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M Placeholder
2015-09-22, 11:06 AM
Birthright Trinket Table, for all bloodlines.


1. Gemstone from the slopes of Mount Desimaar
2. Orog Wood totem broken in half
3. Halfling throwing stone from the shadow world
4. Stained glass outline of a cresent moon being devoured by a raven
5. Metal pendant of a sun and a palm leaf
6. Vos belt buckle that shows a shadow creature
7. Claw from the arm of the Kraken
8. Spider pendant made from polished stones
9. Parchment taken from important declaration
10. Metal bracelet that sparkles when water touches it
11. Part of banner from the battle on Mount Deisimar
12. Horseshoe that never rusts, torn from the front door of a house in Caercas.
13. Vos tribal facepaint kit
14. Elven Carving of an Awnslieghlen
15. Necklace made from precious stones from the continent of Aduria
16. Blunt Obsidian knife that is cracked in two
17. Lantern from Kfeira with a candle that never melts down
18. Wood Carving from Dantier Island of an otter
19. Torch from the realm of The Spider
20. Pirate Coin from Abbadiel

More to come.......