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2007-05-18, 09:44 PM
My friends and I are playing Age of Wormsas our main campaign right now. When we fight monsters in the game, I usually keep track of the fights for recollections, out of boredom I've decided to post the latest little fight of ours here. Feel free to not read it :smallbiggrin:

[]First, a quick run down of the PCs:

Asher Vane (me)-Human Abjurer3/Master Abjurer5, Forbidden Schools- Evocation/Necromancy.

Giovanni-Gray Elf Evoker3/Master Evoker5, Forbidden Schools- Abjuration/Enchantment.

Deagamseer-Human Exalted Druid 8.

Solomon Holt-Human Cleric of Heronius 8.

And now the fight:

The party has recently escaped a jail cell and is looking for a way out of the building they are in. The come to a large warehouse. They are standing on a wooden balcony overlooking the floor, which is filled with various boxes and barrels. Seer climbs down the ladder to the floor. As soon as he reaches the bottom, a barrel rolls forward and attacks!

Suprise Round:
Mimic1 take a five-foot move and attacks Seer. It rolls low and misses.

Round One:
Giovanni double moves to the ladder and clambers down next to Seer.

Seer uses a swift action to transform into a dire tiger and attacks Mimic1 with two claws and a bite. All three attacks hit for moderate damage, but Seer's claws and fanges become stuck to the mimic's adhesive.

Mimic1 wraps its psudopods aroind Seer and crushes him for a little damage.

Mimics 2 & 3 double move towards Seer and Giovanni.

Asher fires a crossbow bolt at Mimic2, but misses.

Solomon double moves towards the ladder, but cannot get down it this round.

Round Two:
Giovanni casts Magic Missile at Mimic1 and deals low damage.

Seer tries to tear free of the mimic, but fails.

Mimic1 attempts to crush Seer again, but can't.

Mimic2 attacks Seer, but misses.

Mimic3 attacks Giovanni and hits, dealing moderate damage. Giovanni is also grappled by the mimic.

Asher moved farther down the balcony so he can see the battle more clearly, then casts Deeper Slumber on Mimic2. Mimic2 resists the spell, but Mimic1 passes out.

Solomon starts down the ladder. Unfortunatly, under the weight of his full-plate, the ladder breaks, taking half the balcony with it. Solomon takes low fall damage, and Giovanni and Mimic3 are also hit by falling wood and vanish under debris.

Round Three:
Giovanni is wounded badly, but the force of the balcony hitting him also knocked his free of the mimic. He spends his turn fighting free of the debris.

Seer rears back and slams Mimic1 against the ground, doing lots of damage, but also waking it up.

Mimic1 crushes Seer for moderate damage, Seer is getting low on HP.

Mimic2 moves towards Solomon and attacks, the cleric avoids the strike, though.

Mimic3 gets clear of the debris.

Asher remembers what he read about mimics when he was in the Academy, and spends his move action making a Spot check around the room. He sees a barrel with three large X's on it. Asher casts Fly on himself.

Solomon runs to Seer's side and casts Cure Moderate Wounds on him. With Solomon's Empowered Healing feat, Seer is almost back to full.

Round Four:
Giovanni takes a five-foot step back from Mimic3 and casts Lightning Bolt at it. Mimic3 suceeds its Reflex save, but still takes a large amount of damage.

Seer tries to break free of the mimic, but can't.

Mimic1 critically hits with its crush attack and deals serious damage to Seer.

Mimic2 attacks Solomon and hits, grappling the cleric.

Mimic3 moves forward and attacks Giovanni, hitting the evoker hard enough to knock him unconcious.

Asher jumps off the remaining balcony and flies across the warehouse to the barrel. He yanks off the lid and sees it's full of moonshine.

Solomon tries to break free of Mimic2, but can't.

Round Five:
Giovanni is down.

Seer tries to break free of Mimic1 but fails.

Mimic1 crushes Seer yet again.

Mimic2 moves towards Seer and attacks, but misses.

Mimic3 crushes Solomon for moderate damage.

Asher dumps the barrel over, shouting for his companions to dunk the mimics in it. Once most of the barrel is empty, the weak Abjurer grabs the barrel and flies up, preparing to dump the remaining liquid on the mimics directly. The alcohol hits Mimics 1 & 2, but Mimic3 avoids it by pulling itself up onto Solomon's chest.

Solomon tries to break free but fails.

Round Six:
Giovanni is down.

Seer, now free due to the alcohol, full attacks Mimic1 and hits all three times, criting on his bite. The mimic dies.

Mimic1 is down.

Mimic2 attacks Seer and hits for moderate damage, Seer is at three HP.

Mimic3 crushes Solomon for low damage.

Asher changes his mind about dumping a third of a barrel of moonshine on Solomon. Instead he flies up as high as he can to the roof, then casts Baleful Transport on Mimic3. The mimic fails it's saving throw and switches places with Asher.

Solomon stops hugging Asher and moves over to Giovanni to cast Cure Serious Wounds.

Round Seven:
Giovanni casts Polymorph and turns into a gargoyle. He flies up to the balcony, still being low on HP.

Seer full attacks Mimic2 and drops it.

Mimic1 is down.

Mimic2 is down.

Mimic3 charges Asher and hits for high damage.

Asher flies twenty feet up and casts Melf's Acid Arrow on the mimic. It has no effect.

Solomon finishes Mimic3 off with a blow from his longsword.