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2007-05-16, 02:19 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to come up with a list of "spells" for my new magic system, and I could use your help. The new magic system is in its early stages right now, but there are very specific rules that govern "magic" in this system.

Under these rules, Magic:

Is not intelligent.
Cannot be programmed.
Cannot effect time.
Only lasts for as long as the user is actively sustaining the spell.
Cannot effect people’s minds.

Basically speaking, magic is not magical in this system. It is sort of like an indestructible third hand that someone capable of using magic has. They can call that hand into existence by concentrating, and can dismiss it just as easily. They can make the hand take different shapes & sizes (depending on their ability), and can make the hand physical or insubstantial. As a user becomes more experienced they can cause their "hand" to become one with or part of any material it touches (you could have your hand become one with the air and thus manipulate the air).

So what CAN you do with magic in this system? You could lift objects and throw them. You could erect a barrier against physical attacks. You could cause the flames on a log to jump from the log and onto a person. You could gag someone.

Ok, so I know that is kind of confusing, but that's what I am going with. If you have any suggestions for types of "spells" I could use with this system I'd be greatful.

Baron Corm
2007-05-16, 02:40 PM
there will definitely be less spells using this system, but it's less daunting if you make the casting class more like a warlock. keep the eldritch blast, change the flavor around, and make invocations which involve moving things with force.

ideas for invocations:

move object (5 lbs per caster level or something), move person (will negates), move monster (will negates), instakill (magic enters the body and expands or simply tears creature apart; fortitude negates), forcechoke (reflex negates; failed save means they begin drowning unless they make an escape artist check), mage armor, tunnel (different from move object because it's less easily exploitable; 10 ft. wide tunnel, 10 ft. long per caster level or something; could also be used for passage through the ocean etc.)

that's all i got for now

2007-05-16, 03:31 PM
You might want to drop spells altogether. It would be more GM-intensive to decide what they can or cannot do, but the way you describe Magic, it sounds like this would fit.

Instead of spells, I'd say you have a number of attributes that define the limits of what they can do with magic. For example, perhaps they could have a magical Strength score that defines the raw strength their magic can have. It could determine how much weight they could lift with it.

And you know, something like that.

2007-05-16, 04:07 PM
You could "fuse" that hand with limbs of your own to further their power/capability, creating effects like Expeditious Retreat, Jump, Spider Climb, Bull's Strength, etc.

At higher levels, you could divide your focus to control more, smaller effects than one big effect (for example: five "hands" moving five different objects around).

Edit: Though I liked mikeejimbo's idea too. You could write down some common effects and their power/cost, make a small chart, and compare the effects that your players create to the ones in the chart, to help you keep the balance while giving out a lot of freedom.

Edit2: You could also use your mental attributes for the physical attributes of your "hand".