View Full Version : Mutant Cult Incantation [Little World][WIP]

2015-09-13, 03:42 AM
Working on a list of Incantations for a character.

Effective Level: 3rd [CL 4]
Skill Check: Knowledge (Arcana) DC 10; 3 Successes
Failure: Random Teleportation instead
Components: V, S, D, Special
Casting Time: Instant
Range: Anywhere on the Prime Plane
Target: One Hex
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: na
Spell Resistance: none

Quickly you read out the incantation and transport you into the same hex within 100' of someone you know. After 3 combat rounds you are returned to your previous location. This requires you to pass a Concentration check, DC 10 in order to complete the words in the right order. Failing the Concentration check fizzles the spell. The magical energies drain part of your mind for a period in order to power the spell, you must be able to take 1D3 Intelligence damage to be able to cast the spell. You take this damage regardless of if the spell succeeds or not.

Failure: You are Teleported to a random Hex on the world and the effect ends (so no rebound).

Special: You can only use this incantations once per day.


2015-09-13, 05:08 AM
Incantation request!

Grant The Pariah class to a great number of target units, healing them. And grant the King of the nation a pariah gestalt! Hopefully both at the same time? It'd be nice to have a long distance pariah creating machine somehow. Would be so awesome. So so awesome to have an army of pariahs. It'd be like a long-distance genetic bomb... but for your allies!