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2015-09-25, 12:06 PM
I'm working on a Paladin Sacred Oath that has affinity for chaotic good (to fill the niche of Paladins of Freedom), but still fit pretty well with any good alignment. It has elements of freedom and redemption, and the abilities try to embody that through skills that allow unhindered movment, and second chances via advantage. I plan to add names to skills and flavor text as soon as I feel comfortable with what they all do. I was wondering if giantitp had any advice on balancing these features.

Oath of Absolution

Freedom - None should use their power to take power away from others. Tyrants and oppressors are no better than the unholy.
Forgiveness - Mortals make mistakes, and should be forgiven. Within reason.
Redemption - All should be given the chance to right their wrongs and make amends.
Improvement - You like all others are imperfect, and strive to do better in all endeavors.

3rd: Expeditious Retreat, Sanctuary
5th: Misty Step, Pass Without Trace
9th: Fly, Remove Curse
13th: Freedom of Movement, Death Ward
17th: Passwall, Teleportation Circle

Channel Divinity Options:
- End restrain/paralysis/petrification on yourself or one creature you can touch.
- When rolling for initiative, allied creatures within range of your auras have advantage.

7th Level: Aura of Redemption - You and allied creatures that fail an attack roll, saving throw, or ability check gain advantage on their next attack roll, saving throw, or ability check.
15th Level: Carpe Diem - Once per round, you may use your bonus action to give a creature, including yourself a free action. A free action may function as a bonus action or reaction, given that the conditions are met to make one of those actions (ex. two attacks of opportunity through your normal reaction and one from the free action when two creatures leave your range)
20th Level: Eternal Redemption (1 minute) - You movement can't be reduced by any means including terrain, grapple (grappled foes are dragged along with you when you move) etc.; Your movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity; You and allies within 30ft have advantage on attack rolls and saving throws

Right now I feel it is quite strong, but I prefer to start strong and weaken it while trying to retain the flavor of the mechanic.

2015-09-27, 11:06 PM
1. The concept is simple and easy to understand but maybe a little open ended to constitute a Paladin Oath. Though I have seen a lot worse.
2. Your 1st Channel Divinity option is powerful but specialized as well as instantaneous so it should be alright. The second one though is crap. I understand the advantage of going first but not only can this ability be denied and doesn't do anything to change the mechanical outcome. If you are going to have something to smite tyranny or the like here is where you should have it.
3. The Aura of Redemption is way too powerful as auras are intended to be specific because they are passive. Even the Aura of Warding can be avoided by not sending enemies that rely off of damaging spells. This though will be used in every combat with the concept of Bounded Accuracy.
4. Carpe Diem can be used in two ways either boosting another's economy by trading your own at a 1 to 1 ratio or giving yourself another reaction by the cost of a slightly higher action. It is probably better than Undying Sentinel but its trade is kind of lack-luster for the name it has.
5. I understand it is a once per day ability but on top of the other thing it gets giving everyone advantage on attacks for the round is going to end the encounter really quickly, especially with Rogues.

2016-03-31, 07:29 AM
This Oath looks interesting, but Eternal Redemption may be slightly overpowered. Having an advantage on attacks means that a Rogue in the party can benefit from the Sneak Attack feature as long as he/she stays near the paladin. This could be abused. And generally, advantage on attacks roll is a powerful thing.

As for Carpe Diem, it may be a little bit powerful, but I think it's alright. You should playtest it to check it out.

Aura of Redemption is also slightly overpowered, considering most martial classes have extra attack. It just means they get an advantage on their attack if they miss the previous one. Compared to other auras, this seems slightly more useful in any situation.