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2007-05-18, 03:47 AM
The sun rises over the city of Sour. It shines over the stone buildings, with roofs covered in red or blue tiles, and over the simpler huts in the district of the poor. It shines over the machines in the industry district, which, while stopped now, will soon start to work again as daily, filling the air with ruckus, sparks and smoke. It also shines over the roof and the courtyard of the majestic Royal Academy. A flock of pigeons wakes up and flies off, looking for something to scavenge - and those fifty cadets who are writing their final exam now only can wish they'd be so free as these birds!

Exam has been written. Around fifty cadets wait in anticipation for the scores in the hall - some of them start to get really stressful, some pretend that they don't care - but it's only a mask for sure. Finally, the door open! An elderly knight comes out, holding a piece of paper is his hands, waiting for the hall to become silent - which happens almost immediately.
"I will now announce the list of those of you who have passed the written exam. Those whom I will mention are to wait here for the practical exam, which will start in half an hour. Better luck next year for the rest of you."
Many cadets started to hate the knight for this comment, but at the moment, everyone is nervously listening to the list. The knights reads the names. Less than twenty among over fifty have passed! Those who haven't leave the hall, some of them swearing and angered, some with resignation.
"Congratulations." , the knight says simply to the remaining cadets, and leaves through the door that eh entered. The cadets remain in the hall, the practical test awaiting them soon. Simon, Jacob, Simura and Sebastian are among them.


In the meantime, the ruckus at the large courtyard before the Academy attracts a small crowd. King's soldiers, under the supervision of Academy's instructors, set up everything that'll be needed for the final part of the practical exam. A small fence is set up around the courtyard, to keep the civilians from entering it during the battle, and two large cages, both covered in white sheets, are set - many could've sworn they've heard some growling coming from them! At an honorary place, on the courtyard and as close to the expected place of battle as possible, is a throne - it is no mystery that King Malach will want to see the final test personally!

2007-05-18, 06:02 AM
Jacob Hextombe
During the exame Jacob is quite nervous, writing awnsers,scratching his head, erasing them, writing again, erasing once more ... dropping his pencil ...

Waiting, Jacob sits on the floor against the wall, half depressed, half bussy playing with a gil. He doesn't stop playing with the coin when the elderly knight enters, already knowing what the knight has to say ...
His supprize is big when his name is called, looking up and dropping the gil. Apparently he did give a few correct awnsers.

As the knight leaves, he picks up his - now lucky - gil and stands up. he throws the gil in the air, grabs it mid-air and puts it away.
being quite happy - and loud "OH YEAH. Who's da man?"

After a few seconds, he stops.
"Eeuh anyone know were we need to be in half an hour? I .. dind't quite ... expect ... to make it ..."

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-18, 07:03 AM

A moogle, standing atop a desk? Well I never... well, it is really the only way Simura can see over the heads of her classmates.

When her name is called, Simura does a little hop of joy, and starts grinning! "And they said a moogle could never become a knight..." Who 'they' are is a matter of speculation. Racists, I'd assume.

The happy moogle sits down on her desk, still grinning ear to ear - which is quite and accomplishment when your ears are at the top of your head.

"Now onto the practical exam! Oh, I hope it's exciting, kupo~!"

2007-05-18, 12:10 PM
Simon Blackstar

Standing at the back of the crowd, Simon is leaning on a wall eyes closed. When the names are called, his eyes open and he proceeds to look around the room. Looking at the other cadets that made the cut.

Seeing Jacob excited and confused he approaches him. "The Knight said we were to wait here for the practical exam. Congratulations on making it. My name's Simon Blackstar. I'm a mage candidate."

2007-05-18, 12:59 PM
Jacob Hextombe To Simon

"yeah, thanks. of course for me, it was a piece of cake ... don't see how anyone wouldn't pass that. eeeasy" obviously he's joking.
"Jacob Hextombe. greatest martial artist in the history of the world ... neh yust kidding. canditate warrior, specilized in unarmed combat."

oh yeah. congrats to your self. and to the other 19 "And to you all! We made it! WOOHOO"

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-18, 01:05 PM

Spotting Simon walking up to another student, she grins a little and leaps from desk to desk, before jumping up to stand on Simon's shoulders. "Hey Blackstar! Guess you passed too, huh?" She leans over, using Simon's head as a support, and grins at Jacob. "Hi! Name's Simura, kupo~! I'm a candidate... er... red mage, I guess? Combat and magic, anyway. I'm in Blackstar's Theory of Magic class. Was. That stuff's over now, I guess."

She's very.. chatty.

2007-05-18, 01:13 PM
Sebastian watches the others celebrate over passing the written exam. I guess it is something to be proud of. He shakes his head at his own lack of enthusiasm. He keeps his tattered cloak around hima and keeps his hood up as he paces around.

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but we're only half done. A little writing will seem easy compared to the challenges we await. He begins so stretch a little. My name's Sebastian. I'd guess you could call me a candidate thi....er...scout.

2007-05-18, 02:23 PM
Most of the other candidates remaining in the hall have gathered into such groups as yours, congratulating each other and getting ready for the, yet unknown, requirements of the approaching practical test...

(Half an hour later... feel free to continue both your conversation and write what are you doing in the future.)

The door have finally opened again, making the hall silent almost immediately once again. This time, two knights entered - apart from the elderly one known from before, a well-built man with long, dark hair and an eyepatch on his right eye also is here. And it's him who speaks:
"I hope everyone is ready for the practical part. You will be split in two groups now, in orders for the exam to go smoother. Those whose first names begin with letters from A to I, follow Sir Berne." He nods towards the other knight. "The rest of you, follow me." After leaving the hall, he proceeded towards the parts of the Academy usually forbidden for the cadets. Which was even stranger, the group headed towards the basement!
(I assume that you are following him.)
The knight and his group soon arrived in a large room in the basement, dry and devoid of any furniture or ornaments, with light given from an electric lamp on the ceiling. There are many iron doors in the room, though.
"Now, cadets, the shorter but much more intensive part of the final test awaits you. Behind each of those doors, there's a tunnel. In order to pass this part of the exam, you need to arrive to the other side. Turning back, yelling loudly that you give up, spending inside more than two hours, passing away... all of those actions make you fail." He grins. "Well, I joked about the last part. I do not suspect anything more serious would happen to any of you inside. Remember, though it might not look that way, your progress shall be observed from outside. I hope you don't have any questions, as I'm not going to answer any since I've said everything you need to know. Good luck, and off you go - a single one to each door!"

Behind each of the doors, there's a simple tunnel, 10 feet wide and 12 high, very similar to the room before in the terms of light and looks. The tunnel does not turn nor splits up, but after a short while it's blocked by a square block of rough, splintered wood - which leaves a free space of about 2 feet under the ceiling, but only an inch or two on the both sides.

2007-05-18, 03:21 PM
Jacob Hextombe

@ sebastian
"A scout you say? no wonder your have done. Me for one, I'm 100% boiled, baken and packed." Jacob says with a smile

@ the tunnel
"So if we kick the bucket, we pass? Cool. Well gang, see you at the other side ..."Jacob runs in the tunnel. Right before the wooden wall, Jacob jumps to his left, kicks the wall, and uses the backlash to increase the jump and create a spin-effect, clearing the wooden obstacle with ease. landing on the floor with both feet and a knee. he re-asess the situations. "I'm he-ere ..."

2007-05-18, 04:34 PM
Sebastian mutters under his breath as he sizes up the obstacle.. He draws his dagger and walks up to the wooden obstacle. He ties his rope onto the end of the dagger and stabs it into the wall about 4 feet off the ground.With the rope in his mouth, he jumps up onto the dagger using it as a peg to stand on and grasps the top of the obstacle with both of his free hands and pulls himself up. He straddles the wood as he pulls his dagger out with his rope. He drops to the ground on the other side and rolls to break the fall. Sebastian springs up re-sheaths his dagger and continues down the tunnel.

Not too challenging...yet.

2007-05-18, 05:07 PM
Jacob, Sebastian

When both of you climb up the block, it turns out that it's also ten feet long. Crawling over its surface is nothing that'd stop anyone, though it's rough and splintery.

A short distance after the block, the corridor (for both of you) splits into two directions - the corridor leading onwards ends in a dead end after around fifteen feet, so the only reasonable thing is to go to the side. The corridor here ends in an iron door, similar to those at the beginning of the challenge - yet when you approach them, they open on their own, also closing behind you as you step through them.


You arrive in a large, circular room, similar to the previos ones in appearance (this "practice dungeon" looks pretty dull...), filled with similar metal doors over the whole wall. One of them opens a short while after you enter the room, and closes behind you as you enter it.

Another corridor... though it ends in a room that looks different! It's a square, medium-sized room, with its floor covered in an ankle-high layer of mud. On the other side of the room, there's an iron door with an easily visible lock, and on the right wall there's a niche, in which you can see a large, brass key. There's a small hole in the wall on the other side. After a short while, you hear the faint sound of metal door in the corridor behind you opening and closing, and Sebastian enters the room soon.


The same as Jacob above, except that when you arrive to the mud-filled room, there's also Jacob in here, and you don't hear nor see yourself entering the room again of course.

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-18, 05:15 PM
Simura hums to herself as she trots along the tunnel. She doesn't even stop when she reaches the block; she simply jumps up to the top of the block and strolling along with her pompom dragging against the ceiling. Wings are awesome things to have, even when you don't know how to fly. And being two feet tall is handy, too.

"I thought this was supposed to be an obstacle course..."

2007-05-18, 05:58 PM

A short distance after the block, the corridor splits into two directions - the corridor leading onwards ends in a dead end after around fifteen feet, so the only reasonable thing is to go to the side. The corridor here ends in an iron door, similar to those at the beginning of the challenge - yet when you approach them, they open on their own, also closing behind you as you step through them.

You arrive in a large, circular room, similar to the previos ones in appearance (this "practice dungeon" looks pretty dull...), filled with similar metal doors over the whole wall. One of them opens a short while after you enter the room, and closes behind you as you enter it.

Another corridor... though it ends in a room that looks different! It's a square, medium-sized room, with its floor covered in an ankle-high layer of mud. On the other side of the room, there's an iron door with an easily visible lock, and on the right wall there's a niche, in which you can see a large, brass key. There's a small hole in the wall on the other side.

(The other two are not here, this is just a similar room.)

2007-05-18, 07:06 PM
Sebastian glances around the room to get his bearings. He recognizes the other person in the room after a second glance. Umm...don't tell me...Jacob...yeah Jacob. So what do you think of this room? Shoud I just attempt to pick the lock or what? He shifts a small bag out from under his cloak. It's his thievery kit. Maybe we should do something with that key though...I'd hate to have this door explode on me or something.

2007-05-18, 10:11 PM

Walking over to the wall and staring up at the hole. This is not gonna be easy...i knew i should have spent more time outside. "

He begins his attempt to climb the wall. After about 5 minutes of struggling he finally manages to get to the hole. Climbing thru to the other side.

Covered in sweat he walks over to the door.That was more difficult than expected.

2007-05-19, 02:59 AM

oh great .. my boots are going to be ruined

"Oh hi ... eeuh ... <scratches his head> ... eeuh ... Sebastian! yeah that's it. yeah never been good with names ..."

"I don't know if they'd rig the door. such bombs might kill people ... playing along and getting the key might be the best idea I guess. I wonder whats with the hole though: I think it either spits mud, or it shoots an arrow thingy when we try and get the key ...

Jacob goes to the hole and examines it (he's not standing right in front of it though ...). If he doesn't see anything special, he tries moving his hand quick in front of it (if its something like a electric eye/arrow trap, that he triggers it without getting hit).

2007-05-19, 03:31 AM

A short distance after the block, the corridor splits into two directions - the corridor leading onwards ends in a dead end after around fifteen feet, so the only reasonable thing is to go to the side. The corridor here ends in an iron door, similar to those at the beginning of the challenge - yet when you approach them, they open on their own, also closing behind you as you step through them.

You arrive in a large, circular room, similar to the previos ones in appearance (this "practice dungeon" looks pretty dull...), filled with similar metal doors over the whole wall. One of them opens a short while after you enter the room, and closes behind you as you enter it.

Another corridor... though it ends in a room that looks different! It's a square, medium-sized room, with its floor covered in an ankle-high layer of mud. On the other side of the room, there's an iron door with an easily visible lock, and on the right wall there's a niche, in which you can see a large, brass key. There's a small hole in the wall on the other side.

Apart from you, there's also Simura in this room.


After a short while, you hear the faint sound of metal door in the corridor behind you opening and closing, and Simon enters the room soon.


The hole is very small, probably too small for an arrow to shoot out of it, but you see something inside - zapping sparks light up and and disappear. When you move your hand before the hole, nothing happens.

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-19, 05:22 AM
Simura hmmmms, looking around the room. She then perks up as Simon enters the room, and does a backflip, landing on his shoulders! "Hey Blackstar! So, what do you think of this room? It's obviously some sort of trap... I mean, they put the key right there..."

2007-05-19, 05:28 AM

"very interesting ... <waits 2.6 seconds> ... well, I'm out of ideas. Sebastian, any idea what could give sparks here in the wall? ... perhaps a lightning trap?"

Jacobs walks upto the door and bangs 3 times on it.
"never hurts to be polite does it"

2007-05-19, 05:37 AM
Nothing happens with the door. Not unexpected, to be honest.

2007-05-19, 11:45 AM

"Ah, with the mud on my shoulders. Simura!" He sighs. "So how do we get that key?"

Simon walks over to the small hole and tries to take a look inside, without being directly in front of it.

"Any ideas Simura?"

2007-05-19, 12:01 PM

The hole is very small, probably too small for an arrow to shoot out of it, but you see something inside - zapping sparks light up and and disappear. They seem to be magical in nature.

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-19, 01:23 PM
Simura leans down, staring into the hole while simultaneously obstructing Simon's view by way of her stomach. "...Mana..." She seems to be mesmerised for a few seconds, before snapping out of it and hopping down to the floor. "So... Thunder trap?"

2007-05-19, 10:13 PM
Sebastian fails to suppress a chuckle at Jacob's antics.
That's worth a shot...not that I've ever seen it work. Electricity eh? Why not jam some mud in the sparky hole and then get the key? He scoops up some mud and walks next to the hole. Well, what do you think?

2007-05-20, 01:26 AM
Jacob Hextombe

"Brilliant. Simple easy, not to much of hassle ... better let me handle it ... might get a jolt from it." he says with a smile

"Seems I owe you an apology for the scout being only half crack".

((OOC, since I'm guessing you're asleep right now, and I'm not ...
and we both agree on the plan, might go ahead with it ... ))

Jacob takes of his leather gloves, and start to stuff the hole with mud carefully ...

2007-05-20, 01:42 AM
Strangely, stuffing the hole with mud didn't set up the trap.

(I bet you want to take the key now, so...)

The exact moment one of you steps before the niche to take the key, a spray of mud ejects from the hole - it seems that the improvised barrier worked! A few seconds later, a spring rises oneedge of the tile which was apparently under the mud before the niche, which'd make the person standing there fall - if it was still standing there.

The key fits the lock. The door is now open.

2007-05-20, 02:07 AM
which'd make the person standing there fall - if it was still standing there.
noone's there anymore: suppose there was a second volley of shocks, that the mud-barriar didn't stop...

Jacob whipes of his hands and puts his gloves back on ... then he walks through the door. "I wonder If we'll meet any others here ..."

(I don't know if Sebastian want's to scout, but I'm guessing we don't move far from each other) <though its possible that scouting doesn't matter for the next challenge ...>.

2007-05-20, 05:12 AM
Behind the door, there is another boring corridor... which ends with a ladder leading up, to a wooden trap-door in the ceiling. It leads to a thin but long room, with a row of similar trapdoors, and a door on one of the wide walls. When you enter it, fresh air blows into your face - you are outside! The room was inside a, usually locked, building, which borders with the courtyard in front of the Academy.

And it seems that the whole place is ready for the final part! Around a dozen of armored guards make sure that no civilian gets past the temporary fence around the courtyard - there's quite a crowd over there! - and two others keep close watch at the sides of the throne... where a richly-dressed, middle-aged man with long, blue hair and sideburns, eyes and face showing interes in the things that happen around him, sits. Even without his crown and royal scepter it'd be obvious that it's king Malach of Sour himself!

The sheets from the cages are partially removed, and everyone can see what's inside! In the first one, curious creatures reside - each of them has a round, yellow body, around 3 feel in diameter, possessing a single, constatly frowning eye which is almost as big, a pair of bat-like wings, a tail, and two short legs, ending with sharp claws. The creatures in the second cage are a bit more ordinary - they look like wolves or other canines, with brown and gray fur, except that their hair is stiff and pointy, resembling needles just like in a porcupine's case. The cages are open, and some of the creatures are even outside them, though they seem to wander around passively. There's around a dozen of all those creatures in total, and apart from them, king Malach and the guards, there's only one person inside the courtyard - a red-haired man with a full beard, wearing a blue robe and smoking a pipe, who just noticed Jacob and Sebastian, and approaches them.
"Well, it was not so hard, eh? Seems you two are first this year. Take ya time, rest and prepare, and lemme know when you're ready for the last part of the test! See those beauties over there? The flying eyes are Pygmy Ahrimans (normal ones are much bigger, ya see!), and the canines - Thornwolves. Each of ya must choose one monster, fight it individually, and beat the crap outta it! Remember, don't kill'em - don't worry, they won't kill ya either as long as I'm over here, controlling their weak minds. Now it'd be a different matter if they were at wild, but they ain't." He grins. "Take yer time and tell me when you're ready, pals."
"Ah, and I almost forgot." He adds after a second. "See that table over there? Those bottles on it are healing potions. Each of ya can take one of'em, and keep it. A present for those who got that far, and I'm sure they'll be useful in or after the fights!"

2007-05-20, 07:16 AM
Jacob Hextombe

"Yeah well with his wits and my muscles, No wonder we're here first..."

"A one-on-one fight you say? That hardly seem fair ... poor critters. Oh well, I'll take a thornwolf. Don't wanna waist my time bouncing a walking beachball, you see." Jacob walks up to the table and takes a potion, which dissapears in his vest.

He starts stretching ... his legs, his arms; some shadow boxing, some very high kicks ... then he crackes his knuckles.
"Well, If ya make him running away if his almost dead, I won't kill him ... Well I'm ready ... bring it on ..."

((combat: Jacob will start with a series of jump attacks. If he gets under halve hp, he'll quarf his potion and use beserk. if he gets under halve again (and thus having received 100 damage), he'll use his limit breaker))
((flavor, Jacob starts with a tripple salto, landing the back of his foot on the head of the wolf. then he jumps up again, and when he lands, he uses his right fist to hit when landing; from crouched position he rolls backward to his feet, makes a single salto and slams both fists ,like a hamer on the critter))

2007-05-20, 07:42 AM
"Let's just plug up this hole with some of this mud and that should stop it from making it across the room."

Simon grabs a handful of mud and jams it into the hole.

"Simura go grab the key. Just in case though...grab it quick."

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-20, 08:09 AM
Simura blinks at Simon, wondering how he came up with that, but just shrugs and grabs the key, putting it into the lock and twisting it!

2007-05-20, 08:29 AM
Simon, Simura

It worked. The door is now open. Since I'm sure you've read the previous posts *cough, cough, wink wink*, I know it will ring a bell if I say that the corridor is similar to the one the other two crossed before, and that it ends in the same room. You arrive in the courtyard at the same moment Jacob starts his battle with a thornwolf!


Something in the canine's behaviour changes (apparently its bond is being loosened a little) - it growls and runs towards Jacob, with obviously aggresive intent!
But Jacob was faster. His first jumping kick hits the wolf in the head, knocking it down for a second and leaving it confused and angered! (41 damage)
Some of the creature's spikes thrust into the flesh of his leg as he lands the blow! (10 damage)
The angered thornwolf hops up on two legs to bite Jacob's arm. It lets loose after some struggling. (28 damage)
The second jumping attack, a punch, knocks the wolf back several feet. (40 damage)
The creature gets up, and runs away to its cage, uwwing! Its aggression is gone again.

The crowd was far from silent before, but now it really starts cheering! The king nods appreciatively. "Well done, young'in.", says the monster handler. He puffs a smoke ring from his pipe and goes to check on the wounded wolf. After giving the creature some meat and medicine, he turns to Simura, Simon, and four other cadets that arrived in the meantime. "Well, as ya can see, the final part has just started! In order to pass, each of you must fight a battle with one of those creatures over here. Fights are one on one, ya choose yer opponent. Don't kill it! It won't kill ya either. And feel free to take a healing potion from that table, each of ya. That's all I think, tell me when ya are ready!"
Since two more cadets arrive very soon after that, the man has his hands full of explaining.

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-20, 10:39 AM
Simura can't help but grin, trotting to the table to take a healing potion and add it to her stash. "Hm... Those eyes look interesting..." She grins to herself, unsheathing her scimitar while she approaches the closest Pygmy Ahriman.

She closes her eyes, then opens them again, her eyes now shining a bright blue. "Mana... speak..." She looks as though she's 'reading' the Pygmy Ahriman... then, she grins, and leaps in to attack!

[First action: Sense. All subsequent actions: Attack! Unless she gets down to 35 hp, at which case she will quaff a potion. If her limit gauge fills up, she'll blast the Pygmy Ahriman with a Mana Surge.]

Simura has a rather... acrobatic style. She's very swift, even when wearing heavy iron boots and gauntlets. Her body seems to crackle with blue sparks as her adrenaline really starts pumping...

2007-05-20, 12:06 PM
Ahriman notices the attack, and jumps towards Simura, flapping its wings! It slashes her with its claws, though most what they do is scratch at her armor. (14 damage)
Simura senses the strengths and weaknesses of the creature...
|Pygmy Ahriman
|Level 4
|HP 50/50
|MP 8/8
|Weak against Wind.
The creature seems quite sluggish, and Simura has the time to attack again! She tries to slash at the flying eye with a leaping attack... and it turns out that the ahriman is not so sluggish after all! It dodges the blow, flapping its wings and getting airborne.
The Ahriman frowns with discontent and starts to flap its wings more energetically. It produces a gust of wind that, while approaching, forms a small tornado, which tosses Simura backwards, making her crash into the nearest cage! (35 damage)

However... something feels different for the moogle...

(Simura's move. She learns how to use the Blue Magic spell Aero, which works like Fire, Ice or Thunder, but deals Wind damage. I freezed the action in case you want to change tactics due to this discovery.)

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-20, 12:16 PM
As soon as the small tornado hits Simura, there is a flash of blue and she's blown backwards into the cage! Simura gets to her feet, shaking her head and looking confused. "Wh...what? How... ugh, what's wrong with my head...?" She looks at the floating eyeball, frowning. "How do I know..."

Simura shakes her head. Now isn't the time to be questioning this. She just grins. "Whatever you did to me, eyeball, it was a big mistake. She closes her eyes, concentrating, bringing both hands to her heart as the blue crackling focuses on her hands. "Mana... Aero!" She thrusts both hands forward, in a manner that evokes some similarity to the Ahriman. A gust of wind seems to come into being from nowhere, forming into a miniature tornado and shooting for the creature!

[New tactics? Spam Aero.]

2007-05-20, 12:29 PM
The whirlwind hits the flying creature, which is helpless against its force and is forced to revolve around quickly. When the tornado vanishes a few seconds later, the ahriman falls down to the ground upside down. (104 damage)

The creature gets up, bleeding from the top of its head, and walks away dizzily.
The crowd gets silent, unsure what have they just seen. Suddenly, something breaks the silence - the sound of calm, polite clapping. It's nobody else but king Malach! The crowd starts to cheer again.
The beast handler checks the flying eye's wound, smiling to himself. "If the rest'll be as promising as those two, we're gonna have a whole lot of great new knights this year..."

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-20, 12:40 PM
Simura stares at her hands for a few moments, then, hearing the clapping, scratches the back of her head with a bit of a grin. She collects her scitmitar - which she dropped after being thrown into the cage - and quaffs one of her potions, her scratches, cuts and bruises seeming to fade away nigh-instantly.

"I have absolutely no idea what I just did... was that Blue Magic? How did I learn how to do Blue Magic..?" She's mainly talking to herself, walking towards the edge of the little arena in a daze.

2007-05-20, 03:45 PM

Walking over to the table, he takes a potion and sticks it in his pocket. After watching Simura take on the Pygmy Ahriman he decides, thats what he'll fight as well.

"I'll take the eye thing."

(spam fire spell til it's dead)

Barely even stressed that he's about to be attacked by this monster, Simon calmly casts Fire.

2007-05-20, 04:00 PM
The creature looks deeply at Simon with its only eye, and he starts to feel strange... he starts to feel tired, not physically, but mentally, and falls into trance...
The thing that wakes him up a moment later is the ahriman clawing at him deeply! (24 damage)
He manages to shoot fire right into the monster, blowing it away. (57 damage)

The creature, all covered in sooth, lands heavily around fifteen feet away. It tries to stand up, fails, and decides to fly into the cage instead.

2007-05-21, 12:48 AM
Well, I suppose you are forgiven, Jacob.

Sebastian lets out an audible sigh and grabs his potion. I guess I'm up against one of these wolves. He strolls over toward the creature and attempts to hide amidst his swirling cloak. He hopes to slightly confuse the creature as to his exact whereabouts so that he can get in a few surprising stabs.
(Battle plan-hide, sneak attack, repeat unless under 50%HP. If under 50% drink potion and continue battle)

2007-05-21, 03:32 AM
The wolf gets confused by the swirling cloak, unsure why its opponent changes shape so quickly. It jumps at the material, trying to gnaw it - but Sebastian is not there where the creature bites!
Seeing an opportunity to attack a vulnerable spot, he stabs the thornwolf with his dagger. The hit connects exactly where it's supposed to, and Sebastian manages to avoid the creature's spikes (70 damage).
The wolf yowls and lies down on the floor, covering its head with its paws, in no mood for any more fighting.

This fight took place simultaneously with Simon's battle, and other cadets are going to fight really soon too. The attention of most of the spectators, guards, and the king is paid on observing and cheering at the battles, and most of the creatures are outside the cages. This is a perfect opportunity...


One of the guards at king Malach's sides stabs the monarch with his spear! The king groans, and you can see blood appearing on his clothes! The guard tears the scepter from king's hand, while the second one throws his spear, hitting the monster handler in his back! The man falls down without a sound, pipe falling from his mouth. Those two treacherous guards jump over the fence, and start to run away with the royal scepter.

The whole scene took less than a second... they are fast!

The mental bond that kept the monsters in line disappears, and they start to act aggressively! Most of them start to apprach the nearest of all the creatures that surround them, and obviously not to lick their faces! Only those that were already wounded in battles do not act that way.
Panic starts to spread in the crowd! The other, honest guards and cadets, are unsure what to do, and either start to panic themselves, keep everyone else from panicking, or hold the beasts away from the civilians.

Three thornwolves, growling, surround one of the cadets - a thin guy in an armor too big for him. He tries to keep them at bay with his shield, shouting for help!
Another thornwolf leaps towards the crown, in a place where no guards stand. The people move away, yet one of them trips - a woman with a small boy, the eyes of both full of fear. And the creature is already in midair, almost landing on its prey!
The ahrimans start to swoop towards the crowd, causing even more panic.

In the chaos that ensued, the two guards disappear in a side alley.

2007-05-21, 04:34 AM
Jacob Hextombe

not thinking, Jacob moves between the fallen woman and her child and the jumping thornwolf. (I'm trying to take the hit for the commoners, so I'm not dodging away.)

((battleplan: take the hit instead of the commoners, then
jump attacks till I'm lower then half hp; qaurf potion; repeat { beserk hits till limit breaker; limit breaker; } ))
((after the first limit breaker Jacob call to the others "might need some healing here ..."))

2007-05-21, 05:24 AM

Spread out and stop those monsters! We need to protect the crowd! Sebastian, help that cadet. Simura and I can stop the Ahrimans."

Simon runs toward the crowd and when in range begins to cast.

(Split Fire. Then switch to attacking. if anyone on the team calls for healing or is noticably low on HP, Simon will Cure. If Simon's HP gets really low, he'll drink the potion.)

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-21, 05:59 AM
Simura snaps out of her daze as the monsters start attacking! She leaps to her feet, running to aid Simon, as blue energy crackles down her arms.

[Battle plan: Split Aero to take out as many of the flying eye things as possible, then begin attacking when she runs out of mp. If she gets low on mp, drink the potion. If she hits her limit break.. she'll use it, obviously.]

2007-05-21, 08:12 AM
A smile had been slowly creeping across Sebastians face as he had defeated his thornwolf so easily, but then again it was under control.

Then, the guards commited their treason. Sebastian at first had been compeled to chase them down, but the beasts attacking the crowd were more pressing. Heeding Simon's advice he sprints towards his fellow cadet.

Hang on! He immediately springs toward the thornwolf closest to the cadet and slashes with his dagger. Of all the days to do this crap, why today? His face remains mostly expressionless as he commits himself to the battle.

(Straight up attacking the thornwolves. If the cadet drops below 50%HP give him the potion or if Sebastian drops below 25% HP before that he will take it.)

2007-05-21, 08:22 AM
((By the way, I'm the new player Tengu's written about in the OOC topic. My character sheet should be available for reading now))

As soon as the whole hell breaks loose, a single figure bursts out from the crowd!
Meredith leaps forward to the three Thornwolves, kicking one's side while in the air - moreso to distract rather than to hurt it.

I see you rookies could use some help...

She narrows her eyes and situates herself between the wolves and the distressed cadet, unsheathing her sword in a single fluid move. She positions the zweihander in a defensive position at eyes' level, one hand on the hilt, the other behind the sword's tip.

Don't get in the way...

Battle tactics

First action: Meredith grips her weapon firmly with both hands, focused expression on her face. Suddenly, the sword's edge bursts into flames! (cast Fire Weapon)

Following actions: attack the enemy thornwolves one-by-one (most wounded first), swinging the weapon in wide, blazing arcs (that's the plural for arc, right?).

I said, don't get in the way! Automatically Cover all allies if possible.

D... damn... If Meredith falls below 30 HP, she drinks a healing potion - sneering.

2007-05-21, 08:34 AM
Jacob vs Thornwolf

Acting quickly, Jacob jumps between the aggrevated creature and its victims, and takes the claw swipe that'd surely end grievely for the woman or her child on himself. (29 damage)
Having the thornwolf's attention, he attacks it the same way as he did before - he manages to avoid the wolf's spikes. (41 damage)
The creature tries to bite deeply into Jacob's flesh, but he dodges the blow!
Since Jacob is wounded, he drinks a potion.
The thornwolf swipes at Jacob with its spiky tail (26 damage).
Jacob enters a berserking rage and attacks the wolf with furious punches, once by once! (55 damage)

The wolf drops dead!
During the combat, the woman managed to get up, but only now when it's over, she runs away with her boy... "Th...thank you!" She manages to stutter those words before.

Simon and Simura vs Ahrimans

There are four ahrimans, and they notice a greater threat approaching!
The first one flaps his wings and creates a strong wind, which knocks Simon and Simura down! (Simon 13 damage, Simura 14 damage)
The second one stares at the moogle intensely, hypnotizing her with its strange gaze, and making her fall asleep on her feet!
The third one charges towards Simura and headbutts her. (28 damage)
Simon casts a fire spell on the ahrimans, dealing 29 damage to each.
Simura can use her limit break, and does so! The limit break results in a powered up fire spell, which engulfs the creatures (42 damage to each).

The charred remainings of the flying eyes drop down heavily.

Sebastian and Meredith vs Thornwolves

You manage to capture the beasts in a pincer attack, Meredith attacking from the front and Simon from the back.
Meredith concentrates and her sword bursts in flames.
Sebastian stabs the nearest wolf from the back, hitting it between the spine's disks and killing it outright! (74 damage)
Some of the dead creature's spikes pierce Sebastian's skin. (8 damage)
One of the two remaining wolves turns around and bites Sebastian. (26 damage)
The last wolf jumps towards the cadet, but Meredith takes the blow on herself (20 damage).
Sebastian slashes the wolf that's turned back to him, and lands a killing blow on a critical spot! (72 damage)
Once again, some of the spikes thrust into his arm (8 damage).
Meredith attacks the last wolf with a wide swipe, pushing its burning, dead corpse to the side. (66 damage)
The creature's thorns also deal damage to her. (8 damage)

The cadet drops on his knees slowly. "I give up... I'm not cut out for this..."

(Feel free to write additional descriptions of what you did in the battle.)

Suddenly, the king moves and lets out what's supposed to be a shout, but ended as a loud whisper, heard only by the people nearby. "Don't let them get away... the scepter...!" An ugly, wet cough follows.

Current HP and MP (which can also be seen in the ooc section):
|Simon 63/100 HP, 12/20 MP
|Jacob 57/100 HP, 18/18 MP (close to a limit break)
|Simura 43/85 HP, 16/20 MP
|Sebastian 63/105 HP, 16/16 MP
|Meredith 77/105 HP, 16/20 MP

2007-05-21, 09:25 AM
Sebastian takes a diving roll towards the first thornwolf as he brings his dagger down. The creature collapses, but he cannot avoid its thorns as they stab into his arm. Another wolf leaps at Sebastian and bites. He staggers back from the blow, blood seeping through his cloak. He rolls to the side and takes a stab at it, piercing a lung and it's heart. Again it's spikes injure him.

He looks up in time to see this newcomer slash a wolf with a flaming sword. He shoots a glare towards her.I think it would be unwise to call me a rookie again.

Sebastian walks over to the cadet and roughly lifts him to his feet. He smiles and pats him on the back, but his frown shows his true feelings. Sebastian lifts his potion to his lips and drains it. Then he hears the King's faint cry. He asks anyone and everyone frantically which way the attackers fled.

2007-05-21, 10:08 AM
This is no time to sulk. Meredith returns the glare with a short, impassive stare.

Someone take care of the wounded. Fast! She exclaims with a raised voice, giving the king and the beast keeper a quick glance while sheating her sword with her right hand, the left accusingly pointing at the crowd. Not waiting for any reaction from the people around, she sprints forward, to the alley the culprits went.

Defeated only one opponent... hell, you're slipping! - thoughts ring through her head, forcing her to bare her teeth in irritation.

Leaving a drop of blood every few steps, Meredith tries to, not very succesfully, recall the layout of the surrounding area - maybe there is a shortcut which she can take to get ahead of the traitorous guards?

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-21, 10:38 AM
Simura falls asleep, then abruptly wakes up when headbutted in the chest! "Guh..?!" She scrambles to her feet, her eyes glowing a bright blue. "Why the hell did I fall.. no, no time." She grins, then spins into the air, suspended by some invisible force. "I love doing this.. Mana Surge: Fire!!" A bolt of flame splits into four, and engulfs the floating eyes in a roaring inferno!

She lands on the ground, panting, then glances up as she sees Meredith shoot off. "...Blackstar! You know Cure, right? Heal the king, I'll go get the people who did that to him!" And, without a moment's hesitation, she runs off after Meredith.

2007-05-21, 01:51 PM

"I'm on it. I'll catch up with you as soon as I can"

Simon turns to head towards the king. Checking to see if there are any signs of life left in him.

(If the king is not dead yet, Simon casts Cure on him. If the king is dead, Simon scans the crowd for mortally wounded, then Split Cures them, and will continue on after the others)

2007-05-21, 04:35 PM
The king's wound seems not to be serious, and he waves his hand to the side as Simon heals him, as if showing that he should not worry about him, but follow the intruders.

Nobody in the crowd has more than a shallow wound or a couple of scratches, but the creature handler body has no signs of life in it - the spear was thrown with great force, and it pierced through him, its tip visibly sticking from his chest under the robe.

Simon runs to join the rest of the pursuers, who follow the guards in the web of side and back alleys of the city, full of trash cans and laundry high over your heads. You feel that you are getting near to them, perhaps even start to hear them!

2007-05-21, 09:32 PM
Sebastian shakes his head at this woman full of herself. Note to self: Ignore her existance.

He gives chase after her, and soon begins to pull ahead. He then realizes being in front is just plain foolish and drops back slightly behind.

Sebastian feels they are drawing closer and moves instinctively towards the shadows and grips his dagger.

2007-05-21, 11:25 PM

Now knowing the king is safe, Simon bolts after the group. Feeling mentally drained "We need to be careful, I'm not sure how much more support I can give"

(When they catch up to the traitors, if they catch up to them, Simon will use melee combat and use a Split Cure when someone needs health.)

2007-05-22, 01:39 AM

flavor against the wolf: As the wolf bites, Jacobs eyes flare red. a powerfull uppercut is driven into the head of the wolf, who's jaw breaks, makes a 180 degree spin, and lands on his back ... dead.

Jacob looks at the table of potions "desperate times ...", grabs a potion, quarfs it while running after the pursuers.
(drinking while running doesn't go so good I guess, so its possible that part of the potion is spilled)

If Jacob runs faster then Simura: When he runs besides the moogle, he picks her up and puts her on his back "hold on !"

2007-05-22, 03:48 AM
The table with potions got tripped in the chaos that happened not so long ago, but one of the bottles is still not broken and its contents are still inside.

The whole group - Meredith first, Sebastian cautiously just behind her, Jacob with Simura on his back, and Simon a few moments later - are alarmed by a strange light coming from one of the alleys before them, and yes indeed! - the guards are there! They have removed their helmets in the meantime and, as they turn their heads into your direction, there is no doubt - with their lean, triangular faces, almond-shaped eyes, and long, pointy ears, they are elves!

(Elves are a rare race in this world. They mostly live in the wilderness, though some elves settle in human villages and cities for a time. Nobody from other races has ever seen an elf settlement or city, and elves themselves never mention them. Elves are usually calm, non-problematic members of society, who tend to help people with various problems if asked.)

Both of them are male. The first one, wielding a spear in one hand and the king's scepter in another, has green, braided hair, and stands between the rest of the alley and the second one - who has long, black hair, and green tattoos resembling striking lightnings on his face. The second one is busy concentrating on channeling some spell, and magical motes fly in the air before him. He's not busy enough not to notice you:
"Fools, why have you come here! Don't you know you have to die now?"

2007-05-22, 07:24 AM
Jacob Hextombe

still pumped up from his fights against the wolves, Jacob responds in kind

"Don't take us lightly, b*st*rd!"
<japanese "Namen ja nai wa yo, kisama!">

((Jacob enters beserk and starts pounding on the one with the scepter. he'll also use his limit breaker if able against the one with the scepter)).

2007-05-22, 09:23 AM
"Talen, take this where it should go!" The elf throws the king's scepter to the other one, and you can see the large, crimson gem - no, not gem, orb - on the end of the scepter shimmer and sparkle, changing colours, as if there was a flame captured inside.
"Okay, Erenir... but don't get yourself killed! And same with Ralei and Thobos!" With these words, Talen catches the rod, and immediately disappears in a flash of sparkling motes!
You suddenly notice two figures on the rooftops! They jump down nimbly, one of them in front of you, at Erenir's side, and another behind you! They are also elves, wearing loose green and brown clothing, covering their lower faces with bandit-style masks, and each wielding two long knives! The one in front of you is a woman, with blue hair kept in a ponytail, and the one behind you a man, with short, spiky white hair. Those must be Ralei and Thobos, and they seem keen on getting rid of you too...

Jacob's blow connects! (but the results will be in my new post)

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-22, 09:49 AM
Simura is slightly confused to find herself on Jacob's back, but she's glad that she doesn't have to tire herself out sprinting to keep up with all the people with longer legs than her!

As Jacob attacks, Simura jumps down to the floor, taking a position at the front of the part (that is, the front row) and drawing her scimitar.

[Sense on closest elf, report findings to rest of party, then split Aero (unless they're immune to or absorb Wind, of course), then just attack with her scimitar. If things start going badly she'll focus an Aero on the least-damaged elf.]

2007-05-22, 10:04 AM
(OOC stuff:
Since the enemies are in two groups - Erenir and Ralei in fron of the party, Thobos behind the party - it's tactically important to call the targets on your own, I cannot make such important decisions for you.

Also, I take that the whole party is in one row, yes?

Oh, and remember to post what direction do you turn after attacking, unless it's default - in the direction of your last target.

A lot of this OOC stuff, but hey - it's the first time the party is caught in a pincer attack.

Hope you don't mind the amount of combat... it will vary, and this first "session" is battle-intensive.)

2007-05-22, 10:09 AM
Jacob Hextombes (last post of today)
since Jacob goes beserk, He'll yust pounds elves.
(he'll use his limit breaker immediately, for the most possible damage (if he can choose between targets, he'll choose the least damaged one, since excess damage after a kill is lost) )

2007-05-22, 10:11 AM
Meredith furrows her brow, taking a step forward.
Crap... too slow... She mutters to herself, drawing the sword and circling it overhead in an arc, bringing it to a low position.
Backstabbing scum, surrender or die! Nearly spitting out the last words, she rushes forward the elf attacked by Jacob (Erenir?), hacking him in an upward strike.

As always, Cover on allies when able. Drink a potion if wounded - below 35 HP. If situation gets very nasty, Meredith stops attacking in "auto" mode and... well, I'll have to think yet.

2007-05-22, 12:58 PM

Finally catching up to see the group engaged with 3 elves, he pulls out his Battle Book and heads for the Elf with the spiky white hair. Swinging as hard as he can.

(Simon is in the front row, due to needing to do melee. He will wait for the elves to do some damage before he moves to the back row and casts Split Cure. In the meantime, he'll continue to attack the white spiky haired elf.)

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-22, 04:48 PM
(I guess Simura will focus her attacks on Simon's target. Default facing, of course.)

2007-05-22, 06:31 PM
Sebastian sighs. We really should have seen this coming. He immediately takes off into the shadows/rubble/cover.

(Sebastian is hiding. Then he will attack the elf behind the group(Thobos?) with sneak attack.)

2007-05-23, 04:39 AM
(I'll keep the results of your actions simple - feel free to describe them on your own.)

Jacob's violent hit connects, wounding Erenir for 49 damage!
"Idiots, if you knew the bigger picture, you'd realize there's noturning back or surrendering here! You are just unlucky - you've stepped into something that's deeper than you'd imagine..." The elf takes a step back and spits out some blood, immediately stabbing Jacob with his spear! (31 damage, 69 HP left)
Thobos throws one of his knives at Sebastian, hitting him in the back! (50 damage, 55 HP left)
Ralei jumps towards Simura and tries to slash her, but Meredith interferes and takes the blow on herself! Ralei backflips to her previous position. (20 damage, 57 HP left)
Sebastian hides.
Simura tries to sense Thobos' weaknesses...
|Level 7
|HP: 120/120
|MP: 15/15
|Weak against poison.
Simon hits Thobos with his book for 14 damage.
Meredith attacks Eredir and scores a critical hit, dealing 54 damage!
Erenir puts his free hand to his forehead, and cold air starts to flow around it! "Ice shards!" Triangular, icy blades materialize in his hands, and he throws them towards you in a wide volley! (Simon: 21 damage, 42 HP left. Jacob: 24 damage, 45 HP left. Simura: 23 damage, 20 HP left. Meredith: 22 damage, 35 HP left.)
Jacob uses his Limit Break on Erenir, dealing 105 damage to him!
Sebastian sneak attacks Thobos for 68 damage.
Ralei does a double toss with her knives, sending the first one fly towards Simon, and hitting him in the back, and the second one towards Meredith! (Simon: 19 damage, 23 HP left, Meredith: 10 damage, 25 HP left.)
"That was supposed to hurt?", says Thobos in a slightly amused voice to Simon. He jumps towards Sebastian and stabs him with his knife, in the meantime drawing a second one from his belt and slashing him with it. "This one's a bigger threat." (25 damage, 30 HP left.)
Simura casts Aero on Thobos, sending him flying back! He hits a wall with his back with great force, and runs down slowly to the ground, leaving a bloody trail on the wall. (40 damage)
"Thobos, no! How dare you!" Ralei enrages!
Simon casts Cure, healing 39 damage to each of you.
Meredith swings at Erenir for 30 damage.
"Balance Blow!" Erenir stabs Jacob with his spear, and in the same moment vines sprout from the wooden shaft, entangling the wound! Jacob feels his energy being drained! (32 damage, 52 HP left, Erenir heals 32 damage to himself.)
Jacob pummels Erenir for 49 damage!
Sebastian uses his limit break on Erenir, dealing 64 damage to him! "Sorry Talen... I've failed you...", Erenir whispers and slowly drops down!
"Yaaergh!" Ralei charges towards Simura, grabbing Erenir's spear, and stabs her with great force! (36 damage, 23 HP left)
Simura casts Aero, dealing 45 damage to Ralei.
Simon hits Ralei with his book, and deals a critical hit for 36 damage!
Meredith attacks, and also scores a critical hit, leaving a deep gash and throwing the elf's body back like a lifeless doll! (60 damage)

All enemies are downed... battle spoils (if someone decides to loot them): 700 gil (so 140 per head if you split them evenly), iron armor, 2* ether.

You hear some quick steps heading this way! In the alley's exit, where you've come from, 8 soldiers stand, armed and ready for any combat. Seeing there are no enemies left, king Malach walks in from behind their backs! He has bandages over his wound and his step is slightly wobbly, but he seems in a good shape for someone who recently almost died...

(All of you gain a level! You have 3 points to assign to the primary stats as you wish, though remember that no stat can be above 16 or more than twice as high as another stat.)

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-23, 06:33 AM
(For my level-up goodness, I shall take +1 to Magic, Spirit and Stamina, if you would...)

Simura groans, trying to whipe blood out of her fur and leaning heavily against Simon's leg. She looks around quickly to the king! "Your majesty!" She wobbles a little bit. "Your majesty, we... failed. One of the elves got away with your sceptor. We tried, but they were too quick for us..." She looks down at the floor.

2007-05-23, 07:06 AM
(I'll take +1 in Strength, Magic, and Spirit)

"We should check these guys. They might have something that'll give us a clue as to where that other elf went to." Simon starts checking the bodies for anything that might be useful to discovering the whereabouts of the last elf. (He picks up the gold and 2 ethers, splitting the gold among them, giving an ether to Simura, and keeping the other one) "Well here's your share" he says as he hands each of them their share of the gold.

(If he finds anything remotely useful on them, information wise, he'll share it with everyone. If he finds nothing, he also will apologize to the king.)

2007-05-23, 07:14 AM
The king smiles slightly, but there is little joy, and much sadness in this smile. "Yes, I see that... but you did well, cadets, being among the few who didn't lose cold blood, and the only ones who did anything productive so quickly... and the same case with you, madam, thank you for your help." He nods towards Meredith. "I... *cough, cough* must discuss some matters with you all, but before we proceed, please kneel down, cadets - we need to perform a simple formality."

Simon didn't manage to find anything useful on the elves' bodies - they carried as few equipment as possible, as if purposedly trying to give as little information as possible to those who would defeat them.

2007-05-23, 07:22 AM
Sebastian gives a few rough coughs and hacks up a bit of blood. He takes his bit of the gold with a frown. Not quite worth all this. Then seeing the King approach he gives a slight bow. He immediately winces and grits his teeth. Majesty, we've defeated those treacherous elf-types. Nothing I..we couldn't handle. Sebastian walks over towards each of the fallen elves and cuts a small piece of their clothing off, tucking the bits behind his cloak. He gives another, deeper, bow to the monarch and awaits his surely forthcoming praise.

(I'm guessing we should post our level up stuff in the OOC thread so thats where that info will be.)

2007-05-23, 07:52 AM

after a right hook, and a spear in his gut, Jacob slams his first fist, uppercut style into the belly of the elf. the hit had so much power the elf even goes flying! ... With pure hatred his eyes Jacob jumps after the elf grabs him, and slams the body with devastation on against the floor. Seeing that the elf still hasn't had enough, Jacob lanches an other right hook against the elves head, right before Sebastian can kill 'm.

@the king
Jacob bow reluctantly formalities, formalities; whats the use anyhow

((how do we split up loot? do we split items as though they had a value of sell price (in FF, is this also half?) ))

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-23, 08:16 AM
(I think items should simply go to those who need them the most. Ethers to those who use a lot of MP, for example.. speaking of which...)

As soon as she's handed an ether, she immediately passes it to Simon. She has one already, after all. She stares at the king blankly. "You're gonna knight us? But we didn't..."

2007-05-23, 08:57 AM
Seeing that the elf lashes forward to stab Simura, Meredith reverses her attack and leaps backwards, situating herself at the defense. She didn't have enough time to parry the hit, but enough to take the stab on herself. Immediately after, several shards of ice pierce into her body!
Bastard!! Meredith springs to Erenir, unleashing a powerful downward blow! Ignoring the dagger thrown at her side, she follow with another attack, wide and horizontal, utilising this swing's momentum for an another strike! But, the elf falls dead to Sebastian's attack first!
Meredith manages to instantly change the weapon's direction towards the last remaining elf, with devastating and deadly results!
Realising that all enemies are dead, she takes a deep breath, but does not say anything. Noticing the king and hearing his words, she lowers her head in respect, her sword still grasped tightly in hand. At your service...

((Stats: +1 strength, +1 speed, +1 spirit))

2007-05-23, 08:57 AM
(no problem. anyone need the armor ?(Jacob doesn't need it's since more damage means faster limit break. though if no one else wants it, Jacob will take it) )

2007-05-23, 08:59 AM
(Exactly - the items go to those who need and want them, if there's nobody like that in the group you can sell the item later and share the money.

Statistics update will appear later today.)

"Didn't do what? Everyone has seen that the four of you has passed the final challenge." The king takes the sword from the soldier on his right, and approaches the cadets one by one, faking a slow swing on each of their arms.
"Sir Sebastian LeBleu... Sir Jacob Hextombe... Dame Simura of the Moogles... Sir Simon Blackstar... you are hereby promoted to the rank of Royal Knight of Sour. Arise!"
Then he calls the soldiers away. "We need to discuss those matters in twelve eyes." He looks towards you. "You must tell me everything you know about whom that last elf was, and how did he get away with the scepter... though it might sound like a cheap story that a bard tells in hope for receiving a pint or a handful of gil, the future of Sour, and possibly the rest of the world too, depends on whether or not will we manage to retrieve it."

2007-05-23, 09:57 AM
Seeing as no one else has claimed the armor, Sebastian stands and retrieves it. ( I'd like it...and I could use it)

All I heard was some elf called Talen saying something about our luck and then disappearing.

He walks off behind the rest of the party. I'm not so sure this is what I signed up for. He removes his cloak and puts on the armor. This will take some time to get used to, but it was to be better than stopping attacks with my flesh.

Sebastian walks over towards Jacob, the only member of the group he has taken any liking to, and whispers to him. What's up with this sword chick? And how exactly are we to track down disappearing elves?

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-23, 10:21 AM
Standing up after being knighted, Simura surpresses a snigger... she then giggles lightly, then plain just laughs! "S-sorry.. heheh... sorry, sire, but... Simura of the M..moogles? That's.. that's so..." She grins brightly at the king, showing her decidedly non-human teeth. "That's amazing!"

Seriously, awesome title she just got.

2007-05-23, 11:07 AM
The king grins and nods at Simura's reaction, with amusement sparkling in his eyes. "Oh, and some of you might be getting a wrong idea... I'd like to ask you to fulfill a certain task, but it will not be tracking down the scepter..."
Did he hear Sebastian's whisper?

2007-05-23, 11:17 AM
Jacob (last post of the day)

"I don't know. I mostly stay away from chicks with swords ... most harsardress to my health ... believe me. I know" he said with a laugh

2007-05-23, 11:52 AM
Oblivious to backtalking, Meredith stares up, one hand reaching backward to remove the scabbard from her back. Majesty, if you are trying to hire my services... you won't be disappointed. She sheathes the sword in front of her, then leans on it like on a cane or walking stick.
If he shares such secrets with us, it means the mission will still be related with the sceptre... even if we aren't going to follow the culprits... this looks promising. Well, then there's this bunch of... strange people. They don't look so weak after all... - That's what Meredith's thinking, her sight focused on coins she received, her share of gil looted from the dead bodies of the group's former enemies.

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-23, 12:08 PM
Simura's long ears twitch lightly, and she hmmms to herself, trotting up next to Jacob. "What's that? Don't like girls with swords, you say...?"

2007-05-23, 04:11 PM
Sebstian gives the king a questioning glance before shrugging his shoulders. A smile is still on his face from Jacob's comment about Meredith.

Well then, Majesty, what exactly are we being tasked with?

And does it pay well?

2007-05-23, 05:56 PM

Standing up after being knighted. "Cool! I'm a Royal Knight, title and all! All my hard work and stu....", catching himself getting too excited in front of the king he calms down and continues. "Sebastian is right, they didn't say much, but the one that went off with the sceptar, i believe, cast a warp spell. So he's not far from the city. That's my guess anyways. What would you task us with? I don't know about the rest of them, but I'm up for it"

2007-05-24, 01:10 AM
Jacob Hextombe

"Oh I like the girls all right ... Its the swords I got a problem with: My skin is allergic to sharp objects" he says laughing

2007-05-24, 01:51 AM
Sebastian winks at Simura. He may be allergic to sharp objects, but I heard he was quite fond of whips. He gives Jacob a slight nudge in the ribs and continues to wait.

2007-05-24, 03:33 AM

"Nice one. Darn, I don't got a good reply for that one!"

2007-05-24, 03:42 AM
"Well then, I will not keep you waiting any longer... at least for the description of the mission, because I'm afraid it will involve waiting a bit anyway." The king smiles. "In order to retrieve the scepter, I will have to mobilize all my agents, leaving none for the task I now bestow upon you - in a borderline village Bascen, to the southwest, people started missing recently. I am not familiar with all the details, but I suspect that a gang of bandits or some monsters are behind it. I'd like you to go there and investigate, find out the reasons for the disappearances, and stop it. If this task turns out to be too much for you, you are to withdraw and report immediately."
King Malach reaches under his cloak and gives you a small pouch. "A small payment in advance, 800 gil for each of you. This should be enough to buy the necessary supplies. A train will be waiting at the station at 3 AM tomorrow... for all the five of you. Oh yes, I think I do not have to tell you that this mission is secret, and you are not to tell anyone in the city where are you going and for what reason? I give all of you the permission to sleep in the guards' quarters in the royal palace, if you feel that, due to that elf at large, it might be dangerous to spend the night in a less safe place - though, I personally advice you not to sleep at all this night, you will have plenty of time on the train." The king grins slightly. "Well, unless you have any questions, young knights, I will be taking my leave now. There are many important matters that require my attention."

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-24, 03:56 AM
Simura listens intently as the king described the mission, nodding now and again with rapt politeness. After he leaves, she hmmms to herself. "...I wonder if I have a whip back home..."

Take this seriously? Her? She's a moogle, damnit.

2007-05-24, 03:59 AM
Sebastian gives a slight bow as he accepts the gold from the king. He nudges Jacob in the side again. We've got the night free, so what do you say to finding a few whip-ladies?

Sebastian begins to abscent-mindedly flip a coin. Upon hearing Simura's remark, he drops his coin as he begins laughing. He scoops it up as he holds his side. Oh, this is too much. I might have to buy you a whip now.

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-24, 06:56 AM
Simura hmmms to herself, looking down at herself critically. "Maybe I should've worn leather armour.. hmm, black leather armour..." She can't help but giggle softly. "Sorry, am I going a little too far? Probably be less traumatizing if I was a sexy human woman..."

2007-05-24, 07:16 AM

"... Probably"

"Can I borrow 200 gils from someone? I wanted to buy something, but since I got the short end in splitting the loot..."

2007-05-24, 08:16 AM
Meredith hears the jokes and chattering of the rest of the group, however paying them little attention, focused on something inside her head.
Having made up her mind, she turns to the others.
You're pretty laidback for those who just put their lives on the line.
She raises her eyebrows questioningly, her face neutral despite of that, her voice devoid of mockery nor arrogance.
Have you ever killed someone before?

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-24, 09:19 AM
Simura waves a hand dismissively. "I'm a moogle, putting on cheerful fascades is what we do, kupo~!" She certainly doesn't say 'kupo' often enough to be a proper moogle. "I'm... really trying not to think about it..."

2007-05-24, 12:38 PM

"We should begin getting ready for our mission tomorrow morning. I'll be staying in the soldiers quarters tonight. I'll see you all later." With that he heads off to the Accessories Shop.

Simon makes his way to the Accessories Shop and proceeds to purchase a Barrier Ring. With whatever time he has left, he eats dinner (lunch if it's that early) and heads to the soldiers quarters.

(His plans may change depending on the other characters, but he will go to the Accessory shop sometime before they leave town.)

2007-05-24, 10:22 PM
Sebastian turns to Meredith and laughs one perfect ha. I'm sorry we don't take this so seriously Miss High and Mighty. I can only speak for myself in this regard, but my life has revolved around putting my life on the line. Most often against my will. So excuse my if I tend to brush things off in order to not get insanely paranoid and crazy. And no I didn't just slash an elf to pieces so I of course haven't killed anyone.

To Jacob: Sure thing. He hands him 200 gil. You owe me though.

With that he heads off to buy a few items:
5 Potions
2 Antidotes
1 Smokebomb
Rations for 1 week
Adventuring Gear

He finds a nice restaurant and enjoys a 3 course meal(good). It is the first decent thing he has had to eat in weeks. After this counts what little money he has left, finds he has 30gil and goes down to the train station to await the others. He passes the time by conversing with the vagabonds and chasing rats.

2007-05-25, 01:18 AM

"Hey no problem. Thanks. I'll pay you back ASAP."

With it, Jacob buys a sleavless leather biker jacket, with mythril Sholder Pads,
which go nicly with the mythril fist and feet protectors ...
(mythril defencive item; +18 Defense, +3 Evade, +8 Magic Defense)

with the 90 gils he has left, he eats an ordenairy meal (a good quality hot dog or something), and buys a potions which puts him on 30 gils

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-25, 06:48 AM
Simura hmmms, considering her new found wealth... "...I'll see you guys - and gal - at the train station, kupo~!" And off she goes, to an armoursmith!

She pries off the iron plates on her armour, and trades them in (along with quite a bit of money) for a set of mithril plates. She then attaches these to her armour, grins a little, curtsies to the armoursmith and then heads for the academy.

She then spends the rest of the day with her mother. I mean, come on, who wouldn't?

(So, I... have 100 gil left. I think Simura is going to spend most of the time poor... On the bright side, mithril armour, woo!

And, uh, I'll get some rations from home.. a week's worth. Uh, just so it's fair, I'd better deduct that from my gil, so... woo, I'm broke!)

2007-05-25, 07:44 AM
Meredith shrugs, hearing Sebastian's words. Touchy...
She waits at the back alley, while the other group members leave, attending to their businesses.

Just... who were you? She thinks, touching one of the dead elves' body with her foot's tip. Doesn't matter. You've been bested by me.

She shrugs for the second time, then leaves the alley and the dead bodies. During the rest of the day, she finds a smith, exchanging her mithril sword (and 825 gil) for a Forged one, as well as buying a weak's worth of rations, and a decent but simple meal, leaving her with 40 gil. After that, she keeps to herself, practicing sword techniques in some less-crowded place or just loitering aimlessly.

2007-05-25, 11:10 AM
*insert a "resting" tune here*

3 AM, the next day. The sun has not risen yet, and the city, usually bustling with activity, is still calm and asleep, with few lamps alit and even fewer people on the streets present. Everything is grayish...

Yet, at the train station, one vehicle seems to be about to leave soon. The train is a large, metallic beast, with crude lines and edges that remind a piece of armor. Engineers are getting the machine ready, and smoke can already be seen puffing from the chimney. Apart from the coal wagon, there are only two cars, and it seems there won't be many passangers - apart from Sebastian, who came here before and has seen the train arrive, and the rest who are arriving themselves soon. A knight sits on a chair before one of the cars, apparently bored, and you recall him as sir Berne, one of the examiners.

2007-05-25, 11:27 AM
(slight addition to what Simon does before 3AM)

Simon also goes to the local store and buys:
1 weeks worth of rations
Tent (i assume, unlike FF that Tents are not one use. lol. if they are, he doesn't buy it)

Approaching the train, he looks for the rest of the team before he boards.

2007-05-25, 12:52 PM
Sebastian watched the train roll in while he was chasing a rat, trying to catch it. As the train came to a stop, the rat quickly scurried underneath avoiding Sebastian as he stooped down mid-run to grab it.

Maybe I should just buy a pet.

Sebastian looks around and sees that Simon has arrived and appear to be waiting for the rest of the team. Screw that. Without a moments more time is wasted he climbs aboard the train and gives a slight nod toward Sir Berne.

2007-05-25, 03:45 PM
Meredith enters the train station, her belongings - including the breastplate, which she does not have on, wrapped in her cloak and carried over her shoulder like a bag.

She approaches the train but does not board it yet, preferring to stand in the place, glancing over the huge machine in observation. She obviously noticed Simon and Sebastian, yet doesn't try to engage in conversation.

2007-05-25, 06:00 PM
"I see you start gathering already, so it seems I'd better do what I was send here to do and continue with my business." Sir Berne gets up, walks up to the closest one of you (the first one to respond), and handles him/her two items - a large envelope, and a cage with two pigeons. "Good luck, and have fun - just like yesterday." He grins, salutes casually, and walks away.

2007-05-26, 01:22 AM
Sebastian can't believe his luck as he receives the cage of pigeons. He takes the letter and places it in his cloak for now. He returns Sir Bernes salute barely as he exits. He is obviously exited about the pigeons.
Hmm the bigger one shall be called Ivan and the other Rocky.

He sets the cage down and motions for the other party members. He retrieves the letter and reads it to himself, waiting for the rest of the gang to show up so that he won't need to repeat himself.

2007-05-26, 09:33 AM
Jacob Hextombe
Jacob enters the train station, still tierd ...
"yaauwn, well what do you know ... there IS a 3 A.M."
he looks at the train
"well well well, this is a nice piece of technologie ..."

@sebastian "whats with the birds?"

2007-05-26, 10:39 AM
The letter is a mission description, written in a formal and very boring way, with little essence and a lot of formalities, and requiring a lot of willpower not to fall asleep while reading. Apart from what you know already, it mentions that the birds are carrier pigeons which you should use to send in a report after your mission, and that the purpose and destination of your mission are not to be told to anyone in the city of Sour, yet should not be a secret to anyone in Bascen. There's also a detailed description of the village and its surroundings, though most of the facts would probably be useless for you.

2007-05-27, 02:50 AM
Sebastian reads to letter to his companions(when Simura finally shows up). And for now, I've adopted the pigeons. This scrappy little one is Rocky and the behemoth one is Ivan. He reaches in his bag and finds a few breadcrumbs and throws them into the cage.

2007-05-27, 03:36 AM
WHEN everyone will arrive and the train will take off, this will happen:

"Off we go, everyone in! Destination: Bascen, ETA: 16 hours!", shouts one of the engineers. The machine starts to let even more steam and smoke off, and its massive form soon starts to move! Within less than a minute, it accelerates to a surprisingly high speed.

The inside of the cars is rather cozy, with a lush carpet on the floor and walls painted in warm colours. The chairs are comfortable, too.

The second car has a cafeteria, though the cook - a plump, gray-haired woman - is currently asleep. Apart from her and the three engineers, you are the only people on the train.

The sights of the city have already disappeared from the windows, and you can observe the picturesque forest-covered hills of Sour. Though they move quite fast.

2007-05-27, 05:17 AM
"Jacob Hextombe"

"16 houres? ... that means we get there by ... tonight ... sevenish ... yauwn Oh well."

if no other suggestions/events
- Jacob will go to sleep and sleep to about 11 o'clock
- ask for lunch, at noon (12 o'clock) (and has a big lunch)
- around the train, inspecting the marvel of technology (about 2 houres)
- be bored for about 3 houres and looking outside the window
- ask for diner, at about 5 o'clock
- be bored for about 2 houres, playing with a gil and looking outside the window

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-27, 07:01 AM
Simura wasn't late! No sir. Just because her player's Internet connection has been a royal pain the last two days doesn't mean she was late! She was actually already in the train by the time everyone else arrived, sneaking food from the sleeping cook...

As soon as the others board, she looks around, startled, then quickly puts the food behind her back and goes a bright pink colour, which even shows up through her fur. "Uh.. uh.. hi, kupo~!" She then tries to innocently put the food back while hiding it from everyone else.

2007-05-27, 07:29 AM
Meredith does not comment on the mission's description, neither does she on others' food stealing/pidgeon naming antics. In fact, she just sits on her place, eyes closed and arms crossed.

Whatever doubts on what is she up to are dispelled when she starts to snore loudly.

(Asleep until about noon - further actions come in later posts).

2007-05-28, 10:36 AM
"It must be boring to stay without doing anything in one place for such a time as your age, isn't it?", asks the cook while preparing lunch later. The train never stopped in the meantime, even though there were some stations on the way.

According to the document you have, Bascen is a mountain village at the border with Longvale (which is to the west and southwest to Sour, not east... I just noticed I made that mistake, sorry), with population around 150, the main sources of income being sheep and cow herding, and fruit orchards. Points of interest - none. What could possibly target such a place? You're hopefully going to figure out soon, because, around 7 PM, the train arrives - isn't it strange that, while there were plains and forests on the way, you both started and ended in highlands? An old man in brown cloak and tophat is waiting at the station, and apparently waiting for you!

2007-05-28, 02:14 PM
Meredith leaves the train, stretching sleepily. Surprisingly, she slept during most of the trip, waking up only to grab a piece of food to chew through.

She approaches the man, nodding slightly.

Greetings. We have been sent here to investigate missings, possibly abductions. Can you tell me anything about it?

2007-05-28, 05:38 PM
The man nods himself. He has a moustache, yet no beard, and his fingers have yellow spots, apparently from nicotine - which he further strengthens by lighting a cigarette. "Indeed, lady. You see, I am the mayor of this humble village, and my name is Steven. We are awaiting for an investigation party that was promised to arrive tonight, and it appears that you, ladies and gentlemen, are them. Am I right?" He looks at your whole group analyzingly. "If you don't mind, I must say that you look much different than what I expected. Anyway... would you like to come to my home, where I could explain the situation? I don't think if the train station is a good place for such conversations."

2007-05-29, 02:51 AM
Jacob Hextombe

Jacob jumps of the train, happy to of the darn thing. 16 houres was a bit much ...

"Nice little town ya got here."

2007-05-29, 06:44 AM
Sebastian had been napping fitfully while on the train. Upon reaching it's stopping point, he hops off the train holding Rocky and Ivan's cage. He walks up to Mayor Steven and gives a stiff bow. So then, where might we be headed to discuss things.

Sebastian places the cage on the grounds and begins to stretch. His back cracks loudly and he sighs. Man, I hate trains.

Yuki Akuma
2007-05-29, 07:20 AM
Simura hops from one of the train's windows, and lands on top of Jacob's head. She is surprisingly light, although having her there for a while might not be a good idea. She waves and smiles brightly. "Hiya, kupo~!"

The sword at her waist and armour under her arm doesn't help her 'cute fuzzy moogle' image much.

2007-05-29, 07:25 AM

Having spent most of the train ride observing the landscape or sleeping, Simon steps off the train, and begins to scan the area around him. Looking for anything, or anyone suspicious. He then goes to meet the man. Discovering that he is the mayor, "I agree, this might not be a safe place to talk. If we could adjourn to your house, we might discuss this matter more in depth."

2007-05-29, 09:14 AM
"Of course, let's get going." The mayor turns around and starts to walk towards his house. You have the opportunity to look at the village with better detail now.
The train station seems to be one of the biggest buildings in the village. Most of the structures are made from wood and covered in white plaster, with either thatched or red tile, sloped roofs - most of them have a second floor. Most of the roads are cobbled. The village is surrounded by fields, and forest-covered low mountains after them from the east - at the southwest, there is a sleep, high cliff, from which low hills can be seen - this cliff marks the border between Sour and Longvale.
You can see small gatherings of people looking at you and whispering between each other as you pass through the village - some of them look at you with suspicion, some of them with hope. "Please, find them!" You suddenly hear a woman's shout somewhere at the back, from one of the gatherings, as you pass by.
You finally arrive at Steven's home - the building is large and well-kept, and it probably serves as a town hall as well, seeing as it possesses two entrances, and Steven heads to the side one. "Here we are." After opening the door and passing a small hall, the whole group arrives in a clean, rather comfortable room, though, apart from a couple of pictures and, bare walls and floor, several chairs around a large table, and a fireplace, currently until. There are two more doors apart from the one you came through, and a moment after your arrival one of them opens - a slightly plain, but rather attractive, woman around 25 years, with blond, braided hair, wearing a simple blue dress, enters.
"Oh hello there, Katia.", Steven says. "Those are the investigators the crown sent us."
Katia looks at you carefully, and smiles, though there is some sadness in this smile. "I see... I hope luck will smile upon you... would any of you like something to drink? Tea, coffee, something with alcohol?"
She leaves the room moments later, whether or not any of you asked her for something.
"Please sit down.", says Steven, and after you do, so does he, and sighs. "Katia might not seem like it, but she's deeply worried, like all of us. You see, Eugene, my son and her husband, is among the people who have gone missing. It has all started at night, ten or nine days ago, depending on how will you count it. Folks have started to disappear, without any clues who, or what, might've caused it... seven of them are missing so far, and there is only one thing in common between them - all of them disappeared at night. Some of them went missing when they were outside, some in their own houses - could you imagine that! In this second case, one of the windows or the door was open - sometimes violently, as if something or someone barged in with force, sometimes not... and those things never leave any footprints, or other clues... needless to say, people are starting to panic slowly, and nobody can blame them. If you have any questions, ask right away... I'm afraid that we do not have any inn, but you can rest here if you want to, I have some free rooms."

2007-05-29, 09:49 AM
"Thank you for your hospitality Steven. I am sorry that your son is missing, and we shall do everything we can to try and locate the missing townspeople. If we could be pointed towards our rooms, we might get situated and begin our investigation."

2007-05-29, 09:53 AM
Sebastian follows Steven, but keeps his glance mostly on the ground. He looks up once as the woman calls out. Upon arriving to his house, he gives a low whistle to himself.Nice place.

When Katia arrives and asks if anyone wants a drink, Sebastian gives a smile. I'll have the last two. Just a dab of liquor in the coffee please. He gives her a slight wink, just trying to lighten the mood that everyone seems to be in. He then begins to think about the issue.

Hmm, forced entry you say. Was anything valuable missing from the homes? And is there any connection between the missing persons?

2007-05-29, 10:15 AM
"Tahnk you. I am sure you will do whatever you can.", says Steven to Simon. "You can take any of the three rooms upstairs that the stairs behind the left door lead to." He points towards the door. "They are made for guests specifically."
Katia returns with the Sebastian's (and possible others') drink and listens to the conversation.
The village elder turns to Sebastian shakes his head. "No, and no. Nothing was missing from the houses, and those people had nothing in common - they were not relatives, they had different social status, there were both men and women, children, adults and one old woman among them... I can give you a full list of them, if you want to wait for a moment... and that's why this is so troubling. If there was any connection, we'd at least know where to start!"

2007-05-29, 09:07 PM
Sebastian thanks Katia for his drink and then hmms. Well then, this must not be your run-of-the-mill criminal. I guess that means this has left my area of expertise.

He looks towards the rest of his companions and just shrugs.

2007-05-30, 12:46 AM
Jacob Hextombe

Jacob follows the mayor and looks at the town.
What a dump ... reminds me of home

When Katia asks him what to drink, his awnser is a semi-rude / semi-meant-to-be-fun "Anything, as long as its hot, sugar "

"Seems best to me, that we investigate the crime scenes...
One thing they have in common is that they dissapear at night. Is there a nightwatch of some sort?"

2007-05-30, 05:54 AM
Meredith places her hand in front of her, indicating she does not want anything to drink.

We must be sure that there is no pattern. I need the list of people abducted - can you give me the map of your village as well?

2007-05-30, 11:32 AM
"We have only several guards in our village - this is, or rather was, a peaceful place, with monsters and bandits preferring to stay away for some reason... those guards, when on their night patrols, haven't seen a thing, do I think that the... abductions happened when they were in another part of the town." Steven puts his cigarette off in a dustbin. "As for the people who disappeared, they were..."

"Brian, a local drunk, was found missing nine days ago (I count the day when it was discovered that he was gone), probably during returning home after drinking.", interrupts Katia.
"The next one, eight days ago, was Eugene... my husband, when he went out to check at a sick chocobo at night. He's the local veterinary." Her voice trembles only a little when she says that.
"Then, six days ago, a young girl, Kora, was gone. When exactly, nobody knows."
"Five days ago, Kora's younger brother, Palo, has vanished too. At that time everyone stayed in their homes for all the nights, and at the morning, it turned out that the window to the boy's room (which is upstairs in his house) is smashed open, and he himself, gone. Whatever happened to him, it didn't wake his parents in the night."
"Three days ago, a rich cow farmer, who has a very large herd, Santiago, has gone too. The window to his bedroom once again was open, but this time without and signs of force. Santiago lives alone since his wife died of illness, three years ago."
"Two days ago, Linda, a gardener, has gone missing. It seems that she went out in the night from her house to take a walk and catch some fresh air, and never came back. What was that girl thinking...? Linda never married, though she's in love in one of the guards, Zork... maybe she came out to see him..."
"Yesterday, Granny Nelia disappeared. She lives in a small hut, alone, and when it turned out she was missing, the entrance door was smashed open."
"And that's all of them... nobody dissapeared last night, and hopefully nobody will anymore."

"Doesn't she have a great memory?" Steven grins.
"Oh, no I don't, you're just old and cannot remember your own name sometimes!"
"Maybe, but I remember where am I keeping the village's map!" The elder leaves the room, and arrives again a moment later, with an old, yellowed piece of paper. "Though I might look young when compared to it, don't worry - the village haven't changed almost at all through all these years."

2007-05-31, 01:30 AM
Jacob Hextombe

well, I guess we could check out the houses of those who have been abducted from their homes. perhaps the kidnappers left a clue ...

Jacob was never good as sitting still...

He jumps up. Well, no use sitting around here ... He drinks his drink ad fundum (I hope it wasn't too hot ...).

"Can you show us where on the the map, the houses are of the kidnapped people? And are we allowed to inspect them.?"

after beeing show where the houses are. Jacob leaves
"Might as well start now. With a little luck we encounter the kidnappers on our tour"
(the last is in refference that it's now past 7PM)

2007-06-01, 04:55 AM
"You are free to investigate as you wish.", Steven says. He marks the relevant houses at the map with a pencil. Unfortunately, they do not seem to form any specific pattern.

2007-06-01, 07:27 AM

"Now does seem to be the best time as it is already nightfall, and the culprit might strike again tonight. I suggest we split up and search in a group of 3 and a group of 2. We'll start on opposites ends of the town, and meet in the middle."

2007-06-01, 07:28 AM
(Arg Simu-post)

Good idea. I guess I'll group with whoever follows. No point in sitting around here.

Sebastian leaves and heads towards the nearest house. He will wait for whoever goes with him outside. Once there, he will look for anything that seems out of the ordinary on the outside and then search the inside for clues.

(Why does this remind me of Scooby-Doo? Missing people, splitting up to look for clues....I can't wait to pull the mask off)

2007-06-01, 07:58 AM

"cool. Sebastian, I'm with you"

2007-06-01, 08:04 AM
Sebastian nods and smiles. So what do you think is behind all this? The only thing I find suspicious so far is Katia. She seems to know the details behind all the disappearances. I'm not saying she did it, but it just sticks out.

Sebastian reaches the place and begins to look around outside.

2007-06-01, 08:11 AM

"Guess that means its you, me and Meredith" he says to Simura. Let's start investigating.

(He'll head in the opposite direction of Jacob and Sebastian towards the farthest victim's house and begin looking around. Waiting for Simura and Meredith of course.)

2007-06-01, 08:35 AM
Jacob Hextombe (with Sebastian)

"Possible: the second victim was here husband, so she would know a lot about it.

On the other hand you got the werewolf-syndrom. she - or anyone else for that matter - could have killed the husband and not know about it. If Kathia did it, she'll of course say her husband was out ... "

2007-06-01, 10:22 AM
The closest house belongs to Kora's and Palo's parents. After hearing the explanation why Jacob and Sebastian are here (whatever might it be), they let them go upstairs to investigate Palo's room. They both have faces full of sorrow, the mother's eyes red from previous tears.

The room is small and with little furniture - there is only a bed, a chest containing the boy's clothes, toys and other possessions like his slingshot (hidden at the very bottom) or stamp collection, and a chair. An airship model used to be hanged from a line at the ceiling, but something broke the line and it's lying on the chair now. Someone made the bed after Palo's disappearance, so you have no idea was the boy abducted when he was asleep or not. The only window in this room is smashed open, as described by Katia, and after a careful investigation you discover... claw marks on the wooden frame! The claw was probably around the size of a human hand, but it does not look familiar - neither a cat, a wolf, or a bird left it...

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-01, 10:38 AM
Simura rides along on Simon's shoulders. She seems to like being in high places or something. She rests her head in her hands (while her elbows rest atop Simon's head), and hmmms in thought.

"Why was it that the windows were broken only sometimes?" Talking to herself, most likely. "If a window was open, but there was no sign of forced entry... did he open the window himself, then?"

2007-06-01, 11:08 AM
(My character actually didn't have an opportunity to introduce herself yet, but let's assume that her name slipped out somewhere in the past)

Don't assume things prematurely. Meredith unceremoniously drops her belongings to the floor, taking the breastplate and wearing it on her leather, one hand tightening the leather straps that secure the armor, the other reaching towards her sheathed sword. She lets the rest of the belongings lie on a heap.
I'm content with the groups. Let's go.
She leaves the house, moving towards the nearest place of abduction on the way opposite to the one Sebastian and Jacob left.

Already outdoors, Meredith looks up and stares to the sky, eyes narrowed.
Her thoughts: How late is it already? This looks like a challenge... there really is no visible pattern.

2007-06-01, 11:30 AM
(oops, sorry. I thought her name was known. my bad)

"We also should consider that perhaps the reasons the windows were open, with no sign on forced entry might be because the victim heard something outside their closed window. Going to see what it was, they opened the window so they could hear better and that's when they were abducted."

(once they arrive at the first house, if it one where the victim was abducted thru the window, Simon will begin inspecting the window)

2007-06-01, 11:46 AM
Simon, Simura and Meredith arrive at Santiago's home - a large building at the edge of the village, though possessing only the ground floor. The house is surrounded by a nice, well-kept garden.

The interior is richer than in other houses in the village, and it is obvious that Santiago possessed probably most wealth around. The door between his bedroom and saloon, unlike other doors in the house, is open. The sheets on the double bed lie around in disarray, and the window was opened from the inside, without any signs of force - yet it appears that whoever did it, was rather clumsy, since there are some scratches on the wooden frame and something tipped over the vase that was standing on a cupboard near the window, which now lies on the floor in pieces. There are similar scratches on the door to the bedroom!

Further investigation shows that there are some soot marks on the carpet before the chimney in the saloon, as if Santa came for a visit...

2007-06-01, 11:59 AM
Jacob Hextombe

"If we run out of clues ... we could also check the person who's cocobo got sick?"

"OK, lets think ... what has claws and kidnaps people ... and why. A raving beast would yust attacks the nearest person ... and also wouldn't kidnap them."
The werewolf-theory support why all victoms are random, and the claw marks of course ... but not why they are kidnapped an not killed ... unless they aren't kidnapped at all, but something like disintegrated or permanently shapechanged ...

(what's the moon like this night?)

"And why so suddenly? What happened 9 days ago that triggered the start of these mysterious events."

(Jacob waits 2.6 seconds ...)

"Oh well. thinking has never been my strongest point ..."

2007-06-02, 08:38 AM
Sebastian nods and gives Jacob a little shove.

Well you can't be too bad of a thinker. All of those were good points.

He paces the room a little more. There is also the sickening possiblility that these people are being used as sacrifices. That would explain the kidnapping instead of slaughtering.

Sebastian picks up the airship and holds it up. I'd guess this was knocked down during the kidnap. Must be a decent sized person or creature.

2007-06-02, 08:42 AM
The moon is waxing gibbous.

2007-06-04, 08:52 AM
((Wake up guys! No new posts in two days!))

Meredith points at the soot marks.

Too obvious to miss. What were they thinking? She moves closer, examining the char closer. She also inspects the inside of the fireplace, gazing up the chimney if she has to.

We have to know if other houses had chimneys. This is crucial.

2007-06-05, 04:58 AM

"Well, I guess thats all there is to see in this house. on to the next ..."

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-05, 07:19 AM
Simura tilts her head to one side. "Hmm.. maybe the guy came down the chimney?" Without even waiting for the others to speak up, she hops into the fireplace and looks upwards.

2007-06-05, 07:44 AM
There are some, not well visible due to the char, scratches inside the chimney, and the marks on the carpet seem to be left by someone shaking the char off oneself. The chimney is large enough for something human-sized to squeeze through.

(I assume that Jacob and Sebastian are heading for another house?)

Darkness falls, and the town is slowly getting silent and empty - everyone is returning to their homes, and not forgetting to keep the doors and windows shut. The local population is in fear, and even you can feel it a bit...

"Halt.", Jacob and Sebastian hear, and they see a figure sitting on a fence in the darkness, wielding a long spear. "You are from the capital, aren't you? I think there's something you need to know."

2007-06-05, 09:14 AM
Jacob Hextombe


Yuki Akuma
2007-06-05, 09:16 AM
"There are scratches in here! I think maybe someone climbed down. Could someone give me a boost so I can see higher up?"

2007-06-05, 09:18 AM
Sebastian is startled by the spear wielding fence-sitter. He unsheathes his dagger and holds it behind his back, ready for anything.

And that would be....?

2007-06-05, 09:40 AM

"Sure, I'll give you a boost" Simon says as he lifts Simura up into the chimney.

"This is interesting. Now the question is, did the abductor always come in thru the chimney or only once the townspeople started locking their doors and windows. If it's the latter, then this is an intelligent being."

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-05, 10:38 AM
SImura hmms to herself, peering upwards, while her antenna and paws start feeling against the inside of the chimney for more of those telltale scratches... she likes having an antenna, even if it does get in the way. It's sensitive!

2007-06-05, 11:06 AM
The figure stands up from the fence and takes a couple steps forward, putting the spear on his shoulder. You can see that it's a young man, wearing a clunky armor composed mostly of studded leather and pieces of plate, and a helmet.

"I hope my sight didn't frighten you or something? I'm from the local guard, if there were enough of us to have any ranks you could've called me the captain, I'd guess. My name is Zork. Because we are unable to locate the hidden enemy, if there is one, we get less and less popular every day... as you'd imagine."
He sighs heavily. "To the point. I found out something that might interest you lately. There is a cemetery nearby, quite old - the folk do not visit it very frequently. When I was there not so long ago, praying at my parents' grave for... the kidnapped people's safety, I noticed that someone took care of some of the graves - left fresh ground on them, flowers, such stuff. That's rather strange since nobody did that in ages..."
He makes a short pause, pondering something. "And... I think that maybe paranoia slowly starts to get me like everyone in the village, but... all the people who disappeared were friends of Tania, or she visited them the night before they did... I don't want to say what I think 'bout that, but I think you know..."


Simura manages to find more clues about those claw marks. They are very shallow, but long, leading down - as if the thing that left them didn't climb, but slide or even jump down the chimney. You don't know what creature they could've belonged to, but it's hands are apparently around the ones of a human in size.

2007-06-05, 01:36 PM
With a slow nod, Sebastian turns to Zork, sheathing his blade as he talks. Who is Tania and where might she be? Also, I think that you were...uh...seeing one of the victims. Do you know why she was out that night?

2007-06-05, 01:41 PM
Jacob Hextombe

"Simon, once again, I thing you might be correct. Oh, no that katia"
((out game mistake))

Jacob turns around and streches his arms

Yawn "but when you point at someone, three fingers point back ..."

2007-06-05, 01:51 PM
Zork slaps his forehead, which, because he is wearing a helmet, gives out a slight metallic resound. "Tania? I meant Katia, Eugene's wife... who also went missing. As you can see, my mind is not here." He sighs again. "Oh Linda, I'm sure you are alright... I've seen her the night before she disappeared you know... I said that it's dangerous, I wanted to escort her back home... she refused, she said she will be safe - I should've done it anyway..." He clenches his fists and looks up to the sky, then wipes his face - did you see something in his eye a moment before? "Forgive me. And yes, I know I shouldn't point at Katia, that's why it's still in the area of suspicions, and I really hope those suspicions ain't true."

2007-06-05, 06:17 PM
Oh ok... Sebastian gives Zork a funny look.

Then turning to Jacob. I suppose we should inform the others...then again... A wry smile forms on his face. We could check it out now and then let them know. All the more spoils for us eh?

Sebastian looks Zork up and down. Besides Jacob, we've got the Captain of the Guard with us. I'm sure such a brave and noble fellow would love to help us investigate. And they do say that Love conquers all. Whatdaya say Zork? Want to escort us to this cemetary?

2007-06-06, 02:21 AM
Jacob Hextombe

"I ... don't know. I mean. I won't have trouble killing the monsters, but I don't know if I can keep you guys alive " <obviusly he's kidding> "... and there's always the tiny posibility that they are immune to physical damage ..."

2007-06-06, 05:38 AM
"It's still too early for this monster, or whatever it is, to strike. Unless it changed its behaviour... come on, lemme show you the cemetery. It's not very far away." Zork leaves the village through a small trail, that goes along the cliff. After several hills, the cemetery is visible now - it's basically at the cliff's edge, though an old, rusty iron fence makes it impossible to fall down - and the fall would've ended pretty badly, as the cliff, though much higher in other places, is still around 50 feet high here. There are around 30-40 graves, most of them very old and with usually unreadable tombstones, yet some - as Zork mentioned - seem to be new or renovated, covered with fresh soil, flowers lying on them, and with cleaned tombstones.

(I'm a bit tired so this description is probably the biggest piece of graphomany you've ever seen.)

2007-06-06, 08:12 AM
Jacob Hextombe

"who's tombestone is renewed. Any Idea what's the link between them?"

2007-06-06, 08:56 AM

"We should check out the other houses to see if the same claw marks are in their chimney's"

He lowers Simura and (assuming they follow) heads to the next closest victim's home.

2007-06-06, 10:07 AM
Sebastian goes over and spits off the edge of the cliff. He does the "bomb falling" whistle complete with explosion. He then walks over to the gravestones and tries to read the ones which have been visited recently.

Hey Jacob, if I somehow get killed, make sure you don't let anyone bury me. I don't want anyone messing with my body.

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-06, 10:13 AM
Simura just sits on Simon's shoulders, managing to get soot all over him. Not that she cares, as her fur is pretty sooty as well.

2007-06-06, 10:39 AM
Meredith takes a step backwards, trying not to get in touch with the now-sooty duo.

We learnt new things here... but that's it for this place. Let's go. She dusts off her shoulder, like if it was her and not Simon on whom Simura sat. She follows Simon's steps, looking around cautiously, one hand near her sword's hilt at all times.

2007-06-06, 10:42 AM
Jacob and Sebastian

You count 7 such graves. Four of them belong to villagers that died 2-10 years ago (no, none of them are Zork's parents, Santiago's wife, or related to any of the other victims). The other three do not have readable tombstones.


Simon, Simura and Meredith

You explore the other houses, and since all of them are small, with only one floor, it does not take you a lot of time.

Brian's home is a dirty hovel, with bad furniture and door that could be breached by a stronger shove. Even if he was kidnapped from his house, you couldn't tell. No chimney.

Granny Nelia's hut is small, but tidy, with strings of herbs and dried mushrooms at the windows. The entrance door is smashed open from the outside, and you do not see any steps before it that could've belonged to the one who charged in order to gain a proper momentum. Though there is a fireplace, there's no marks inside or around it.

It's a different matter with Linda's house though! Not only there is a lot of soot around the fireplace (much more than in Santiago's case), and claw marks inside the chimney, there is also some soot on her bed! The door and windows are intact.

2007-06-06, 11:25 AM

"Why is there soot on the bed? Something isn't right. We should talk to that guy she was in love with, what's his name. We need to see where he was the night she vanished. Be ready for anything when we talk to him, from what I'm seeing...he's a suspect."

2007-06-06, 11:35 AM
Everyone's a suspect now... I expect a roof-climber.

That's all of houses. Let's find him. Meredith adds after a short pause. Not waiting for Simura or Simon to follow, she steps outside, surveying the surroundings in search of other people, maybe even the rest of the group.

2007-06-06, 12:58 PM
Ok, so now what? Maybe we should find the others and let them know what we found out?

Sebastian shrugs and walks over to the edge of the cliff and sits with his legs dangling off.

It's not like we've drawn any real conclusions here. Just found some clues.

2007-06-06, 01:53 PM
Apart from the occassional guards (most of which have seen Zork go towards graveyard with two of the newcomers, and will tell that if asked), the village's streets are empty now - you can see lights in some of the windows, but for some reason they do not seem warm and safe... nervous and anxious rather.

The nights sky is clear and the moon is clearly visible.

2007-06-06, 02:53 PM
Hearing the news from the guards, Meredith starts to walk towards the cemetary.
The better. She mutters under her nose, feeling that something.... nefarious... hangs in the air.

2007-06-06, 03:10 PM
I assume that Meredith, and Simon or Simura if they wish to follow or go to the cemetery later, arrive.

2007-06-06, 05:33 PM
Sebastian sees Meredith coming and rolls his eyes.Miss Self-Righteousness has arrived...

I suppose we don't need to find them now.

2007-06-07, 05:46 AM
Meredith nods as she arrives, acknowledging that she sees Jacob and Sebastian.
We found clues. Important ones. She takes a glance at Zork - how far away is he from the rest (mostly about hearing range), and what is he doing at the moment?

2007-06-07, 06:24 AM
"Well, I did what you wanted me to, and since, surprisingly, there are no monsters here I'll return to the village - I should be guarding it instead of walking around, to be honest. Have a good night." Zork leaves the graveyard. He probably didn't hear Meredith's words.

2007-06-07, 08:15 AM
This is important, so I hope I won't have to repeat. In two cases, the culprit entered the house through the chimney. The marks and soot-covered surfaces are clearly visible - are the villages trying to fool us, or are fools themselves? Meredith moves her shoulders, trying to relocate the scabbard on her back into a comfortable position.

What did you discover? We have to share everything we know. A short pause. The bed of one of missing people was covered in soot too. The guard's girlfriend.

2007-06-07, 08:28 AM
Jacob Hextombe

"Well, all the people who disappeared were friends of Katia, or she visited them the night before they did...

Also, someone unknown has taken care of these graveyards, which hasn't happened in many decades.

Right now I'm thinking evil cultists; though that would not explain the claw marks ..."

2007-06-07, 08:43 AM
Meredith nods. After a second of thought, she nods the second time, starting to take a step forward. She walks around the graveyard, counting the graves which are well-kept for.

Having finished after a rather short while (it's a small graveyard), she returns to the rest, her expression even more concentrated and determined than normally.
Seven people are missing. Seven graves are renovated.

2007-06-07, 09:18 AM

Simon follows behind Meredith (assuming Simura stayed on my shoulder...she follows too). Upon reaching the graveyard, and after listening to Meredith and Jacob."That is strange. I wonder if....do you think that the seven missing people are in those graves? I'd like to dig one up, but i don't want to disturb the grave, much less do so without permission. We should ask the mayor. Assuming you guys are thinking the same thing."

2007-06-07, 10:37 AM
Sebastian looks at Simon with a tinge of disgust. He turns to Jacob.

You see. This is exactly why I don't want to be buried. People messing with my body, taking my stuff, maybe turning me into some sort of zombie creatue, the list goes on.

2007-06-07, 10:39 AM
Jacob Hextombe (last post of the day)

at simon's comment
"Hey, no problem for me. but now is perhaps not the best hour to call for a gravedigger ... although"

at sebastion
Thats OK, I'll make sure they burn ya. Oh do you want me to doublecheck if your really dead first?

2007-06-07, 10:54 AM

"I say we dig one up because I'm afraid that the missing people might be in the graves, but you're right Jacob...we should probably wait til morning to do this. Now is not the hour to be messing with dead bodies."

2007-06-07, 01:21 PM
Sebastian looks at Jacob and shakes his head while smiling.
If I'm not dead and you try to burn me, then I'm sure I'll let you know somehow. He takes out his dagger, twirls it, then makes a quick slash motion in front of his neck. If you all really want to dig up a corpse, be my guest. Just don't expect me to pitch in.

2007-06-07, 03:12 PM
There is a small shed adjacent to the graveyard, and among other tools there is a shovel inside.

If any of you decide to rest at the elder's place, there are three guest rooms in which you can rest - all of them have three beds inside, are located upstairs and have a window. They're nothing fancy, but at least clean, and the beds are quite comfortable.

2007-06-08, 02:43 AM
Jacob Hextombe
sleeping in the house of the elder? no problem

"Though we should trap/alarm the door and windows of the rooms: if they come for us, that we're prepared"

Jacob will take room 1 - bed 1.
- he makes sure the window is locked and not openable from the outside.
(anyone know a way to alarm the window?)
- he balances a vase on a chair and puts the chair croocked against the door. (if the door opens the vase will fall). If the door opens room inward, the chair also blocks it.

Jacob will sleep with his leather/mythral gloves still on and use his jacket to keep warm (not wearing it, but having it with him)

2007-06-08, 08:02 AM
Meh..who needs sleep? I'm going to stick around here and keep a watch over things.

With that Sebastian scouts around the cemetary and finds a good spot to conceal himself and keep a watch over things.

2007-06-08, 10:43 AM
I slept in the wagon. If there are any trees at/near the cemetary, Meredith chooses an inconspicious one and sits down under it, outstretched legs. She closes her eyes and sighs.

I'll keep watch here. Tell me if you find anything suspicious. She says to Sebastian.

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-09, 01:06 PM
Simura really does look rather worried. The poor thing is almost frantic, glancing towards the graves every now and then. "I'll.. I'll stay here too. It'd be better if we had two people keeping an eye out rather than one." SHe pauses. "Or... three rather than two. Someone could come from the opposite direction and sneak up on Sebastian or something..."

She gulps a bit. "And, who knows? Maybe if someone's been burried alive they'll wake up and start pounding on the lid... these ears are just for show.." She twitches said ears, giving a nervous laugh.

2007-06-09, 05:08 PM
(I assume that Simon stays too... but if he decides differently, it'll be his way.)

You wait, and wait... this is very creepy, especially considering the total silence... or maybe not... was it a wolf you;ve heard at the hills? Or was it only your imagination?

Suddenly! You see five shapes appear at the cliff's edge, flying from under it! They are around the size of a human, but with large wings, and their flight is basically soundless! And they notice you, because they start to fly towards you - and as they do so, they emit a blood-friezing shriek!

Only when they are closer you realise what they are - giant bats! They surely would've been less terryfying if they weren't charging at you in the night right at the moment, their claws in front and their jaws, full of saliva-dripping needly teeth, wide open. Are their eyes red, or are you seeing things?

Battle! (http://fantasyanime.com/finalfantasy/ff7battle.mid)

The order for the first ~20 seconds of battle:
5. Giant Bat A
6. Simura
6. Giant Bat E
6. Giant Bat B
6. Giant Bat C
6. Sebastian
7. Giant Bat D
7. Simon
7. Meredith
12. Giant Bat A
12. Sebastian
13. Simura
13. Giant Bats B, C, E
14. Meredith
14. Simon
14. Giant Bat D
18. Sebastian
19. Giant Bat A
20. Simura
20. Giant Bats B, C, E
21. Meredith
21. Simon
21. Giant Bat D

Feel free to post for as many actions in advance as you wish.

Giant Bat A flies towards Meredith and tries to claw at her, but she manages to guard herself with her sword!


A bad dream wakes Jacob up, though he cannot remember any details.

2007-06-09, 05:40 PM
(Can I start hiding...I did say I was doing that beforehand. If so:

Sebastian will sneak attack Giant Bat A. On his next action he will attack it again. Third action same thing. If anyone drops below 25%HP he will use a potion on them. If he defeats a bat he will move onto the next one in alphabetical order.

If not: Attack bats in alphabetical order. If anyone drops below 25%Hp he uses a potion.)

Sebastian sees the bats coming and leaps from his hiding place to attack the first one with a slash.

(Count it as a sneak attack or not. Nice music by the way. I don't have to hum it now.)

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-09, 06:02 PM
Simura shrieks as the bats approach, but quickly calms down by the time they actually start attacking. She fixes Bat A in her sights, and stretches both hands out, creating a sort of triangle with her thumbs and forefingers. "Mana.. speak!" And her eyes flash blue, as blue energy crackles through her (rather dirty) fur.

(Yep, Sense on Bat A, then relaying the info to the others. Then, attack! Or, if the bats seem to be weak to Wind, split Aero on whatever bats haven't been attacked by that time.)

(And thanks for the midi, but I have an MP3 of "Those Who Fight Further" anyway...:smallbiggrin: Plus, Chocobo Tales' sound test... ah, it's good to be alive.)

2007-06-09, 08:35 PM
What's that? The culprit? No... but it's still weird! Bats shouldn't grow to be so big! Meredith thinks.

Come on... time for action.
She unsheathes her sword, just in time to block a bat's flying-charge at her, giving it a slap with the weapon's blunt side to enrage it further!

(My actions will be dependant on Simura's sense results)

2007-06-10, 05:00 AM
Simura senses the creature's weaknesses and abilities:

|Giant Bat
|Level: 7
|HP: 80/80
|MP: 0/0
|Weak against Wind.

Bat E apparently didn't like what Simura was doing, because it flies towards her, catches her in its claws, and throws her against the fence! (17 damage)

Bat B catches Simura before she hits the fence, and throws her to the ground! (critical hit - 36 damage!)

Simura can use her limit break!

Bat C notices Sebastian apparently, since it flies towards him with a shriek and headbutts him! (22 damage)

Sebastian jumps towards the first bat and slashes him, his dagger's wind energy making the bat spin backwards in the air before falling to the ground, lifeless! (80 damage)

Bat D emits a shrieking, almost visible sonic wave towards Simon. Simon is confused!

Simon slaps Sebastian over the head with his tome! (10 damage)

2007-06-10, 05:16 AM
Meredith jumps about one meter in the air, not very high but high enough to give her additional momentum! She stabs the closest bat with her sword, still in the air, letting gravity add strength to her hit.

((In other rounds, I will continue attacking the most wounded bat))

2007-06-10, 05:21 AM
Meredith attacks (random roll) bat B, dealing 41 damage to it!

Sebastian attacks the same bat, hitting it for 74 damage and killing it!

(waiting for Yuki Akuma, I'm not sure does he want Simura to use Aero or the limit break.)

2007-06-10, 05:23 AM
Jacob: (... doing nothing ...)

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-10, 05:45 AM
(I was asleep. You should've just used my bloody limit break.)

2007-06-10, 05:59 AM
(Hey hey, no need to get annoyed. Only 20 minutes passed, and I saw you posting some stuff in the meantime.)

Simura conjures a thunderbolt of raw magic energy, which strikes Bat C for 103 damage, zapping it and killing it on the spot!

Bat E slashes Meredith with its claws! (20 damage)

Meredith swings at the bat with her sword, but it dodges the attack, flying to the side!

Simon, still confused, attacks Meredith with his book for 9 damage!

Bat D sends some ultrawaves towards Meredith, but she manages to shrug off their effect!

Sebastian attacks bad D, but it dodges!

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-10, 06:04 AM
(...No you didn't. That was, uh, your imagination. >.>)

For some reason, the lightning bolt that Simura zaps the bat with, with a cry of "Mana Surge: Lightning!", is blue. Well, it's not much of a surprise, considering...

Simura stares at Simon for a moment. "Blackstar! What the hell are you doing?!"

(And next, split Aero on two random bats, if you would. <.<)

2007-06-10, 06:07 AM
Simura casts Aero on both of the remaining bats, dealing 68 damage to bat D and 69 damage to bat E!

Bat E flies towards Sebastian and tries to claw at him, but before it reaches the target Meredith jumps (you use cover on everyone whenever you can, right?) in the way, and it ends up attacking her instead! (25 damage)

Meredith counterattacks, dealing 41 damage and slicing the bat in two pieces!

Simon, a bit less confused, charges at the last remaining bat and thwacks it with his book, which surprisingly made it go down! (17 damage)

*victory fanfare*

You defeat the enemies!

5*Bat Claws (a reagent for healing potions, easy to sell for 40 gil each)

|HP after the battle:
|Simon: 105/105
|Simura: 42/95
|Sebastian: 83/115
|Meredith: 56/110

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-10, 06:17 AM
Simura makes the same motion she made the other day during the test, her fur crackling. Her attack call has changed, though; now she's calling it Blue Magic. Well, I guess she's realise that it is Blue Magic, even though she's still unsure why she can use it.

Isn't it supposed to be really rare?

Simura sighs, folding into a puddle of scared-out-of-her-wits-and-just-realising-it moogle. She would kick Simon in the shins, were she able to get up... so it's just as well.

2007-06-10, 01:19 PM
Sebastian walks over toward the bodies and picks up two bat claws. He then turns to Simon and smack him in the head. Snap out of it!

He looks over the edge of the cliff to check if more are coming.

I guess I should say thanks right now Meredith...so thanks.

Sebastian sees Simura and gives a chuckle. Why are you so scared? You blew those flying rats out of the sky. If anything we should be afraid of you.

2007-06-10, 03:03 PM
Meredith stays in one place, trying to slash horizontally at the bat that flies close - however, she misses.

What the hell! She reacts to Simon's tome smack, more angered than wounded. She glares at him, only to notice a bat going straight for Sebastian.

She's quick enough to jump between these two in a guarding pose, which allows her to push back the bat (although it managed to scratch her somewhat), finishing off the dazed creature with a downward, impaling strike.

After hearing Sebastian: I protect people I'm with. She smiles wryly, only for a second, then ducks down and cuts the bat's claws off.

Why did they attack? And... someone should get Jacob here. I expect more trouble. She stretches her body, letting out a quiet sigh as she realises how bruised up she is.

2007-06-10, 03:14 PM
Simon becomes himself, vaguely remembering what happened between the bat's sonic wave and Sebastian's "curation".

When Sebastian looks down the cliff, he sees... a large hole, around 25 feet below the cliff's edge! What's even stranger is that after a short while, the hole starts to shimmer and slowly disappears!

2007-06-11, 08:15 AM

Rubbing his head and looking very confused. "What the hell happened? I saw the bats coming and the next thing I know I'm being slapped? I have no idea what just happened. Someone please fill me in."

With the bats dead, Simon will assess the parties wounds and heals them. (the most mana efficient way would seem to be split cure twice, but i'm a little confused on the magic math)

After hearing what happened. "Sorry guys, i had no idea what I was doing. I agree though, we should get Jacob."

2007-06-11, 08:59 AM
Simon casts Cure twice, healing 36 damage with the first one and 37 damage with the second, to all of you. Everyone's at full health now.
(Since the first cure gave everyone a lot of HP, though not maximum, you can choose to cancel the second one if you want to.)

2007-06-11, 11:25 AM
Sebastian backs away from the edge slowly.

Uhh guys...there was a big hole in the cliff, and now there isn't. I honestly watched it disappeared. Weird.
He starts to head away. I'll go get Jacob.

Sebastian sneaks back into Steven's house and moves as quietly as he can until he reaches Jacob's room. He begins to knock on the door quietly, then louder and louder while loudly whispering for him to get up. If Jacob doesn't wake up at that, then Sebastian will kick open the door, but leap to the side as he does so. He did say something about traps...

If/When he gets up, Sebastian will brief him and return to the graveyard.

2007-06-12, 04:03 AM
(Jacob wasn't sleeping yet, so he heared you the first time)

Sad that he missed the action, Jacob follows ...

2007-06-12, 02:58 PM
Meredith looks down the cliff, finding no hole as it managed to disappear already. Not surprised (she remembers Sebastian saying that it's gone), she takes a few steps back and looks around the cemetary.

Now we have things to talk to the mayor about. But we need everyone here first.

Not turning her head, she tries to glance backwards at the cliff, sheathing her sword to the scabbard at the same time.

2007-06-12, 04:26 PM
Sebastian arrives on the scene.

Ok now that everyone's here, we do....what?

2007-06-12, 05:43 PM
Good. Follow me.
Meredith lowers herself down the cliff on both hands, trying to climb down to reach the level at which the hole appeared, and to examine the surface at that height.

If climbing is too difficult, she tries to go back. Tch... can someone else try?

2007-06-12, 05:49 PM
The cliff is surprisingly easy to climb, though doing so without a line might end tragically.
When Meredith gets down around the level where the hole used to be... her leg gets in the cliff's wall, as if it was made of air! She almost loses her grip because of that.
It seems that the hole is still there, only invisible...

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-12, 05:52 PM
Simura, having seemingly recovered from her bought of terror, saunters on over to the cliff and unceremoniously scales down. Claws do come in handy, even if they're only blunt! "Maybe you should think about growing some wings." She sticks her tongue out to Meredith, twitching her own wings as she does so.

2007-06-12, 05:59 PM
Meredith shrugs, not a simple task when you are climbing a cliff face!
When she finally reaches the camouflaged hole, she struggles to keep the grasp on the wall, surprised to find thin air instead of rock.

After she regained her balance: The hole's still here. I think it's an illusion. She swings her body backwards and jumps into the hole, hand ready on her sword's hilt!

2007-06-12, 06:07 PM
(for everyone who enters the hole)

Behind the hole, there is a raw tunnel, which seems to be either natural or very crudely carved in the rock. A moment after Meredith enters it, a voice starts to speak, seemingly from the thin air! It is screechy, and reminds you of a mischievous old man.
"So, you have managed to find my lair in a rare flash of intellect! How convenient. I hope you will have a lot of fun here!"
After a while, it adds: "This is a recorded, magical message, if you're too dim to notice. Do not try to respond."
Later down the corridor it splits up to left and right. There is a huge (around 12x9 feet) wooden arrow on the wall before you, which points to the left. "THIS WAY" is written crudely in black paint on it.

2007-06-12, 06:09 PM
... A large bead of sweat breaks on Meredith's forehead. She waits under the arrow for the rest of the circus to arrive.

2007-06-12, 08:13 PM
Sebastian watches Meredith struggle down the cliff and smiles. It's called rope.

He ties some to a nearby tree(or something else sturdy) and shimmies down the rope with relative ease. He leaves the rope there for the others.

He curses under his breath at the message and kicks the sign. This isn't good. Just here to confuse us. We could debate about which way to go and whether to split up or not, but I say stick together this once.

2007-06-13, 12:47 AM
Jacob Hextombe

not having much trouble with the cliffs, Jacob climbs down without a rope

"Ropes are for wussies! Real men ... fall down a painfull death ..."

While walking in the corridors he's always touching the left side (this way any other 'hidden' entrences to the left will be noticed

"I say we go left. I'dd hate to see a sign 'I told you It was left!' I'dd move slowly though ... that we dont' yust run into a trap"

((ooc: if movies/games/anime/... has thought us one thing: if there is a sign "this way" it's always that way ... ))

2007-06-13, 04:49 AM
When Sebastian kicks the sign, it gets slightly in, as if it was an unusually-looking door on hidden hinges, and apparently there is some space behind it!
You also hear a muffled growl and shuffling coming from the tunnel to the right!

2007-06-13, 05:05 AM

"wear not alown here ..." Jacob makes sure he got his leather/mythril gloves well on

(and prepares to hit the first thing that comes from the right)

2007-06-13, 05:38 AM
So both ways were traps, huh?
Meredith grits her teeth, standing in a defensive pose. Her sword's still sheathed, but one hand rests at the hilt, ready to act at any sign of danger.

2007-06-13, 06:00 AM
The source of the sounds is now visible! Due to the darkness they are not well visible, but... it seems they are corpses! Six walking corpses that look (and smell) as if they were a couple of years old at least, dressed in rags, rotting or dried, some of them with visible putrid, open wounds! And they shuffle your way, and are rather fast!

Battle! (http://www.fantasyanime.com/legacy/top_battle.mid)

(Simon and Simura make their rounds only if they are here)

5. Sebastian
6. Jacob
6. Zombie E
6. Simura
6. Zombie F
6. Simon
7. Meredith
7. Zombies A-D
11. Sebastian
12. Jacob
13. Simura
13. Simon
13. Zombies E-F
14. Meredith
14. Zombies A-D
17. Sebastian
18. Jacob
20. Simura
20. Simon
20. Zombies E-F
21. Meredith

2007-06-13, 06:39 AM

6. Jacob will attack Zombie E (or F if E is dead)
12. if Jacob is below 20% he'll use regenerate (if half the zombies are still alive) or a potion is he's below 60%; else he'll attack the most damaged zombie
18. a potion is he's below 60%; else he'll attack the most damaged zombie

2007-06-13, 07:19 AM
I didn't expect that.
Meredith unsheathes her sword in one fluid move, placing it at her side, holding only with one hand.
Let's go! She raises the blade, putting it horizontally at eyes' level, the other hand grasping the hilt as well. The grasp tightens momentarily as the blade bursts into flames!

First action: Fire Weapon. Attack the most wounded opponent after that, auto-cover all allies.

2007-06-13, 08:19 AM

(ooc:AH! I didn't get an e-mail update about all these posts!)

Simon climbs down the rope a little slower than the others, since he's not the most athleticly built. "Why can't the enemy ever put their hide out some place easy to reach? This is so inconvenient.....and difficult." After slipping a couple of times, he finally makes it into the cave just in time to see the zombies coming at the party..."I leave you all alone for 5 seconds and you're getting attacked again? Well this time, I'm gonna remember the battle!"

Simon will split Fire the zombies for the first 2 rounds, then switch to his book. If a teammate asks for healing or if most of the party falls below 35% health, he'll split Cure.

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-13, 08:55 AM
Simura is, indeed, here. She wouldn't just wait outside while everyone else went in!

Simura, naturally, uses Sense, her hands stretched out before her, her eyes glowing blue.. the usual.

2007-06-13, 11:41 AM
Sebastian hears the noises and takes a step back. Uhh...whoops. He draws his dagger and sees the zombies. He makes a mad dash for cover.

(First Round hiding. Then sneak attack Zombie A. Then normal attacks on zombies in alphabetical order. Potion if anyone drops below 25% HP.)

2007-06-13, 11:48 AM
Sebastian hides!

Jacob attack Zombie E, hitting it for 45 damage!

Zombie E lurches towards Meredith and flails her with its arms! (21 damage, 89 HP left)

Simura senses the creatures' abilities:

|Level: 7
|HP: 90/90
|MP: 10/10
|Weak against Fire and Holy.
|Strong against Poison.

Zombie F suddenly opens its jaws wide, and vomits a disgusting spray of acid and poisonous, dark blood at Jacob! (18 damage, 87 HP left, poisoned!)

Simon's spell burns the zombies and lightens up the darkness - the creatures moan in anger! One of them falls down, aflame! (57 damage each, E dead)

Meredith coats her weapon in flame!

Zombie A attacks Meredith with a poisonous vomit, just like F did before to Jacob! (24 damage, 65 HP left, poisoned!)

Meredith can use her limit break!

Zombie B jumps at Jacob and gnaws at his flesh with rotten teeth, before getting shaken off! (36 damage, 51 HP left, critical hit!)

Zombie C claws at Simura! (22 damage, 73 HP left)

Zombie D tries to strangle Simon! (28 damage, 77 HP left)

Simon can use his limit break!

Sebastian attacks Zombie A from his hideout, dealing 66 damage to it! The zombie's arms, legs and head fall off, and all the pieces move for a while, then stop!

Jacob receives 10 damage from poison! (41 HP left)

Jacob drinks a potion, healing 50 damage! (91 HP left)

Meredith receives 11 damage from poison! (54 HP left)

13. Simura
13. Simon
13. Zombie F
14. Meredith
14. Zombies B-D
16. Jacob's poison
17. Sebastian
17. Meredith's poison
18. Jacob
20. Simura
20. Simon
20. Zombie F
21. Meredith
21. Zombies B-D
21. Jacob's poison

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-13, 02:54 PM
Simura draws her sword while rushing the nearest zombie. She's in the front row, by the way, if you were confused at all.

"Fire! They're hurt more by fire than normal creatures!" As if Simon hadn't already figured that out.

[Now she's just going to attack attack attack, using a potion if her HP goes below 30, and using her limit break if and when it becomes available.]

Simura's fighting style is quite... acrobatic. It includes a lot of leaps and hovering in the air for short bursts to evade attacks.

2007-06-13, 03:29 PM
Simura slashes zombie F for 24 damage, chopping its arm off!

Simon casts a fire spell again, dealing 54 damage to all zombies, and destroying them outright!


300 gil

2007-06-13, 05:10 PM
The bead of sweat returns to Meredith's forehead as she realises that all the zombies are down even before she managed to hit anyone.
Over? She sighs, then clutches her gut with one hand (the other holding the still-burning zweihander), poison still coursing through her body!

She quickly runs to the nearest zombie pieces, noticing a glinting vial amogst the remains. Recognising it as an antidote potion, she uncorks the vial and sips it down quickly.
How convenient... She sheathes the blade, which extinguishes itself the moment it enters the scabbard, looting the zombie for its gold in the meantime (60 gil, right?).

2007-06-13, 05:29 PM

"Well now that wasn't so bad...it could have been worse. Is everyone all right?" Simon, seeing that everyone is at least still in one piece, isn't overly concerned at the moment. (I assume that Jacob will be grabbing one of the antidotes and downing it, if not, Simon will offer Jacob the antidote, also taking his 60gil)

"So which way we going? Obviously not down the right path unless you guys wanna see if there are more zombies. My vote is thru secret door number 1" as he points towards the broken sign/door.

2007-06-13, 06:01 PM
Sebastian smiles at the battles outcome. He doesn't need the potion, but picks up 120 gil. He winks towards Jacob. You still owe me.

He goes over and tries to open the hidden door. Yeah, I say we go this way too.

2007-06-14, 12:48 AM
Jacob Hextombe

"thanks Simon."
he quarfs down a potion
"blarg, why do these things always taste so bitter ..."

after that he turns to sebastian
"Yeah, yeah, 140 more to go. The hidden way is fine by me."

2007-06-14, 04:06 AM
(So... who takes the last antidote?)

You enter the "secret" passage, and the tunnel behind it leads slightly downwards. After a while, it opens into a large cavern, full of long stalactites and stalagmites, the ceiling of which is not visible due to darkness! You notice small piles of bat guano here and there. More importantly, you hear a voice! It belongs to the same person who left the message at the start.
"So, how do my guests feel? Lack of space and freedom? Pity you lack the magical power to teleport out, don't you think?"
He apparently is not talking to you. When you come closer, you see some objects behind a wall of stalagmites.
"Hungry, thirsty? Why don't you just summon some food and water then? Oh, I forgot - you cannot do that!"
When you move to the side, you see that those objects are several large, steel cages on the floor, apparently with some creatures inside! There are also two humanoids standing before those cages.
"Missing your relatives? Why don't you send them a message that you are alright? What, you are not able to do even that? Pitiful!"
When you come closer you notice that one of those humanoids, both of which are turning towards the cages and not you, is another zombie. The other one seems to be covered in a brown cloak.
"My magic makes me better than you! It gives me the ability to do anything, and makes you - those who do not possess it - completely useless! I can do it all because..."
The figure turns his head back, towards you! Now you notice that it was not a cloak - it's a humanoid bat-like creature, with malicious, spiteful eyes!
"I'm the goddamn Manbat!"

2007-06-14, 04:11 AM
(Jacob will take the antidote)

Jacob Hextombe

"You're responsable for the kidnapping of the villagers? Let them go, or you'll find out that you can do a thing called dying!"

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-14, 07:27 AM
Simura doesn't even bother with the "talk to the bad guy" thing. She's already leaping into the air, making 'gathering' motions with her hands, then 'throwing'.. something.. forward, towards the Manbat!

"Blue magic..." Her fur crackles with blue energy... "Aero!"

(Impulsive? Simura? Yes.)

2007-06-14, 08:37 AM

(Simon is also a little impatient and is right behind Simura. I assume you'll work some logistics out Tengu, but I would like to use my limit break. Not too sure how you wanna work it out...since we're in a cave. I'm gonna describe what Simon does, you fill in what happens. lol.)

Simon's eyes turn black, his hands become engulfed in black orbs. Throwing both hands up into the air "Cosmos deliver punishment to my enemy...Blackstar!"

(and....Tengu GO!)

2007-06-14, 08:57 AM
"So you want a fight - and good, we have a common goal then! Watch as I, Manbat, and this beefed up zombie, destroy you with eas...aiee!"
His monologue gets interrupted by a small whirlwind, conjured by Simura, which engulfs him.

Battle - with a boss! (http://fantasyanime.com/finalfantasy/ff6/ff3boss3.mid)

5. (okay, more like 1, but you know...) Simura
5. Simon
5. Jacob
6. Manbat
6. Perducci
6. Meredith
6. Zombie+
11. Jacob
12. Manbat
12. Simura
12. Simon
12. Sebastian
13. Meredith
13. Zombie+
17. Jacob
18. Manbat
18. Sebastian
19. Simura
19. Simon
20. Meredith
20. Zombie+

Simura's Aero hits Manbat with full force, dealing 104 damage to him!

"Ah, you know one of my weaknesses! But I have a way of denying it! Elemental Shield - Wind!" A spherical, translucent half-sphere appears around him, before becoming invisible!

Simon performs his attack, and a hole opens in the ceiling - a column of moonlight appears from it, right onto your enemy - and a falling star flies through the hole, hitting your enemy in an explosion for 72 damage! The hole closes and the light disappears.

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-14, 09:15 AM
Simura scratches the back of her head. "Actually, it was just a guess, 'cause you look like a bat, and bats are weak against Wind.. and it's the only attack spell I know..." She shrugs her shoulders.

She then pauses. "But I can learn the rest of your weaknesses! Mana..." Her fur crackles blue! Pure mana flows over her body.. "Speak!"

(Sense. Then she'll communicate the info to the others. Then (if she has enough MP, I'm not sure), she'll use another Aero, just to see if she can get through the shield.)

She also calls over to Meredith, after using Sense. "Hey, warrior woman! Zombies are weak against fire, in case you forgot!"

2007-06-14, 09:16 AM
"HEY, I'm supposed to be the agressive one !"

Jacob charges to the front, hitting the batman with a mean right hook

(if between 20% and 50 %: cast regen)
(if < 70%: drink potion)

2007-06-14, 10:13 AM
Jacob hits the creature for 33 damage, and the impact throws Manbat in the air, several feet back.

"Stupid musclehead, I have something you should enjoy! Telekinesis!"

He puts both hands up and waves them around. Several stalactites break off, and fall on top of Jacob! (30 damage, 61 HP left)

Jacob can use his limit break!

2007-06-14, 11:47 AM
This guy comes first! Meredith lunges forward, unsheathing the blade mid-air and stabbing it right into the Manbat's shoulder! Still flying, she heaves the blade, levering both the creature and the sword downwards, then tries to direct herself to fall down as well. An awful grating sound is heard as the sword's tip pierces into the rock floor of the cavern, the opponent (hopefully) impaled on it!
Try to deny this... Meredith mutters, her teeth gnashing.

(Yes, it's the Limit Break)

2007-06-14, 01:11 PM
(Perducci appears from no where and his the Manbat with his touch of gold attack, instantly turning it into a solid gold statue. Joking Joking)

Sebastian hides. Then attacks the Manbat. Rinse and repeat.

The first time he pops out of the shadows/from behind a stalagmite he yells.

2007-06-14, 03:22 PM
Sebastian hides!

Meredith uses Impaler, dealing 54 damage to Manbat and immobilizing him! He writhes on the sword, trying to get free. "Ah, how dare you!"

Zombie+ throws a Hi-Potion at Manbat like a granade. The bottle shatters over his head, but he manages to drink the medicine, which heals 250 damage to him!

(I'm not sure what Jacob will do.)

Simura senses your enemy's abilities... though most of them seem to be obscured!

|Level: 10
|HP: ????/????
|MP: ????/????
|Weak against Fire.
|Strong against Wind.

11. Jacob
12. Simon
12. Sebastian
13. Meredith
13. Zombie+
17. Jacob
18. Sebastian
19. Simura
19. Simon
20. Meredith
20. Zombie+

2007-06-14, 05:05 PM

(on his turn of course)
With his eyes returning to normal and the orbs around his hands fading away, Simon begins to cast again. Fire on Manbat.

(If Manbat is hurting the next time Simon's turn rolls around he'll attack him with his book. If both Manbat and the Zombie+ are still alive he'll drink an ether and continue casting Fire)

2007-06-15, 12:47 AM
(ooc: OOOh 1.5 x physical damage ... with now a x3 physiscal damage limit breaker ... this is comes in handy )

11. Jacob limit breaks: charges forward, and with a powerfull uppercut sends the manbat skywards, and since the manbat couldn't move, the hit connects extra hard. He then jumps after the bat, grabs him, makes a 180 degrees flip, and slams the helpless bat right onto the smashed rock floor, cracking it even more ...

17. if >70% life, attacks the zombie if its still alive; esle drink last potion

2007-06-15, 04:56 AM
Jacob's attack hits the creature for 102 damage, and while he is no longer impaled on Meredith's sword because of it, he's still paralyzed and unable to move for a while!

Simon's spell burns Manbat for 104 damage!

Sebastian jumps out and, shouting his warcry, slashes at Manbat - his magical shield appears for a second and absorbs part of the dagger's elemental blow! (34 damage)

13. Meredith
13. Zombie+
17. Jacob
18. Sebastian
19. Simura
19. Simon
20. Meredith
20. Zombie+

2007-06-15, 07:04 AM
The blood on Meredith sword's tip begins to boil, as the whole blade is set aflame!

Dead people burn easy, hmm? You take care of the bat guy! She shouts to the rest of the party, holding the weapon one-handed, blade downwards. She starts to sprint towards the zombie!

2007-06-15, 07:21 AM
Meredith uses Fire Weapon.

The zombie opens its mouth widely and emits a poisonous cloud, that engulfs all of you!

|Simon - 28 damage, 49 HP left.
|Jacob - 14 damage, 47 HP left.
|Simura - 8 damage, 65 HP left.
|Sebastian - 36 damage, 79 HP left.
|Meredith - 22 damage, 32 HP left.

Sebastian hides.

Jacob drinks a potion.

19. Simura
19. Simon
20. Meredith
20. Zombie+
23. Jacob
24. Sebastian
26. Simura
26. Simon
27. Manbat
27. Meredith
27. Zombie+
29. Jacob
30. Sebastian

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-15, 07:42 AM
Simura adopts a stance, then rushes towards the bat-man, jumping into the air and slicing at him as she passes!

Hey, a scimitar is kinda like a katana...

2007-06-15, 08:06 AM

::cough::"OH GOD! That's foul!"::cough::

Simon drinks his ether,and then quickly covers his mouth and nose to try avoiding the horrible smell.