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2015-09-23, 01:17 PM
I have a dwarf warlord 10th (it's the adamant entertaiment version, not the dreamscarred one).
He has developed a deep empathy with a fire spirit, that now is linked to his axe. I allowed him to take 2 levels in a custom prestige class, that emphatize the synergy with his fire axe. Could someone help me designing this thing?
My player is the melee warrior type, he doesn't want to cast spells like a sorcerer, so the hybrid arcane/melee builds are not to be considered.
The fire spirit is CB, while the character is LN (even if he plays the LN a little on the B side). To represent the conflict between the two personalities i made him roll a will save anytime he wanted the spirit to use its powers, when he fails the save he lose two wisdom points.
I want this mechanic to be part of the prestige class: every power he uses is linked to a TS on will.
All powers are activated with a move action.

HD d10

Full BAB

2 skill ranks /lev

The axe is originally a +1 flaming burst dwarven axe
Level 1:
The character gain vulnerability to cold
The character can add an enhancment bonus to the his bonded weapon that lasts 1 min.
He can choice to add powers from a list instead of the enhancment bonus in a similar way the magus and the paladin do whith their bonded weapons.
The TS CD to activate this power is 16 + 2 * enhancment bonus added. Using this power while it has been already activated doesn't stack the bonuses, but replaces them.

CD 15 as detect magic but applied to heat sources (> 30 C)

Level 2: CD 15 he and his allies gain fire resistance 15 (2 targets/level blablabla)

Level 3: CD 20 fire shield (as the spell CL 7)

Level 4: CD 20 he can change the shape of his bonded weapon (the weapon becomes molten metal and reshapes to his desires), the first round in which the weapon has changed shape it deals fire dmg instead of normal dmg, then it deals half fire dmg /half physical for 1 rd/level

level 5: he can use the other prestige class powers with a swift action, raising the CD of the power by 5

level 6: CD 25 as the level 4 powers, but the weapon can change shape continuously. He can change the shape of the weapon every round for 1 round/level. Additionally, if he decides to fight defensively he adds the enhancment bonus of his weapon to the bonus on CA (the molten metal protect him dancing around him)

level 7: CD 25 fire wall as the spell (CL 10)

level 8: CD 30 fire step: the character can cast dimension door to travel near a heat source

level 9: CD 30 he can grant the flaming special ability to 1 weapon/ level. If a weapon already has the flaming ability it deals 1d12 bonus fire damage instead of 1d6

Level 10: CD 30 fiery body for 1rd/level

I don't know if it's overpowered, but i want to buff a little mundane builds at high levels (he took this prestige class at level 10)