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2007-05-12, 11:59 PM
So, I have really been kicking around playing a druid lately. However, I will most likely be playing a druid variant that removes wild shape because I've seen it mess up games and I like casting spells more. I might keep it and use it incredibly sparingly (also likely) but the main thing I like about the idea is creating/summoning Treants, empowering trees to be my friends, and that sort of deal. So, since I am somewhat new to the druid, what are the 'go-to' spells for such an idea. Obviously I wouldn't be the tree man every day or all the time, because that is just plain not going to work. But think Leeky Windstaff, with his trees waiting in ambush. I'd love to do that. Please mention the book the spell was in and as much information as you can. Thank you in advance. Also, feats would be nice. I do not know if Augment Summoning affects treants (maybe) and I assume it does not affect my lovable Animal Companion :smallfrown:. I'm a little iffy on what feats are considered druid 'go-to' feats (except natural spell). Infact, I am trying to think of a Conjuration spell that requires a save (for that spell focus prereq for Augment Summoning). Thanks, sorry to ramble.

2007-05-14, 12:55 AM
well, i don't know about the tree thing (that might have to wait for higher levels... though a treant cohort might fit the bill), but i like the ebberon shifter varient druids quite a lot, and they have a special PRC called Moonspeaker (again if you do not care to wildshape much).

2007-05-14, 01:13 AM
The spell you're looking for is liveoak (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/liveoak.htm). Unfortunately, you can only have one animated tree at a time with this spell.

The druid doesn't have very many conjuration spells that require a save early on. There's a few in the Spell Compendium, like ice lance, but even then, you're really looking at a wasted feat in order to get Augment Summoning. Which is fine, really, since Augment Summoning is pretty awesome.

Other good feats include Track, Augment Healing (CD), Companion Spellbond (PH2), and various metamagic feats like Empower Spell and Quicken Spell. Spell Penetration and Greater Spell Penetration are always useful. If you want to focus on summoning, there's more summoning feats out there, although some are more balanced than others. Ashbound Summoning (ECS) is nice, Rashemi Elemental Summoning is pretty good at high levels, and Greenbound Summoning is completely and utterly broken (the last two are from FR, I forget which books). There's also some really crazy wildshape feats, like Dragon Wild Shape, Exalted Wild Shape, and Aberrant Wild Shape, but you don't seem to exactly be looking to break wild shape.

Tor the Fallen
2007-05-14, 01:17 AM
See if you couldn't get a treant for an animal companion, and maybe even a cohort. See if your DM will let you get them at lower levels with reduced HD.

2007-05-14, 08:08 AM
See if you couldn't get a treant for an animal companion, and maybe even a cohort. See if your DM will let you get them at lower levels with reduced HD.

or ask the DM to let you have a woodling (MM3) animal companion for a -3 or -4 to your effective druid level regarding your animal companion, or you could convince him to let you waste a feat on it (both require DM permission since there are no rules for neither)