View Full Version : Combat Mastery [Feat]

2007-05-13, 10:42 PM
Combat Accuracy (Style)
PreReq: +3 BaB
For every +3 BaB, gain a +1 enhancement bonus to hit with a particular Style of combat. Max of +5 enhancement bonus at +15 BaB.

One can pick a particular weapon (ie, bastard sword) for one's style, or one can pick a more general weapon category (ie, swords) wielded in a particular pattern. Valid patterns include:
Two-weapon (must pick one primary hand, one secondary hand)
Sole-wield (popular for bows)
Weapon and Shield

This enhancement bonus does not stack with weapon or item enchantments, nor does it stack with itself.

Combat Brutality (Style)
As Combat Accuracy, but the enhancement bonus is applied to damage. In addition, a bonus +1d6 damage is delt on a successful critical hit (2d6 if a x3 crit, 3d6 if a x4 crit). The critical effect does not stack with other critical-hit based bonus dice, or weapon-enchantment based bonus dice: the wielder must choose which to use before attacking.


These are aimed at a low-magic campaign, as insufficient replacement for magical weapons.