View Full Version : Trying to adjust Scion to handle mortal starting characters and a magic system?

2015-09-13, 09:27 PM
The magic system I'm planning on a blend of D&D's prep spells and Scion's Boon system, not as concerned about that currently but if you have suggestions, they would be appreciated

What I am concentrating on currently though is the stats. I want to make it so that a traditionally made character from the Hero handbook would give a challenge to the entire party, and demigods, dragons, etc. would be enough to crush them until they start getting stronger

At the same time, I want to ensure that mortal characters could vary enough. Big issue is that a 2 in the attributes (1 being the lowest) is... An average human in many cases. 3 being a pro. 5 being nigh on supernatural, so I'd want to limit the mortal characters to 1-3, which is... Not too much variance. Same goes with abilities. Any suggestions for providing a little more variance at the mortal level? Or perhaps somebody here already figured out how to do this (My googling is not bringing up any good leads, sadly)?

Currently for stats I'm not letting them take boons until they reach Legend 1 (shouldn't take too long - the setting I chose has lots of potential to start getting stories of the characters spread around), not giving them bonus points to begin with, making the 8-6-4 initial point spending in attributes 6-4-2 instead, and giving only 20 points to spend in attributes instead of 30