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2007-05-12, 09:40 PM
Pauldrens of Light:

Pauldrens of Light are pauldrens with the symbol of a sun on them and adorned with diamonds. Was created by Alkatosh, the creator of the elemental plane of light and the nineth god created by Deranasius.
He created this to aid his avatar, Teris, battle againist his enemies. Since the avatar fell, this item has passed through many hands, and has not been seen for the last 200 years.

When worn, the Pauldrens of Light grants the following powers at caster level 20 with a save DC of 25:
+4 charisma
Scorching ray 1/day
Daylight spell 3/day
Sunbeam 1/day
Sunburst 1/day

Gauntlets of Shadow:
The Gauntlets of Shadow are pure black gauntlets, if one looks closely, they can see a depiction showing the eclipse of the sun. The right bracer of shadow was created by Lerduul, the creator of the elemental plane of shadow and the eighth god created by Deranasius.
He created this to bestow upon his highest ranking cleric, Zein, the power to slay all that would stand against the dark god. When Zein vanished, he only left behind these gauntlets, few have held this, let alone worn it.

When worn, the Gauntlets of Shadow grant the following powers at caster level 20 with a save DC of 25:
+4 strength
Darkness spell 3/day
Phanstalmal killer 1/day
Cause fear 3/day
False vision 3/day
Invisibility 2/day

Breastplate of Earth:

The Breastplate of Earth looks like a normal breastplate, but upon closer inspection, actually resembles rocks that have been jammed together. If one looks hard enough, they can see the depiction of a mountain on the center of the breastplate. This Breastplate was created by Soarianus, the creator of the elemental plane of earth and is the seventh god created by Deranasius.
He created this breastplate to defend his most loyal follower against those that would seek to stop him from smiting the ones who don't worship him. After the follower finally did fall, the breastplate vanished, and hasn't been seen by mortal eye's since then.

When worn, the Breastplate of Earth grants the following powers at caster level 20 with a DC 25 save:
+4 Constitution
Stoneshape 3/day
Stoneskin 2/day
Iron body 1/day
Earthquake 1/day

Boots of Air:

The Boots of Air has a semi-translucent and moving look about it. It is white and, if one looks closely, they can see a depiction of a bird. Boots of Air was created by Lyis in order to protect the mortals from other gods and their clerics.
She then bestowed this item on to her avatar. Ever since the avatar fell in a battle against an army that was stirred up by Soarianus. It has since vanished from history.

When worn, the Boots of Air grants the following abilities at caster level 20 and a save DC of 25:
+4 Dexterity
+20 land speed
Shield other 3/day
Windwall 3/day
Control weather 1/day
Chainlightning 1/day

Greaves of water:

Greaves of water has a blue surface that seems to shift slightly and move fluidly. Upon closer inspection one will notice that it has a depiction of a raindrop, and in the background, a lightning bolt. The Left leg plate of Water was created by Helliun, the creator of the elemental plane of water, and the sixth god created by Deranasius.
She gave these greaves to one of her followers to help spread her word, and chaos, where ever he may go. After the avatar was struck down by the avatar of Valien, the greaves vanished into the stories of the past.

When worn, the Right leg plate of Water grants the following abilities at caster level 20 and a save DC of 25:
+4 Intelligence
Word of chaos 1/day
Control water 3/day
Cone of cold 1/day
Animate objects 1/day
Chaos Hammer 1/day

The Sword of Fire:

The Sword of Fire, when not being used, looks like a round hilt to a sword, the pommel of this sword looks like a ball of flame. And, if looked at closely, one can see a depiction of a torch on the hilt. When activated via thought, the end of the hilt explodes in fire and a weightless blade of fire four feet long appears. This sword was created by Tyranis, creator of the elemental plane of fire, and the fourth god created by Deranasius.
He gave this sword to his avatar as a way to destroy those that would attempt to harm innocents. After the avatar was slain defending a city, the sword was stolen, and hoarded for over 40 years. Until the blade was finally retrieved, it then vanished once again and has not reappeared.

The sword is activated by simply thinking about it. There is no chance that the sword would accidentally activate should the character begin thinking he needs a sword.

This blade is treated as a longsword except it gains +4 fire damage on all hits.

When held, the Sword of Fire grants the following abilities at caster level 20 and a DC 25 save:
+4 wisdom
Fireshield 3/day
Wall of fire 1/day
Firestorm 1/day
Flamestrike 1/day

If some one tries to put on two of any of the above, he will instantly die with no saving throw. The only way to prevent this is to wear the helmet of Deranasius (read below)

Helmet of Deranasius:

The helmet of Deranasius looks like any other helmet, only upon close inspection does one notice that there is a depiction of a orb, one half of which is dark, the other half of which is light.
This helmet was created by Deranasius and given to a mortal, Saris, and ordered to attempt to retrieve the other six items. Unfortunately, Saris died during a battle, the helmet was looted by the opposing side, and has since vanished. No one knows why Deranasius wanted her to don all six items, as he tends to stay out of what his creations do.

When worn the Helmet of Deranasius grants the following abilities at caster level 20 and save DC 25:

+2 to all stats
Zone of truth 3/day
Legend lore 1/day
Minor creation 3/day
Major creation 1/day
Shatter 3/day
Destruction 1/day

If all of the elemental items are worn by the same person or creature, the creature benefits from all of the things listed above, in addition to the following:
All stats gains a further +2
The user is immune to all elemental attacks.
The user does not to eat, drink, or breath.
And the user can summon one elder elemental of each element 1/month

2007-05-12, 11:12 PM
With the left/right things it seems like it was DESIGNED so that a single individual could in theory wear them. That seems a little off for gods that are so opposed philosophically to eachother... now if they just didn't want to copy-cat eachother, then having them each be a different item type would still make sense... helmet,, sheild, ring (that is an item you can have 2 of without it seeming like collaboration), amulet, etc.

2007-05-13, 04:21 AM
I actually didn't add the key item, to it, any way not there is a 7th item that allows all the items to work together.

2007-05-13, 03:23 PM
"Legplates" are called greaves, if I remember correctly, though I'm not sure if greave can be used as a singular of it.

2007-05-13, 03:34 PM
They're all well done magic items, but I'm not sure I like the flavour of them.. all of them working together does seem a bit.. I'm not sure what to say.. cheesy? power rangers esque?

2007-05-13, 06:28 PM
Oh man, I understand calling them cheesy, but... to compare them to... them.... thats just wrong! :smalleek:.

On a related note, its part of the story of my game that they work together.

2007-05-14, 06:21 AM
Heh, I wasn't thinking of Power rangers, but instead of Mystic Knights, Crystalis, or Fred Saberhagen.

Why not have Greaves of water, and Boots of air? Unless you're splitting the slots.

2007-05-14, 12:18 PM
Ok, I changed the names.

2007-05-14, 02:32 PM
You also misplaced the effects of the Light item...

2007-05-14, 07:42 PM
Oops, sorry about that.:smallredface: