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2007-05-15, 04:05 AM
I've been throwing ideas around some ideas for some variant warlock rules for a campaign i've been thinking of running and wanted to know what people thought of them. Here's what i have so far.


Formless power:
Formless power allows the warlock to form a more powerful eldritch blast that is harder to control.
Req: spellcraft 5 ranks, eldritch blast 3d6 know at least one blast shape
Benefit: A warlock with the Formless power feat may forego using any blast shape on his eldritch blast, If he does then he adds an additional 1d6 damage to that delt by his eldritch blast.

Heartless Power:
Heartless Power allows a warlock to channel the essence of nothingness potentially increasing the power of his eldritch blasts.
Req: spellcraft 10 ranks, eldritch blast 5d6 know at least two eldritch essences
Benefit: A warlock with the Heartless Power feat may forego using any eldritch essence invocations with his eldritch blast, If he does then the eldrich blast deals an additional 2d6 points of damage.
Special: Heartless power stacks with Formless Power

Crushing Power:
By sacrificing accuracy The warlock produces a blast containing much more power than normally possible
Req: Spellcraft 15 ranks, Eldritch Blast 7d6, Heartless power, Formless Power
Benefit: When producing a eldritch blast with neither a essence invocation or a blast shape invocation, you may choose to solidify your eldritch energies into a solid form, This changes the attack type from a ranged touch attack, into a normal ranged attack with a range increment of 10 feet, This means the to hit roll now must account for the normal AC of the target instead of its touch AC. If the warlock does so, then crushing power adds 3d6 to the damage delt by the eldritch blast.
Special: Crushing Power stacks with both Heartless power and Formless Power

2007-05-15, 10:03 AM
10 ft Range for Crushing Power hurts alot. The others seem good, considering you do more solid damage to one enemy, rather than multiple (which can work in some situations, or can hurt alot.) Also, the requirements of Essence and Blast invocations means that the players have to take some, meaning they can't just negate them to get the benefits.