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2015-09-14, 05:08 AM
Hey, straight to the point:
In Dragon #280 p.62 is a feat "Extra Familiar", the feat allows you to gain another familiar

Extra Familiar[General]
You have an additional familiar.
Benefit: By taking this feat you get an additional animal familiar of a type described in the Player's Handbook (or this article, with the DM's permission). This familiar can be the same type of animal as your first, or a different type. Existing familiar feats apply to the new familiar. So if you have the Construct Familiar feat, for example, the new familar you call can be a construct. The sorcerer or wizard gains all the benefits of both familiars, but identical bonuses from multiple familiars don't stack. For example, a wizard with both two cat familiars receives only a +2 bonus to Move Silently checks, not a +4 bonus.
Special: A character can gain this feat multiple times. Each time you take the feat, you can call another familiar.

So two things jump out at me with this feat.
1) Technically anyone can take it as it has no prerequisites.
2) It'd be useless to take if you're not a wizard or a sorcerer as familiar's are based off levels in those classes.
3) Yes the feat Obtain Familiar exists, but this seemed cooler.

So I got thinking; what if, in a campaign where magic is a science and reliable and repeatable, anyone could have a familiar? Obviously certain familiar benefits would be of no use to some characters(Share spells, Deliver Touch spells), but the classes the familiar is tied to with those characters may create different effects.
e.g. Barbarian familiar's calling nearby animals to aid, potentially building up to swarm behaviour later. Rogue familiar's picking locks or dealing sneak attack damage. Fighter and Bard familiar's being very good at gathering intel and conveying it to their masters.
Just a couple ideas though.

I did come up with this feat as a potential requirement for a familiar(Sor/Wiz getting it for free, and not having to pay some XP amount for the binding ritual.)
Gain Familiar[General]
You may perform the ritual to gain a familiar.
Benefit: Choose a class which you have levels in, for the purpose of determining familiar abilities you use your levels in that class.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times, each time increasing the number of familiars you can have by 1. Multiple familiar bonus' do not stack. A wizard or Sorcerer may ignore up to 500XP from the cost of binding a familiar, but not from the cost of losing one.

Any ideas to do with how this would work, or what sort of benefits non-spellcasting classes might gain are very welcome. Currently it's just a stewing idea.

2015-09-14, 05:23 AM
While it doesn't list it as a prerequisite it says you gain "an additional familiar" which implies that 1. You already need to have a a familiar and 2. Bad editing on the magazine since they clearly left off the prerequisite. This was probably fixed in sage advice.