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2015-09-13, 12:05 AM
So I'm one of those annoying players/DMs that tries to think critically about the economic realities of my D&D settings, as constructed by the various rules that affect them, and base my RP accordingly. This has led me to making, and encouraging in my DMs, a number of minor house rules that make the game make much more economic sense.

Some of the basic house rules I use are to increase the cost of hiring an unskilled laborer to 3 SP/day, and the cost of hiring a skilled professional to what that professional would make in a day on a profession skill check if they took 10 (so for example a 2nd level commoner with a skill bonus of +8 because of skill focus would run 9 GP/week, which divided by 7 days rounds to 13 silver a day.

Based on this, the gold piece is placed as most of a day's wages for the average professional, giving your standard village full of peasants at least some of a gold base with which to buy minor treasures or pool together to hire adventurers, but it seems clear to me that there are people who should be earning more than this. To codify this, because I hate arbitrary exceptions to rules and try to avoid them whenever possible, I decided that the expert class would make the most sense in this role. To that effect, I've come up with a little something extra for the expert, which basically boils down to this:

Professional Expertise
at the 2nd level of Expert, and every two Expert levels after, an Expert gains a multiplier on the amount of money they can make through profession checks, to 2x at 2nd level, 3x at 4th level, and so on. Also, the expert reduces the time it takes to make any craft check by 1 day.

So with that, the highest level experts (10th level) can craft an item in 2 days, and expect between 9 and 10 GP per day with their increased skills, giving them easily enough to afford a 100 GP/month lifestyle of moderate luxury.

So thoughts? Questions? Are there any problems this would cause? Have I just put too much thought into this?

2015-09-13, 11:41 PM
I like this, it pulls adventurers a little closer to the real world, especially as early adventurers.

2015-09-14, 12:42 AM
I like it, and will factor it into the stuff for my campaign setting. Very nice and reasonable, well done :)