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Sir Giacomo
2007-05-18, 01:01 PM
Hi everyone,

do you have any ideas what kind of conjuration spells (PHB I, PHB II, Spell Compendium) would be best to use with the shadow conjuration spells (4th level, 7th level and 9th level versions)?

My ideas so far already for the 4th level shadow conjuration:
- Phantom Steed (reduces casting time from 10 Minutes to a standard action; can thus also be quickened; the weaker AC and hit points do not really matter)
- Obscuring Mist (the shadow version is actually better than the original version, since your party will automatically "disbelieve" the mist if warned before and can thus see through it. Opponents, say, enemy ranged attackers, will get no save until they interact with the mist)
- Sepia Snake Sigil (save the 500gp cost; use on willing targets to make them static- say for transporting them underwater, stopping poison/disease/hitpointloss from killing someone until you can help them; the stasis lasts for days)

- Giacomo

2007-05-30, 09:57 PM
No idea, really. I'm sure somebody must know, though.

2007-05-30, 10:48 PM
Create Water/Food and Water.

So many uses.

2007-05-30, 11:16 PM
One of the best is for Teleport/Dimension Door. Stinking Cloud, Cloudkill, and Solid Fog are some others, although the will save gets annoying.

2007-05-30, 11:32 PM
You can't teleport with Shadow Conjuration.

2007-05-31, 12:55 AM
You can't teleport with Shadow Conjuration.

Greater Shadow Conjuration can do it. Teleport is only a 5th level spell. Heck, Shades can dup Greater Teleport (formerly known as Teleport Without Error).

Jack Mann
2007-05-31, 01:07 AM
Teleportation isn't a (summoning) or (creation) spell. Greater shadow conjuration can't duplicate it.

2007-05-31, 01:27 AM
Teleportation isn't a (summoning) or (creation) spell. Greater shadow conjuration can't duplicate it.

Hmm... hadn't caught that restriction on Shadow Conjuration before...

Shadow Evocation's primary use is to cast those few spells which are useful in that college without actually taking any spells in that college (like Contingency). No wizard is stupid enough to ban Conjuration (Except, apparently, V, who only did it before Transportation spells were moved to Conjuration), so that use is rather out, and the most useful spells aren't even included.

Another good use is to create walls (wall of iron, for instance) to hamper chases

2007-05-31, 01:54 AM
Contingency is fun.

If you really want over the top, check out the spells from BoED, and remember that you don't pay any of the costs of the spells, including the sacrifice costs. As such, you can cast Armageddon (normally you lose a level when you do this). One spell that summons a horde of Angels? Sign me up. Exaulted Fury is downright hilarious (I sacrifice my life to blow up everyone around me! Great! Now I stand up, cause I don't actually have to sacrifice my life, it was just an illusion. Nya nya), and there's a spell with a 1 hour casting time that makes everyone evil within a very wide radius of you blind with no save for 24 hours... that you can cast in 6 seconds. Rock on.

The 9th level spells of course require you to be a Shadowcraft Mage for this to work.

Sepia Snake Sigil is of course amusing, as is Greater Mage Armour. And let's not forget Wall of Stone or Wall of Iron (why pay money for your walls?).


2007-05-31, 03:00 AM
Greater Mage Armor...

+2 Mithral Twilight Armor. And I don't need to worry about it being dispelled or wearing off.

Sir Giacomo
2007-05-31, 07:22 AM
Wow, reactions at long last- I'd already thought this thread had gone to the thread graveyard...

@Solo: Create Food&Water is a good idea, but it is not an arcane spell (you can only replicate arcane spells)

@JaronK: Thanks for the BoED, I'll check that! Contingency can be replicated with Greater Shadow Evocation, that's true!*

@SneekyTheLost: Greater Mage Armour sounds also cool; it may be subject to the 20%/60%/80% chance to be real, though. (or maybe an opponent will have to make a will save first? Hmmm...)

*Let us also continue this for the shadow evocation spell (also greater version). Maybe sending can be cast with the shadow evocation spell? Or would in that case only 60% of the words get through?

Hmmmm...quite complicated! But thanks for all the answers, keep the ideas coming!

- Giacomo