View Full Version : Critical Role Pre-Recording

2015-09-12, 12:49 AM
This being the internet, its hard not to hear about something popular if it involves your interests. Many of us know of Critical Role. If you don't know, they are a group of voice acotrs who get together weekly to stream their dnd game. We all know everthing that happens, but they started this game well before they began streaming. And thats what I want to talk about.
What is the story before recording? We know they met in a swamp town. At some point they fought a demon who enslaved children. We know Pile died and was resurrected, we know Grog gored a pony, Snalin was Bert Reynolds, Tiberius did dealings with a lich, and they recently(?) slayed a dragon. But i want to peice it all together, and frankly I'm too lazy too do it myself. So why not combine the playgrounders and the critters together to find this stuff out?
And also, if you have not watched the show, find it on geek and sundry. Best DM you've ever seen, and best RP ever too.