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Blood of Gaea
2015-10-02, 03:59 AM
So this the first homebrew I posted here, and I figured I would do something fun with it. So I made what I think are Guts' most note worthy items. As you can see, they are very powerful, but they have to be, considering what the guy is fighting.

Personally, I imagine Guts to be a Gestalt Champion Fighter/Path of the Berserker Barbarian, seems the most fitting to me.

Major Artifact (Attunement with a minimum of 22 STR)

Dragonslayer: 6d6 Greatsword +3, two-handed, weight 300lbs.
This sword ignores resistance and immunity, and can hit intangible and astral enemies.
If something would be reduced to 0 HP or is at 0 HP and hit by Dragonslayer, it dies, even if it normally would not. If killed by this effect, you be resurrected only by a deity.

Major Artifact (Attunement by a Path of the Berserker with a minimum of 22 CON)

Berserk Armor: Plate, Weight 40lbs.

Proficiency with this armor is not needed to use this, and it does not interfere with any Barbarian ability besides Unarmored Defense.

While the wearer is under the effects of rage the following applies:
- Rage lasts up to 10 minutes.
- Ignore the effects of exhaustion, however you still have and gain levels of it.
- You can jump four times your STR modifier.
- You gain half your STR and DEX modifiers, rounded up.
- Able to see in non-magical and magical darkness 300ft. Cannot see color, even in light.
- You may apply your DEX modifier to you're AC, this stacks with all AC bonuses.
- You take half damage from all sources.
- All damage is also taken from your maximum health, you recover your maximum health after a long rest. This effect cannot lower you past 1 maximum HP.
- If your HP reaches 0, even if it would normally instantly kill you, gain 1 HP, and temporary HP equal to your normal HP, then reset the time of Rage to 10 minutes.
- When Rage ends, if the above effect activated, become 0 HP, and automatically lose two death saves.

Wondrous Item (Attunement)

Blasting Arm: This can only be used by a humanoid with no left arm or forearm, but you must have an upper arm.
If you do not have a shield, +2 AC.
As a bonus action you can create a 5 ft wide, 20ft long line, it deals 6d6 Bludgeoning, and 6d6 Thunder damage. You cannot use this again until you finish a short rest.
If this hand is open, it may use it as a club, dealing 1d4 damage

So do you guys think I captured it right? What would you change?

Edit: I removed the doubled speed from the armour.