+1)x2=6 Version.

I'll start a tally of SCP next round.

2007-05-31, 10:06 PM
btw, when is next round?

2007-06-01, 12:34 PM
Tomorrow: 4:00 PM EST.

2007-06-03, 02:03 AM
Oh hai.

Can I has round 2 Please?

2007-07-10, 11:46 PM
Hrm. When he said tomorrow, he must have meant in the not-24 hours sense.


2007-07-10, 11:57 PM
Tomorrow tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow
You're only a day away.

Ready Aim Fire? I'll update it tomorrow :-)

2007-07-11, 12:00 AM
i've just reminded i need to type the rules for my showdown game...

oh well, i'll do it tomorow later, it's already midnight.:smalltongue:

2007-07-11, 12:00 AM
Huh I thought this died, is it goin back up?