View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Pondering DnD/Fallout Crossover, got the stats and skills, having trouble w/ weapons

Von Krieger
2015-09-18, 03:53 AM
So I've been pondering mixing DnD and the modern Fallout games for quite awhile. I was recently introduced to Exodus, which was originally supposed to be D20 Fallout before Bethesda and Interplay got into a slap fight and the 'Thes revoked the license.

Some of the stuff is okay, but my god the skills. Fallout has 13, 3.5 has damned near 50, Pathfinder has that down to 35, 4e has 17, Exodus has 60.

So using most of Fallout's non-combat skills plus some of the Pathfinder and DnD 4e skill consolidations I've whittled down the list to a much more manageable 19.

Acrobatics: Escape Artist + Jump + Tumble
Arcana: K: Arcana + K: The Planes + Spellcraft + Use Magic Device
Athletics: Climb + Jump + Swim
Bluff: Bluff + Disguise
Civics: K: Geography + K: History + K: Nobility
Dungeoneering: K: Dungeoneering + Survival (Underground)
Explosives: Craft + Demolitions + Disable Device
Insight: Decipher Script + Forgery + Learn Language + Sense Motive
Medicine: Craft + Heal + K: Anatomy
Nature: Craft + Handle Animal + K: Nature + Survival (above ground)
Perception: Listen + Search + Spot
Pilot: Drive + Fly + Ride
Religion: K: Religion + K: The Planes + Spellcraft
Repair: Craft + Disable Device + K: Engineering
Science: Computer Use + Craft + Disable Device + K: Technology
Sneak: Move Silently + Hide
Speech: Diplomacy + Intimidate + Gather Information
Streetwise: Gather Information + K: Local + Survival (Urban)
Thievery: Disable Device + Open Lock + Sleight of Hand + Use Rope

I don't see people take Profession unless it's required for a prestige class, as they're usually kind of useless, and similarly I don't see Perform taken unless it's to qualify for something or for a Bard.

Stats are easy since S, I, and C in SPECIAL are the same in DnD, Perception can roughly equal Wisdom, Agility for Dex, and Endurance and Con are the same thing.

Luck can be done by having a 7th stat, with 1/2 the Luck mod going to skill/ability checks and saves, +Mod to confirm crits, and maybe 1/2 mod rerolls a day and perhaps adding +1d6 to a roll mod times per day.

For effects based on stats (drugs, armor bonuses, perk effects and requirements) just multiply the stat by 2, for bonuses to skills divide by 5.

Perks can pretty much be converted directly to feats this way by dividing the level requirement by 1.5 (Fallout 3) or 2.5 (New Vegas) and dividing the skill ranks required by somewhere between 5 and 10.

My biggest issue is with the weapons. Like nearly all the Exodus and D20 Modern firearms I find are 2dx 20/x2 crit with just a handful of variations. My brain just goes wobbly at the thought that a well-aimed shot from a crossbow is twice as common, or that an arrow from a bow deals more damage on a perfectly fired shot than a pistol.

But I don't have the slightest clue as to how to convert Fallout weapon stats into a DnD equivalent. Does anyone have any ideas about how to handle that?