View Full Version : Sneak attack?

2007-05-15, 08:42 PM
Well I am too lazy and too ill equiped to check every book but I assume there is a solution to this problem.

What abilitys, spells, equipment, feats alow you to sneak the things you can normaly not sneak?

2007-05-15, 08:49 PM
If my memory serves me right, there is a prc that allows sneak attacking undeads on the complete divine (or would it be on the complete adventurer? I don't remember which)

2007-05-15, 08:50 PM
Grave Strike and Golem Strike are spells that allow you to sneak attack Undead and Constructs specifically.

Fax Celestis
2007-05-15, 09:10 PM
Complete Champion and Dungeonscape have variants that let you Sneak Attack those not normally applicable.

2007-05-15, 09:22 PM
Razing Strike is a feat in Complete Adventurer that effectively gives a character the ability to sneak attack either undead or constructs, but requires spellcasting ability - you have to sacrifice spell slots to use the ability (divine for undead, arcane for constructs).

2007-05-15, 10:44 PM
And for the be all end all in sneak attacking those thing not normally sneakable... the Deathstrike bracers from the MIC.

2007-05-16, 01:47 AM
Precision strike from Dungeonscape. If my memory serves me right it allows for 1/2 sneak damage versus these immune to sneak attacks that you flank, except for those who can't be flanked.

2007-05-16, 10:24 AM
In addition to the spells Grave Strike (undead) and Golem Strike (constructs), there's also Vine Strike (plants).

The Magic Item Compendium has Augment Crystals that let you sneak attack constructs and undead. Augment Crystals can be swapped out so they're very versatile.