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2015-09-22, 10:45 AM
Kender picture from bigbadcon. (http://www.bigbadcon.com/events/pouches-the-kendering/)

Here is a Trinket Table for those that want to explore Ansalon.

Here is part one of five -

1. Totem carved from cooled lava pulled from the Great Burning Sea
2. The dried foot of an austrich
3. Burst High Ogre powder bomb
4. Arrowhead that has a strange sigil worn into one side
5. A shard of glass that was said to come from the Abyss
6. A Flower, in a glass vial that heats up when a certain word is spoken
7. Map of the constellations of Krynn, that changes depending on the light level shining down
8. Vial of eyewing tears
9. A number of large speckled seeds nibbled by a funno
10. Clawbone of an Anhkolox that still glows green
11. Vial of Disir gel
12. One half of a broken Dimernesti pendant
13. Bark from a Black Willow
14. Spool of slik from a whisper spider
15. Glass sphere containing a shimmerweed flower
16. A hourglass with blue and orange sand, that has been frozen in time
17. Nose ring from a minotaur that has been beaten back into shape many times
18. Ripped cloth that bears a crude map of Palanthas
19. Figure made from Mewling Troll fur
20. Vial of spices from Khur

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2015-09-22, 10:46 AM
Part two of five

1. A kami doll that has been painted all black
2. A scroll with “Canticle of the Dragon” written in Kargonesti
3. A white stag carving that has been half burned
4. Strange Kenderlike totem that was found washed up on the shore
5. A woven plainsman figure of a wolf
6. Candle in the shape of a kobold with one foot missing
7. Mirror made of black obsidian that shows those who glance into it in monochrome
8. Shed feathers from an aarokocra that have been threaded to make a charm
9. Watch made in mount nevermind that has frozen solid
10. Wooden Spoon used in Gully Dwarf cooking
11. Kneeguard from a slig warrior
12. Chain taken from a gnomish grape presser
13. A carving of a Draconian that was made from a branch of a tree from Solace
14. Part of a helmet of a draconian that has been cut into the shape of a face
15. Dried flower from the Spine of Taladas
16. Seeds washed up on the shore of Ergoth
17. Copper bracelet that has turned green and has been damaged by acid
18. Mask from a dance troupe from Palanthas
19. Feather taken from a Kagonesti headdress
20. Hoopak pouch that carries a shiny stone

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2015-09-22, 10:48 AM
Part three of five

1. Ceramic Bell from the city of Palanthas
2. Vial of crimson water from the Blood Sea
3. A Kyrie stone axe that emits a ringing sound when hit
4. Beard Comb from the Thorbardin
5. Hair Piece from Taladas
6. Scroll that has a Kagonesti chant written on it
7. Pearl that has a silhouette dancing inside it.
8. Bag containing seeds from the Sahket Jungle
9. Pumice piece that is always moist
10. Crest from the helmet of a draconian
11. Pressed Leaf from a maple tree from Silvanost
12. Tooth from a Unicorn, that has been drilled and threaded onto a bright braided string
13. Worn handle of a sword from Kuri Khan
14. Small Piece of the pavement from Sanction
15. A buckle from a draconians cloak
16. Belt Buckle that shifts into the image of three animals of Ansalon
17. Fang from a Spider Dragon
18. Braid from a Kagonesti Warrior
19. Statue of Takisis with all the heads broken off
20. Part of the Spine from a Bronze Dragon, that starts to sparkle when it is handled with the little finger

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2015-09-22, 10:49 AM
Part four of five

1. Bookmark that was used in the library of Palanthas
2. Page from the manual of a gnome device
3. Claw from a white dragon with three marks carved on its surface
4. Two gears from a crashed gnome spelljammer
5. Thanoi harpoon head with leather strap
6. Seashell with an inscription in runes that has faded over time
7. Skull of a hamster with a chain threaded through it.
8. Clay figurine that seems to change shape when not observed
9. Amber with a small lizard trapped inside
10. Lump of coal with runes carved into it
11. Torn piece of metal from a minotaur frigate ship
12. Bandana that has a strange symbol in the fabric
13. Sphere with a piece of the Icewall inside it, on a chain
14. Badge of rank that fell from the Flying Citadel
15. Beermat from the High Hand Inn, Haven
16. Pouch made from the hide of a mandibear
17. Piece of cloak from the tower of high sorcery
18. Kender carving of Fizban the Fabulous, with a burned hat
19. Metal bracelet with the carving “Est Sularus oth Mithas”
20. Ceramic piece that bears an inscription in a strange language

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2015-09-22, 10:50 AM
Part five of five

Coming soon as Poppyseed Goldstride returns from wanderlust to Hylo.......