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2007-05-16, 04:24 PM
Hi everyone,

I'll be playing a cleric (Fharlangh) in a soon too start campaign, basically as a support character for some first time players, so they can do things without having to bother too much about healing and stuff.

Now, as for my role role in combat, I'll probably be buffing the players (pre-combat), summon a monster for melee support and running around healing afterwards :). During combat, I plan to focus on throwing spears/javelins, basically for a change of scenery.

To cut a long story short, what would be a suitable build for my cleric?
As for feats, Precise shot (and thus point blank shot) and Action Surge (since it's a spellcaster) seem to be a no-brainer, then what? I know my DM would highly approve Divine
Metamagic stuff (he's a real powergamer), but I want to try to limit that.

As for equipment, I guess the weapon of choice would be a returning javelin/short spear (or multiple of those as soon as I get multiple attacks), as well as the usual stuff. Anything in particular I should think about?

As for Class advancement, I see little to gain from going straight Cleric, but I wouldn't know what kind of prestige class what suit the character. I was thinking about Stormlord at first, but it looks a bit skimpy on what it has to offer considering I have to waste 3 so-so feats on it.

Any suggestions? Available books are Core+XPH+PHB2+(the older) Completes+ECS.


Shas aia Toriia
2007-05-16, 04:27 PM
Use a changling spear. Although you don't have the book, I'll tell you about it.

It is a regular +2 spear, but can change between shortspear, spear and longspear. It cost 17,500 gp.

I reccomend this, since you could throw it, but are still good in melee.

2007-05-16, 04:32 PM
One word for you, my friend... Stormlord.

This PrC is in a couple of books, one of them is the complete divine. It costs 2 feats, but it doesn`t loose caster levels, and its abilities are worth the spent feat.
But I`m supposing you`ll make use of the abilities. If you`re not gonna attack much, you`d be better off with spell-enhancing feats (yes, I do mean divine metamagic).

Divine metamagic doesn`t have to be cheesy. Just use it with a useful-but-not-broken metamagic feat.

2007-05-16, 09:13 PM
One word for you, my friend... Stormlord.

That's what I was going to suggest, but the OP would have to be flexible on his patron deity (or have a nice DM) in order to meet the requirements. If you're interested, stormlord is in Complete Divine.

Remember, with thrown weapons, you'll need Quick Draw to make more than one attack a round (drawing a weapon - even a thrown weapon - is a move action). If you don't go Stormlord, see if your DM will let you get ahold of bracers of throwing (not an official, printed item). They let you throw weapons as if they were magically enhanced, and costs the same as an equivalent melee weapon (think of it like enhancing a bow to fire magical arrows).

If you're sticking to ranged combat and buffing, you'll likely be seperated from the melee characters who need your spells. In that case, Reach Spell (available as either a feat or as a class ability of the Heirophant) could be useful.

2007-05-16, 10:13 PM
I would second the Storm Lord.

If you are going more for style than optimization, I might suggest throwing in 2 levels or ranger. the TWF style would let you hurle an extra spear, plus the first two levels of ranger can give a lot of flavor to you.